wednesday 27/03/2013

Login rewards are stupid. Why should you be rewarded for having fun? And if you don't have fun why should you login?

tuesday 26/03/2013

I've used both during the early days and I'd suggest using Junkz over bangers though. The one I use right now on T2 is I prefer Junkz due to the Pill manipulation cards like Nobrodroid, Taham and Neil whereas the Bangers only have Shann. Though it depends on your playing style, Bangers do well on Pill for Pill fights but Junkz do great on Low-Pill and bluffing situations *ahem* Rowdy *ahem*

sunday 24/03/2013

Ok so should I take this post there?

saturday 23/03/2013

Okay, makes sense. Thank you for your helpfulness.

Usally adding them to your friends list and then going to fight club will work, unless one of your decks is much weaker then the others, If you can fight in the fight club then try to make the decks equal (Same amount of *s) or join the same guild and fight in a guild room.

Are you by any chance using banned DT characters? Certain characters give BP penalties for having them in your hand, regardless of win/loss (this is copy pasted from the help)

Group A ( - 10 points ):
GraksmxxT, DJ Korr Cr, Kiki Cr, General Cr, Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr, Ambre, Hugo,Jackie Cr, Marco Cr, Alec Cr, Lamar Cr,Smokey Cr, Tanaereva Cr, Guru Cr, Caelus Cr, Eyrik, Eklore, Morphun

Group B ( - 5 points ):
Kolos, Copper, Striker, Rolph, Emeth,Oshitsune, Shann, Gil, Ghumbo,Naginata, Eddie, Bonnie Ld, Sigma, Robb Cr, Elvira, Coby, Herman, Mona

Group C ( - 2 points ):
Rowdy, Sledg, Lou, Zatman, Hawk,Shakra, Askai, Dorian, Cliff, Blaaster Cr,Elvis, Leviatonn, Draheera, Avola, Raeth,Taljion, Nanook, Oxen

friday 22/03/2013

+1 what Memento mori is saying, i often use that database as well

although i personally still prefer ultimate for building collections as well as making sure that we get a larger amount of cards without getting doubles

thursday 21/03/2013

I would prefer a deck and clan that can cover most of the modes, but the one I'm most concentrated on is Tourney, and Survival, additionally practice for ELO later

The whole system was different then.
they had a java based game application which could be used on phones.
you could actually use it instead of the flash interface for a while, but they stopped supporting it.

it took a while, but Urban-rivals got back into the phone market.
far less clunky than just using smart phones with flash.

ultimately this is still a beta, never ending, always growing, improving.

wednesday 20/03/2013

I love the bonus idea of copy opp ability. people will be unhappy, I realize that, but it becomes more based on whom do you play which cards against. so like against kolos, a 7/6 card with SOB ability will be a KO (problem I know). or a strike back activated ability. (played 2nd in the round)

Is korr better or guru?

Bangers back in 07-08.
Then Freaks in 08-09.


PS: Uppers were overpowered back in 07-whenrescuecameout.

tuesday 19/03/2013

Generally speaking D=DO cards are too shaky to be used properly. And excluding Shizawa, they're not that great against Soa cards. It's a decent alternative, but usually among the first ones to be replaced after you no longer carry cards like Gran Vista.

Trey is just bad. Too weak base stats aren't saved by the +4 pillz.
Smokey Cr is similar, but he just does the job better. He's elo banned because he was pretty much unstopable back in his days.

If you're wondering about the cost. Trey is down because of the Duel mode. Smokey Cr is up, because he's a Cr.

I like to play my cards to a safe point where it'd take my opponent the same amount of pillz to beat me. For example, Murray (assuming no bonus) 6 pilled against anita 5 pilled. 8*6=48, 7*5=35+12=47. They'd lose by 1 attack unless they pill 6 as well. Nothing's worse than losing a round AND being at a pill disadvantage. Granted it doesn't always work because they have attack manipulation and they CAN overpill comfortably if they want; they have extra attack to use the round after smiley

monday 18/03/2013

It's annoying, sometimes I just want quick games to try out decks or fulfill certain missions, doing some of the missions is extremely long winded vs quite a few players because either they purposefully stall rounds (waiting till last 5 second and play card) just to annoy you, or they just timeout the battle when they are about to lose.

Thankfully this doesn't happen too often, but it still sucks the joy out of the game for me, and so this is when I switch to a.i. battles since they have 10x more sportsmanship than the above players.

I've got to say though, the A.I. in this game is very strong, probably the best A.I. I've seen in any card game and sometimes they do completely unpredictable plays. There are times when they make really stupid moves though (for example using all pills on first round for only 4 damage).

Wow, someone necro-bumped a thread from 2008.

sunday 17/03/2013

One thing I noticed, whenever the AI starts the round with a DR, most of the time they only put 1 pill on him. So if you're in no danger of dying in case they pill more than that, just throw out a high damaging card with just enough attack to beat him on 1 pill, and you've gotten yourself a free round.

One thing I hate though, is that the AI posses ultra expensive cards like General Cr, Guru Cr etc. which pops out way too often compared to normal games with real players.

thursday 14/03/2013

Oh Ok. Thanks for clearing that out. smiley
But UR could then just release the new different UGs and not go about the trouble involving voting and picking the outdated cards etc.
But i guess it will be a fun process to be able to vote and have an input. smiley

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