tuesday 23/04/2013

monday 22/04/2013

Lots of people have mentioned this idea,yet i now understand that the lack of the ideas(and this is my personal theory) that the artists who draw the characters must hold some kind of rights to them that the mods can't do anything about releasing them.If that isn't the case,i'd say stack up all the cards and put a vote to them and say the best 4 or 8 make up that month's release.

sunday 21/04/2013

Nope , one of my friend told me it was there on the market for over 2 minutes , but he only had 200k that time smiley

saturday 20/04/2013

I agree that the Piranas need at least one unbanned DR card. Maybe something like 4/3, -3 Damage min. 3? The actual stats don't matter as long as they're low, but I feel like a DR min of 3 should help to not make the Pirana DR too overpowered.

Also, does anyone else want the Piranas to have a Glorg clone?

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Elite packs, my dear friend, it is elementary smiley

That can also work. Sort of how other websites work, they do whar you suggedted, Ambre smiley

The thread about the shop changes states the new Elite packs had 1 rare card guaranteed. So nothing changed recently because the Elite pack still states it has 1 rare guaranteed.

friday 19/04/2013

Thanks for the info.. Kinda sad now that some of my best card can't be use in Standard mode anymore smiley... I mak most of my Clints from playing Standard Mode Tourney.. smiley

thursday 18/04/2013

Actually making clintz fast is survivor and level up fast in DM so those are easily answerable, best character is situational but most people would say Jackie CR as an 8/6 4* SOA and attack manip its a solid choice, Best clan is the only truly hard one to answer.

So Ask as much as you want I don't mind my answers won't change much smiley

Contact support here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/staff/contactus.php

They will be able to help you.

There is no best way to recruit members.

Factors that may attract members are:

• High Reputation
• Elite Guilds
• Recognizable in any game mode
• Being proficient in a certain game mode
• Age of a guild
• Advertisement in Message boards
• Recruiting members
• Players in a guild

I also love it when beginners in UR try to make a guide over something they are new to. Leave that to the experienced and prestigious players, you will learn much more if you take the time to read their posts over someone's post who just started the game.

wednesday 17/04/2013

Temp bug mine are still purple.

I personally think elite gives the best cards, however, everyone has their own favorite smiley

also, this post is in the wrong thread... http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewtheme&id_theme=4 would be the thread i believe this sort of question would go in

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tuesday 16/04/2013

It's not exactly what you want, but this can help you building decks, and you can see the price too.


^ I beg to differ! I feel that extended Rescue is very hard to beat. If you're talking about ELO, then that changes things...

Imho above all else is the scripting format and how to keep the server in sync with all the different processes that has to be computed at the same time... smiley

monday 15/04/2013

I really dont see how that makes her a "hacker"

Any SOA that effects Pirana is precious, though. Most clans are lucky if they have more than 2-3 SoA at all, and the chances of facing them is low enough (and manipulating around them when they do show up) that I think it's worth the tradeoff if you're saving up for cards with a visible improvement (Lizbeth!) rather than a handful more of rounds barely won. Maybe if Raeth had 6 Damage or 8 Power I'd agree he's undeniably worth 7k, but he's just slacking a bit. Unless you're pairing him with Lizbeth for a 2HKO - OP isn't, I guess - Coleridge or even Scubb/Sting/Sheryl are almost completely as good. I feel like Taljion fills the attack manip slot more than enough, though I wouldn't say no to a new Pirana with -atk, like, say, Crunchy...

Tula's not always the greatest option. Coleridge attracts SoA but it's on her like white on rice, and there's a disturbing amount of 7 Power cards with atk/pow manip. Amiral Coco is excellent though, and I've dropped my Hawkins Noel for him - no plans to replace with Hawkins. Puff definitely pulls his weight.

But by this point it's just semantics. Any of the suggested decks are good and viable, preferences like these are just what keep the game interesting.

Ah yes, the impotence of post 23.
post 29 however, is a pleasant and logical request that is worthy of respect.

Well, i guess the last 3 pages have strayed quite a bit from the original focus, so let us let the thread die as not to perpetuate EA's attention-seeking success (no such thing as bad press they'd say) xP

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