sunday 14/12/2008

It was deleted...people didn't sign up soon enough.

Here's Lookin' At You.

Is my new event. Please try that one out instead.

saturday 13/12/2008

Its more of a event nothing is won.

This event has started

thursday 11/12/2008

Is there a function to set up an auto-tourney in our clan rooms, or do we have to do it manually? If someone could post here or in PM, it would be appreciated. Thank you!

Join today! smiley
entrance: 600 Clintz!

Close smiley

wednesday 10/12/2008

Good this tilt is for the low minor levels of 25 inscription is of 200 clintz.
There are good prizes
This one is the link of the event.

1 premio:50% bote + don + edd + mona +Prince Jr + Enzo+Ashigaru
2 premio:25% bote + Bryan + Bruce + Dean + Trish+ Hugo
3 premio:10% bote + Bristone + Darth + Luba + Bridget
4 premio: Alexei + Liu + Robb + Vansaar

tuesday 09/12/2008

Congratulations, you did extremely well smiley

Girls Night Out 2!: The F Team

Charlie is hosting a tournament allowing 3 of the most important Pussycats to select a team to form her own B Team as she wants her own version of the B Team, only one more dedicated to the Pussycat cause.


monday 08/12/2008

Close please smiley

I don't know about that. He messaged me for a battle last Friday, and never showed up. Haven't heard from him since

sunday 07/12/2008


Thanks a lot Graffiti.

I think most people would join if you'd say you wont keep 40% of the profits
if you take 40% the rest would be 1st place 30% 2nd place 20% and 3rd place 10%
do you think it's reasonable, that you get more money then winner, just cause you organised it?

saturday 06/12/2008

I think the voting is overwhelming for #2. Ok then. I'll be posting some options soon.


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