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friday 06/09/2013

That's probably the game is French. Everything has a gender in the Romance Languages.

It's a nice little thing you've made here.

No lorna to redra
then wendel to Harold

thursday 05/09/2013

I would love for them to have SOA or SOB, those are my favorite two abilities. It's why I love Uppers, just SOA everywhere. For some reason though I think they're going to be lacking in that department, most likely I'll only use them in a split, I can't see Huracan as a mono clan for my play style. Quite frankly beyond their bonus I don't see anything OP about them. Their bonus is so good, to me its gonna ruin a lot of the cards they release for the clan.

wednesday 04/09/2013

Yeah this guy pretended to be phalliode to me.

tuesday 03/09/2013

Hi guys, do you know of any deck building strategies?

Knowing the rasta mon, the huracan clan is what he meant by that post

I would buy Nahi Cr . I allways use her in my root decks because a 3* stop all with 7 power is allways helpful.

sunday 01/09/2013

Simple solution: Don't use Rescue.

If you want to try and win, I can tell you it's going to be very tough, especially with a star disadvantage as Rescue lack the high base power to compete against SoB. Sledg is good, and Cliff's damage and SoA is still there.

That's alright.

saturday 31/08/2013

Win a low pill battle with any other card, almost garuntees you the victory if you have Tsubame in your hand as well.

Wrong thread if i'm honest. I'll tell you the answer though, add them to your Friends List. Make sure your both online and go to a room like Fight Club or an event your both in. Find your friend and challenge him.

Los Santos means The Saints. In the context of GTA, it's a parody of Los Angeles (The Angels). In the context of UR, it's heavily implied to be a Central or South American country. Different place, same name, like how there's a character called Pyro in both UR and TF2.

5/4/3/3/3/3/2/2 is very balanced especially in half decks (5/3/3/2 + 4/3/3/2).

friday 30/08/2013

Coliseum for the link

and i think its true

thursday 29/08/2013

Don't mean to sound rude, but snoop in the forums a little bit. You'll probably find your answer.

They can make betting a mode, therefore preventing scams (people will do it, so they might as well try to protect the people doing it?). Offer cards up for trade, then both players must agree what they are betting and a selected format (ELO, standard 25, or whatever format). The cards and/or clintz are put into a pool and winner takes all.

The people will then be able to know if a player really is betting, and they know the risk ('cuz the card will leave their collection and only come back if they win).

wednesday 28/08/2013

Well i use sharon and moses in my deck, so yea... btw i wasnt here when bella ld was created so i dont know the specifics... sigh, oh well...

tuesday 27/08/2013


saturday 24/08/2013

Futoshi Ld.

Street Fighter reference? Yes.
"Legendary art"? Yes.


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