sunday 30/01/2011

No they can't actually.

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saturday 29/01/2011

You could downgrade Petra to Uranus or Sigma, depending on whether or not they're banned that given week (since they both are this week, meh), and play Ditha over Yayoi.

But that's fairly nitpicky. It's a solid deck.

Something that I think would be a good thing...

When you go to look at "ELO" decks, thanks to the targeted bannings each week, and updates to the perma-ban list, about 90% of the decks filed under "ELO" can't be played in ELO, which is kind of useless...

Could there be an automatic trigger that when you have a deck posted for ELO that gets banned portions, it reverts to Deathmatch or T1?

Yes, Vortex are very good if you can afford them. There are no "best" clans because it depends on who is banned each week and what other people are using. GHEIST are usually very good for ELO, even when half of their staples are banned.

It in the staff annoucement section.

Wow that looked better on the preview To make it easier on the eyes
Arawaka Azgroth Estalt K Cube Mojo Nistarok Pan Timmy
Ector Gran Vista Katan Mayhem Pesth Puff Sting Taljion
sry for any inconvinience

Hey guys.. i finally got into 1200+ in elo i know is nothing big. but its took me sometime after changing clans to clans. i finally came up with this. any way to improve it?? thanks!

friday 28/01/2011

It is because it is under staff announcments, and it is being talked about a lot. But yeah it is harsh these new rules.

How do you all feel about a mono Pussycat deck for this weeks ELO? I might give it a try

Cmon man. everyone should spend the time to think about their elo moves. Do you think that the top players in ELO got there by playing fast?

I meant all non cr .
for skeelz i have jay , greem , belgosi , aylen , liam , redra , zeke , chiara , and sandro

thursday 27/01/2011

Basically. At current they're of the top Elo tier. If they're let loose of their bans, THEN they're OP.

Tomas and Caelus (when he wasn't perma banned) are great Skeelz 5*s

They need one of each, or they need a 5* that's like:

8/5 Support: +1 damage


8/6 Support: +1 life

That would be tempting. A 3rd Support character at 5, 4 or 3* would push them up to the top.

But seriously, why couldn't their other 5*s have been better considering they have a gimped bonus? Why couldn't Aylen have been an 8/5, Thomas have been an 8/7, Eloxia have been an 8/7 or 8/8?

@Orc - mono-GHEIST is still a good choice without them. I broke 1400 for a little bit last week using mono GHEIST, then I had to switch it up and passed 1400 again..

@Aaa - True, the best GHEIST and Roots are banned, but there are still quite a few good GHEIST cards available to make a solid mono deck. I still think SOA is fairly common in ELO, especially in the 1300's.

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