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sunday 02/06/2013

saturday 01/06/2013

Titled ''My deck is the Best Lajunta Deck''

says ''Come at Ma BRooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

I will do my best to keep this preset alive comrade. /salute


Im sorry but your not allowed to sell avatars on the public forums. Selling them in your guild or giving them away in events is fine.

See my comment on luke*

friday 31/05/2013

I cleared you cache so things should bee fisxed

K thanks I get it now. Was just curious.

I think I might build a mono deck and a dual clan deck

Lol thanks people helpful and funny haha smiley

thursday 30/05/2013

I don't usally buy tickets ether but I use my free ones smiley

Looks like an alternative version of Andy Ld. I think i read somewhere that sometimes more then one artist draws a card and one is chosen later.

So i haven't played the game in a while and i come back after about a year. To get new cards and exp i decided to buy credits for me to purchase packs I send a text message (allopass) and got my code, but for some reason its not working. When I tried contacting them it asked for my short code which i don't know or haven't been given (i live int he uk in case that's needed.) What should i do, i haven't been given the short code, does anyone any one know it. Help would be much appreciated.

Defeat +life happens before - opp life but not before a K.O

Example, Raven goes to 1HKO a Melinda, you would have 2 life at the end of the battle
Example, Kolos goes to 1HKO a Melinda, you lose the game and GGGGGGGGGG

What Characters are in your Deck? and La Junta is Awesome.. smiley

this is my not-as-Awesome La Junta deck
it's not as awesome as the other Decks but I love it.. smiley

wednesday 29/05/2013

Always wanted to know how to do this...

Hello everyone, I saw really good thoughts here and good answers too!

Actually "Doloris" or "Endoloris" is the name of the curse "Crucio" in the french translation smiley

tuesday 28/05/2013

monday 27/05/2013

BerTex still works, try Elvis, the 7/4 CoB guy (name escapes me), Lola, Melanie, and then X-0dus, T-Gaank (or Dagg), Dreadlash, and Cyb or C Wing.

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