saturday 20/12/2008

6 places left in Alphabetic Cup - D. I don't believe, that you can't compile 8 cards D deck (Diego alone is quite a powerhouse).

friday 19/12/2008

While I can play fine from my room at college, after returning home for break I have found that I have a similar problem. When I try to play the list of rooms will not display, nor will anything in the market.

Super tournament has been canceled

mod please close thanks

Its a great event, so join while its opensmiley

thursday 18/12/2008

Shure im up for it

wednesday 17/12/2008

Come and join smileysmiley

Sounds good but i csn't buy the cards needed

Congrtats man!!~~~!!

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Nobody is going give away a couple of hundred thousand clintz in a free event just because you ask nicely, you'll just have to settle with the events that are already available or wait for one in the future. Keep an eye out for events held by staff, they often have excellent prizes and are free to enter.

tuesday 16/12/2008

Join the Clan Wars were the Clans fight for the supremacy of Clint City smiley
Who will be the clan rulling the Streets?
More info at:

The Event Takes Part 'Till Saturday.

Are You The ONe To Come AT The Top?!


A team event
i'm waiting your aplication smiley

sunday 14/12/2008

It was deleted...people didn't sign up soon enough.

Here's Lookin' At You.

Is my new event. Please try that one out instead.

saturday 13/12/2008

Its more of a event nothing is won.

This event has started

thursday 11/12/2008

Is there a function to set up an auto-tourney in our clan rooms, or do we have to do it manually? If someone could post here or in PM, it would be appreciated. Thank you!

Join today! smiley
entrance: 600 Clintz!

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