monday 17/01/2011

Blaaster isnt banned this week.

What do you think? I'm new to building with Sakrohm

sunday 16/01/2011

I love Owen. I'd keep him in. He opens up a 2HKO with the entire deck. Tobbie is weak against Montana, and we've been seeing a lot of those, so I'd replace him. In a full sentinal deck I like Rick for the high damage, but that increases your vulnerability to SOA, so I'd say Tobbie -> Kyle. Then instead of Skiner, I'd say katja, for an easy finish after a hit from Owen.

Found this deck: New jungo!!!
I used this deck in ELO, and I just got my first 7 fights with it all wins and am now at 1104 ELO! smiley

I dont care how much it is besides the Cr cards there just unreal but i want to make a Elo Nightmare/Gheist deck so i dont want any ban cards or weekly ban cards ill give kiddos to anyone who will help me smiley

saturday 15/01/2011

I think your Jungo pat is good,but mabey change Jautya for Petra,and Mabey Nimestic for Na Boa,because his ability goes better with the Jungo

friday 14/01/2011

Really good deck... It can get you to 1100+ easily for new players

Low Budget ELO deck 1100+ ELO

thursday 13/01/2011


thanks all!

I made my 2nd best elo record using Uppers/All Stars and my best elo record with Piranas

SO muhc meta gaming, I normally win after one good round.

rate plz.

wednesday 12/01/2011

Junkz, Skeelz and any card with SOA as an ability are your best bets

Do u think this deck is good

!!Pills Eating Pirates!!

if not any advice on making it better? thanks smiley

Really cool i'm gonna try that when i get marlysa

tuesday 11/01/2011

Sorry this is the correct link


Krakatau Club you can find allstars up there

monday 10/01/2011


There obvious ones but state all that you see. I would like to know I should do to change it up a bit. Thanks.


Usually on Sunday in between two weeks there is a brief time where the battles don't count for points. I think this is while the severs process who go what rewards and give them the messages and stuff.

I find that fuzz gibson taham peeler rowdy are good cards depends what type of deck your making mate.

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