thursday 20/09/2018

Lord Oon is now in the random pool, but the last Arcade season is not.
And even better, that means if you want to get Djanghost, you have to spend 180cr just to unlock his Arcade.

Thanks for the reply, but there aren't that many expensive rare cards, I feel like the reward isn't justified by the playing time. If I wanted a random rare card, I would have played 10 games EFC 2 days and prob. woulda gotten one by then....

wednesday 19/09/2018

Are you confusing rarity with low prices?
Like how near-unusable Rare cards (Deadeye) are now much more expensive than useable common ones (Coleridge, Puff).
This is because awhile ago (don't remember exactly how long), staff rebooted the prices Kate buys cards at, setting minimum prices on cards.

tuesday 18/09/2018

Its a work in progress

monday 17/09/2018

I think Serafina's art is GORGEOUS. Dont play much with her but i drool over her art from time to time.

So here it is a small help to get the best value of your packs Clan picking spreadsheet

now the reason its almost perfect is due to not being able to autoupdate itself so its pretty much locked on every available card till now, if someone with the skills want to pick this up and make an improved one that would be the best.

all the data used was provided by

note that Cr's and MT's are not in the values.

saturday 15/09/2018

I use it, when game and response freezes. So, I use it in every game.

One possible theory is that the Fang Pi HQ was smashed by one of the city’s multitude of giants, and the clan took the opportunity to move across town. Would also explain why the entire layout of the city changes every few years. smiley

friday 14/09/2018

I bought adventure 4 before i completed the 3. So i need to beat them before the next weekly ld mission otherwise i can get the De4th Ld or the St4rve Ld from the mission. I am using La Junta to beat the adventure 3 but it doesnt work. I am open to any suggestions. I have 700k clintz so i can buy some expensive cards.

thursday 13/09/2018

I agree with you Spike, I still don't have fancy cards so tourney has helped me out in that department .

wednesday 12/09/2018

Don't even search for such option.
I had reported this case like 100 times already throughout last year, nobody cares.
(well nobody but people who wants to change it like me and you), one of reasons I am not playing actual game anymore.

Yeah, you’re still getting your rewards for DT. However the message which gets sent out is currently bugged and isn’t sending out right now for whatever reason. I’m sure it’ll be fixed sooner rather than later! You just gotta have patience with this one smileysmiley

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tuesday 11/09/2018

Just miss the Collection Pro : making decks or selling cards in the collection tab is so annoying

Tyvm, was just wondering because I got Dokuja LD from weekly LD missions.

monday 10/09/2018

Dude on Instagram told me site is back 8pm CET

sunday 09/09/2018

I'd recommend S5 since you cannot get S5 LDs from weekly mission rewards

saturday 08/09/2018

Its completley radom which LD you get when you finish the weeks missions so it could be any you dont own except the lds from the final arcade season who can still only be got from there

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friday 07/09/2018

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