tuesday 25/01/2011

Gheist adaptable. sometimes a no-pill elke, sometimes a 3 pill elke for the damage then sucker into a wardom finish... sometimes bluffed arkn then methane, sometimes a wait and luba their him dmager for a reversal win. all depends on draw and opponent

Sorry, forgot to put in Methane - 4* in deck list

monday 24/01/2011

Yeah, I was thinking about the classic Rescue Me At The ELO builds that are toast and have been toast for a while. No permabans, just a crapload of staff and player bans. Sledg, Kerry, Glosh, Anita, Elvira, Lea, Steve, Krash is just too much for folks.

The other one is Mono Roots. Again, it isn't the permabans, it's the staff and player bans. You can forget ever being able to run: Lou, Burdock, Rico, Gertjan, Yookie, Noodile Cr, Arno, and Jeto together. It'll never ever ever happen.

That's just been too frustrating for me. I ended up selling off all my Roots since after all, UR is sending me a clear message I shouldn't play them in ELO. And I deleted my copy of the Rescue Me At the ELO preset, as it's never going to happen either.

Shogunn ****
Loocio ***
Graff **
B Ball **
Ulrich ***
Selma *****
Raeth ****
Tula **

-- If you don't play ELO for a few days your ELO value will slowly go back to 1000.

i think you you lose 1 point the first then 2 the second, 4, 8 etc. for every day you don't play ELO.

Good deck. You could suffer from some bad hands but you should be able to win with good hands to make up for it.

There is a break between ELO weeks.

saturday 22/01/2011


what you guys think?

Yup.. and look at the Perma ban list. Toro, Rolph, XU52 etc etc etc.

seems they just hate SoA

Really good deck but you can replace Sigma to Uranus if one of them is ELO banned

Good for new players!!! 1100+ ELO

Low Budget ELO deck 1100+ ELO

No it's not smiley


I agree with WMD, during SoA weeks Rodney > Boohma and Niva > Buba because of the raw power. Otherwise what you have is good to go

Kerozinn is nice. But personally I prefer Tsubame. She can carry FPC half decks to 1300 easily in weeks with not too much SoA. All you need is 3 damage first round with preferably 8+ pillz remaining. And then drain your opponents pillz by going all in with Tsubame. Doesn't matter if she loses, you get enough pillz back to win. Usually that is...

After a long break, I return with more courage than ever .. hehe .. smiley
I just published a preset .. is this: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1717006
Try it and comment .. smiley I also appreciate it if you votaceis .. green face of course smiley
Greetings! smiley

friday 21/01/2011

Your second half of your post isn't up yet, but C-Wing is far from the 3rd best card... What about Gil? Hawkins? Lehane? Jessie? Marlysa Cr?

and no to Rosa. 6/6 with poison is not as good as it sounds... especially in ELO where your opponent will have cards like Blaaster, Nanook, Robb, etc to destroy her.

You actually have enough card to build a nice montana deck.

5* Avola
4* Edd
3* Mona
3* Gianfranco
3* Oscar
2* Prince Jr
2* Spiaghi

you just need a 3* Sharon (700 clintz) and you'll have + + The Mafia legend + +

but if you want to use it this week then i suggest try something else as Avola, Edd and Mona are ban this week.

Thanks for all the help! I think I'll make a Montana-Pussycats as an interim while saving up for Jungo. You guys have helped me a lot!

Ok. I'm starting to see more Gheist. This deck looks like it'll be hard to make 1300 with.

thursday 20/01/2011

Use Izsobagh....that card doesn't even exist so they will never see it coming. smiley

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