tuesday 06/01/2009

Still accepting new groups. smiley

monday 05/01/2009

Search for a Casketeer is now on, if you want to be a member of Open Casket then please join now smiley

Spots are limited so get in quick. For details or to join please look here-

Search for a Casketeer

Admission is free however you must NOT have a guild to join. Good luck smiley

I add some crazy rules to my event to make this insteting

sunday 04/01/2009

Im in for junta

Im in message me when


well i thought of this idea to make a tournement with only 4 pills because there are four rounds in a battle and most of the time it isnt finished in four rounds, this will push you to the limit to see if you can handle the pressure.

Join this great event of old
is free and can do many more points
you expect


saturday 03/01/2009

Great Tournament! Join!!

The good part is that we can only make a deck using double letter cards like miSS Ming, blAAster, platOOna or scuBB!

The event on the 25th was cancelled because we were all busy over Xmas. A new event will be opened on monday the 5th.

friday 02/01/2009

Ok close plz no interest

Not there

thursday 01/01/2009

Just for fun.
Consotation prizes smiley


Can i be a solo clan? because im pretty sure i can take the majority of people?

Emeth: Greatness48... Post 129
Willy: dennis1012... Post 53
Vasili: njhockey_ECLA ... Post 109

Burt: Dtx30_UM Fast... Post 90
Don: 0UC_Shadow... Post 15
Kinjo: dj_ansh... Post 157

Winston: Returner... Post 74
Mario: TEEN_JUNK ... Post 182
Mickey T: Pein EVO

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