sunday 09/11/2008

Nobody wants to take me up on this offer this time around?

Mods please close this for now

Please join!!!

Still waiting for my opponent from the first round.. smiley

Close this please

saturday 08/11/2008

30 minutes and counting!

The more people the higher the jackpot.

For ppl which ask for accept after start tournament ,sorry i forgot close registration

I'd like to join

friday 07/11/2008

You can still take part!

Correct! Anger_HM won! Check your PS!

MODS, please close!!smiley

How do u get into a tourny plz private message me

thursday 06/11/2008

Piranas (formally from nightmare)
level 1 - 4/2 ability at level 4
level 2 - 5/2 ability at level 4
level 3 - 7/3 ability at level 4
level 4 - 7/4 poison 3 min 3


Ulu Watu

level 1 5/1 - ability at level 3
level 2 5/4 - ability at level 3
level 3 8/4 - -2 pillz min 5



level 1 5/5 - ability at level 5
level 2 5/6 - ability at level 5
level 3 7/6 - ability at level 5
level 4 7/7 - ability at level 5
level 5 7/8 - -2 opp life min 3



level 1 4/1 - ability at level 2
level 2 7/2 - dmg = opp dmg



level 1 1/5 - ability at level 2
level 2 4/6 - courage: -2 opp power min 3
level 3 4/7 - courage: -2 opp power min 3


these are my cool card ideas
what do you think???

wednesday 05/11/2008

Im in smiley
can i still join?
master relic


@Daigon, you're welcome. I'm going to try to get registration up shortly, once this one is over, and I decide on a deck for the next one, but it won't be starting until probably mid January, as I'm going to be busy for the most part through the end of the holidays, so if you want to keep and eye out for the tourney, and I'll try to remind you in advance as well.

To the finalists, once the you have completed your fights, I will sell you a cheap card for 50 clintz, and you can sell it back for 10k or 5k, based on whether you won or lost. If you would prefer a card of that approximate value instead, you can pm your choice of a card that I can find on the market at or slightly below that value.

tuesday 04/11/2008

Mods please lock this thread...and if possible stick the other one?smiley

monday 03/11/2008

In the spanish forum we dont have this info... smiley
Garg is missing, someone has see him?

sunday 02/11/2008

Battles have already been arranged so no more players can be accepted

battles must be played in the room "free stuff under level 20" against your assigned opponents

Close this thread i am starting a new one


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