wednesday 26/08/2015

Well he got perma banned so the votes were useless anyway. I imagine the vote can be reused

tuesday 25/08/2015

They just need to reprogram things so that Striker Rb =Striker. Then it wouldn't be a problem. As of now, if they unban one or the other, then you can use both in your deck.

monday 24/08/2015

Never mind, chopper ld is a thing, it takes the last spot.

Without drawing either Pericles or Dolly Cr the deck lacks damage. Or the power to get that damage through. Not sure how you'd fix that because it's really a whole deck issue.

sunday 23/08/2015

Veenyle, you gain what's basically a pill but higher your min
Spiaghi you get lower min

I think they are both around the same... Veenyle is generally better in a junkz half tho cause it gives you higher chance to get that bonus for your other Junkz, but in what's essentially a mono anyways (You are never going to end up with no Junkz bonus on your Junkz cards.), I could see splash Spiaghi being better with the lower min.

saturday 22/08/2015

hot 32 messages


friday 21/08/2015

They are 2 of the best 3*s in the game smiley

monday 17/08/2015

20 messages

Eliska to tsuka
Taljoin to ector or morgan

sunday 16/08/2015

I've been thinking (something Im not very good at) SOA and SOB will always have a place in the meta, because they scale off the enemy (excluding stop cards). Using 1 SOA/SOB deck to get to 1400 is very achievable.

Another thing I was thinking, Reprisal is worth less than two turns of an ability, since using it on the last turn makes it weak vs growth and SOA now.

saturday 15/08/2015

Thanks for the explanation. And I just released I've been spelling jautya wrong for years now lol.

friday 14/08/2015

I have bball on there. Stanly Puff Tyd Iguana Samson

thursday 13/08/2015

wednesday 12/08/2015

You could do
Vermyn N, Blaaster Cr, Randal and Tasty Tast. With Vermyn you get a dr and pull off revenge more easily.

@bokneehog Thanks for the suggestion smiley

saturday 08/08/2015

I dont have rescue though

wednesday 05/08/2015

Also, in dt, a format where soa is rare both Lizzie and Spyke MASSIVELY outclase la bestia. And again, not to belabor the point this is the elo sun forum. I don't know why you even brought up dt neo

Once they get rid of wooly ulu watu will be fine. I kinda want wooly to stay because i just wreck with him and an ulu deck but he should be banned. I have used him and he is just OP

Wee lee on the other hand is a good card and worth temp banning but doesnt deserve perm ban. Without him and wooly ulu watu aren't good

sunday 02/08/2015

Yeh.. thats stupid -_-

Wuck Foolysmiley

wednesday 29/07/2015

There was only one pun

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