sunday 17/03/2013

One thing I noticed, whenever the AI starts the round with a DR, most of the time they only put 1 pill on him. So if you're in no danger of dying in case they pill more than that, just throw out a high damaging card with just enough attack to beat him on 1 pill, and you've gotten yourself a free round.

One thing I hate though, is that the AI posses ultra expensive cards like General Cr, Guru Cr etc. which pops out way too often compared to normal games with real players.

thursday 14/03/2013

Oh Ok. Thanks for clearing that out. smiley
But UR could then just release the new different UGs and not go about the trouble involving voting and picking the outdated cards etc.
But i guess it will be a fun process to be able to vote and have an input. smiley


wednesday 13/03/2013

I would tend to say it depends on the week. If there aren't a lot of attack manip clans around one week, I would definitely go magda. She's better than an 8 because if you consider that for an 8 power to beat a 7 power they need to do equal pills until more than 7 pills have been spent, whereas if magda reduces a 7 to 4, then you are one entire pill ahead at only 4 pills...

Actually next Friday, if the event page is correct.

If you're lucky, you'd get something around 425K after taxes. Based on kirlad's pack values.

monday 11/03/2013

– App doesn't have forums
– App doesn't have public presets
– App doesn't have guilds

These three don't really matter to me, because I could use Safari for those. What matters is when you want to play the game on the phone, and I can't do it on the web so I have to use the app. And it's different there. But still, more functions would be better.

Should work now
send me a message if it does not

sunday 10/03/2013

Yeah. That's the whole idea of deckbuilding, such as taking out the 8 cards you don't want to play with.

Thanks for THE reply's i counted 20 seconds op opponent his move Mine 15 ...
Phone play somthing to do with it?
And why on THE gilde it says tourney 693 while i finished
Hello HR- MindState,

Congratulations! You finished 407th in the last Daily Tournament with 185 Battle Points.

Well done! You ranked among the first third of the tournament!

You won 50 Clintz and 1 Credit.

Mono-freaks is very well playable, but hard. I have friends that play mono-freaks all the time. Obviously not elo mono-freaks, but whatever.

saturday 09/03/2013

More BP (personal leveling goes by faster)

Not sure were i should post it so i fgured general would do,

Didnt there used to be a admin topic option? wich only admins of the guild could acces?
I can't seem to find it if it even exists, and if it doesn't exist do i win idea on the month prize? smiley

Thanks in advance,

This is what happens when you over buy or sell on the market in a short amount of time give it anywhere from 8-24 hours and it should be all cleared up and ready for you smiley

friday 08/03/2013


you only need to unlock them before the date, not complete
so borring a card for a couple of seconds works perfectly

I get this sometimes. It just keeps "loading". Windows here using Firefox.

Well, Eggman will get the job done quick enough if you don't care about winning, I guess. Me, I like to win and get prizes from DT's or Survivor as I earn my missions.

wednesday 06/03/2013

That is good smiley
So it is all up to luck smiley

tuesday 05/03/2013

I bought titanium and new bloods and well new blood is better so i will buy new bloods and extended more. thanks all

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