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wednesday 16/10/2013

I think they require at least 160 in rating (6+ upvotes).

I don't make AVIs, but I can "create fake cards." smiley

It's all I can do on Paint. :/

The higher minimum will always go before the lower minimum.

Eg. Robb Cr will go ability before bonus, whereas Zatman will go bonus before ability.

You can apply the same to any example.

When I first started I got Vermyn N, Chad Bread (before he went CR), Vladimir, MC Decay, Svelthlana, Morlha, K Cube, and Ricardo.
I got gyped in that they gave me 3 uncommons rather than 2 uncommons and 1 rare...
But in a way, I'm thankful cause of what they did, now I got a playstyle of going for max power and drs.
Back then 5 power was considered the average. 6 was strong. 7+ was considered you win already.

tuesday 15/10/2013

I look Asian right smiley

sunday 13/10/2013

You should tell us what game mode you want it primarily for.

friday 11/10/2013

Roots - Physis Ld
3 stars
Ability: copy opp. bonus
level 1: 6/1
level 2: 7/2
level 3: 7/4 - copy opp. bonus

Wish I could come up with a cool description but I think this card would be a neat addition to the roots 3* arsenal.

thursday 10/10/2013

Also in the app the Huracan don't throw Cacti instead they throw flaming fists like Leader

Nobody knows the algorithm used for packs. Hence, we also don't know the numbers for random common/uncommon/rare. Only thing we do know is that CRs and LDs have a chance of 0.

Titanium is an old rip-off pack. 295 credits for 30 cards with 5 rares.

I can, but am conflicted on how to approach this. Best advice I can give without using guild chat/other means of "conveyance" is to try to collect other clans, and see how they mesh along with the cards you have now. smiley

wednesday 09/10/2013

Thanks for your reply, Pilluminati. I played against you once a long time ago, and I always thought that was a really clever name.

I don't know that my handler has anything to do with it. I mean, every other part of the transaction went through. Its on my bank statement, the receipt isnt lacking anything... if there was a problem with the payment, youd think customer support would at leastbe able to inform me about it when I gave them the information. But you know, that might not be a bad idea. Im going to give that a shot.

Best investment is (in meta) something that combines safety, profit and fast profit. Usually you have to give up on one aspect.

Newbloods investment is quite secure but its not fast (or even medium time) nor the profits are good. With newbloods you typically get something like 20% a year.

It takes a great deal of investigative work and patience to find great deals, simply because markets are quite vigilant and exploiting the opportunities quickly as they come. Taking sensible risks is part of the game.

I usually look for cards that have dropped for few months and try to figure out where their realistic value is - and buy them off below that point making the drop stop, usually price rebounds up and I can make decent profits quickly. You make money only when trading, so cards sitting idle on your collection are not that profitable - best proftis come when money is moving.

tuesday 08/10/2013

Yes, should be above the market window. Also, next time use tags and the correct forum. smiley

monday 07/10/2013

*Squirtroll left because he's playing League of Legends*

saturday 05/10/2013

That quantity varies from card to card. At one point in time, I own 400 Leviatonn 0 xp and that is considered quite a lot considering not many own such a big amount of card and considering he is out of NB for so long and the supply for 0 xp is quite low considering not many people own huge amounts of it. I know someone with 1k+ leviatonn 0 xp personally. Now that is a low.

If someone owns 400 Shazam 0 xp as compared to 400 Leviatonn 0 xp, that shazam lot might not be considered as a "bigger quantity" because someone can easily own 1k+ of him and his price is cheap and on top of that, he is common and still in new blood.

Deepend and Thoazol basically sum it all up. Just adding some additional input.

tuesday 01/10/2013

Lol. k. tnx for the info. i understand. this thread can be close now

If this was a card. what will be its stats?

sunday 29/09/2013

They're not bad, newer cards make them barely noticed. Even chlora is a monster. They're just underused imo

saturday 28/09/2013

Miss Lizbeth Nov 25, 2012
Miss Stella Oct 9, 2011
Miss Jesse Sep 16, 2010
(No contest in 2009)
Miss Lulabee Aug 30, 2008
Miss Chloe Mar 8 (?!), 2007

Looks like it takes longer every year.

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