sunday 09/06/2013

Did he ever see the light of ELO lol

saturday 08/06/2013

It's just your/people's game that's lagging a bit. The time the game registers your move to the sever, it take longer then 5 seconds for sever to receive it.

Maybe slow internet? Slow computer?

edited by Infiniti saturday 08/06/2013, 10:58

thursday 06/06/2013

It was a glitch smiley

Firstly, you should do the earlier missions with the rescue deck you already have. They aren't clan specific, so use whatever have.
Secondly, your FPC half sucks.
Muntendo, Ralph, Sayura, Kati/Macumba. That's far from perfect, but since you're on a budget cut every corner you can.
And... Bonnie Ld, Ector, Kristin, Baba/Tula.

wednesday 05/06/2013

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it out in tourneys

tuesday 04/06/2013

You're a card short.

In elo forfeit is normal, unless it was a 50-50 in the third round, in which case some players will leave and others will just play it out

I like the 8/5 +3 life jungo idea!

monday 03/06/2013

Ok thank you smiley

No, pfull means leaving a 5* card at 4 stars and 4999 xp and selling at a gross overprice to French people who have too much money and not enough time to play while still wanting to be ranked at the very highest spot on the rankings table.

Nope. no goldie

sunday 02/06/2013

I'd sell gheistling and buy dolly and get platium 2. because he can destroy cards like calues cr smiley

Cards like lamar = beeboy, he worth everything.

saturday 01/06/2013

Titled ''My deck is the Best Lajunta Deck''

says ''Come at Ma BRooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

I will do my best to keep this preset alive comrade. /salute


Im sorry but your not allowed to sell avatars on the public forums. Selling them in your guild or giving them away in events is fine.

See my comment on luke*

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