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monday 29/07/2013

smiley^ That's an idea...it would be cool to unlock extra comics or things of that nature.

Yes it has a Fantacy Rivals feel seeing as how its a good clan Idea and Fantacy Rivals isnt lol

sunday 28/07/2013


Duel mode is unlimited if you play on the apple app, (I dunno if it is a glitch, but I have received cards this way without it actually counting the games played)

Double 0ld Rescue

Buying Ultimates for me has gone either way, but I tend to get lucky. I pulled a Kolos, Cortez and Dregn (both being when they were valued twice what they are now) in one pack, probably the best I've ever gotten. Although that being said I've opened some really crappy packs even when choosing some good clans. It all comes down to the clans you choose, but I'd much rather do the Titanium than any number of NB or Elite which I have never had any luck from.

saturday 27/07/2013

What's The effect of Sponsor anyway?

Many copies and he is still a recent cr in cr terms.

With hurican it's pathetically easy to do, as 40% of their cards are rares...

friday 26/07/2013

Great First Round Ability: Attk *pillz left

If Frozn got a double release with a 2* and a 5* (Like Hawk and Lehane) where the 2* had +Attk *life left and the 5* had +Attk *pillz left It would open the frozn up to some amazing possibilities. Of course the life left really has no synergy with their bonus on firs turn, and could be considered OP on Revenge turns, but i think Frozn need some OP.

Also: Ayah (or whatever her name is) has been overlooked for far too long. If you get a 3/1 split and she's your only Frozn she still has a threatening ability. If you play something weird like Freaks/Huracan + Frozn you can play some really great mind games with her. if you play mono you can play mind games and actually have a reason to put 3 pillz on Tiwi first round. Frozn don't have first round cards, but she makes many of the cards in her clan viable first round cards.

thursday 25/07/2013

SWAT Kat Thanks for the info.

wednesday 24/07/2013

This'll just cause more spam really.
First person to post, everyone would just post . or , and then hit reply.

tuesday 23/07/2013

Why do you even bother with trivial things such as rating , if your deck works , who cares who has ,

or does everything in this game has to be a popularity contest , feel like in highschool again

but tbh that preset you linked isn't half that bad just learn how to hyperlink it

To answer your questions:

1) The skeelz seem to have shifted their morality scale to netural with the departure of the headmaster caelus cr,so they're now a neutral clan.
2)The freaks goal is to become one of the most respected clans in clint city,hence why they put on shows and fight at night.
3)Nope.Actually,i think pam woild be happy to see people helping each other out.Conversely,the clint city beaches are huge,so it's rare they see each other anyway.
4)There are a number of reasons why this alliance would never work permanently.The roots,i find are more militaristic with their views than the others,and somebody like gertjan would rub a laid back clan like the ulu watu the wrong way.Also,the frozn delve heavily in technology,which is more than likely a no-no for th roots,who are more in tune with mother nature,and whatnot.
5)Well,i imagine it gets pretty violent.This is a city where everyone is hopped up on pills,there's random monsters,abductions,unsolved murders,underground fight leagues,and the police force likes relying on brutality.Forget Detroit,it's mostly like Harlem from The Warriors.


monday 22/07/2013

You could always create an event.

if they were going to have a fight limit, late comers would be stuck.
if they had a win limit... with scoring similar to daily tournament...
then it would be a race for the maximum point wins.
easily thwarted by people playing poorly.

would be interesting.

otherwise, there is no real reason for new modes.
just wish the dual room wasn't fixed at 10 wins...


I looks like your opponent had 12 lifes remaining? = +12 attack in la cobra and spudd case

sunday 21/07/2013

Won't work. The market is controlled by noobs.

Ok deck. Coraille can be changed to Eddie.

Lovhak evolved into T Gaank.

saturday 20/07/2013

Okay, its just pissing me off

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