saturday 26/01/2013

The market for older cards (CRs or otherwise) has completely flatlined.

Toxica -Thursday 05/04/2012, 08:55
Ma fortune : 10 808 790 Clintz

I just came back today for a visit (because I had a dream about UR) and decided to check my value,
Ma fortune : 10 941 369 Clintz

Only a 100,000 clintz difference in price over 7 months? Long term investments for older cards is a no-go. If it's a card that I know, don't make any long-term invests in it. smiley

Also, if the market has the same patterns now as it did during the late 2000's, Chiara Cr's price just plateaued and won't really raise in price for a long, *long* while. Don't expect any changes in her price in the next 6-8 months, at least... Saying that, this is probably the best time to buy her for long term investments, but I would only buy 5-15 as a side investment and put the meat of your money into a more recent card that just dropped out of the New Blood packs.

friday 25/01/2013


It's hard to tout the benefits of Fuzz vs SoB clans when SoB has never been a problem for the junkz, with or without fuzz. Qubik, Eebiza and Gibson totally pwn SoB clans, and even low stars like flanagan or that new 3* could give piranas and NM trouble. If you're playing junkz and you meet an SoB opponent, with all things being equal you have a good chance of winning regardless of whether Fuzz is in your deck or not.

Not disagreeing with you and imho this is a really weird topic to begin with (why does anyone need to compare Fuzz to XU52 anyways?), but it's interesting to argue with people who have different approaches to the game smiley

wednesday 23/01/2013

Actually, Backlash poison and Defeat poison stack together. I tried it out!

If a mission dosn't state a clan then you can use any cards so "- 20 opp life" can use any cards. "-20 opp life with berzerk" needs berzerk cards.

p.s This will help with clintz:

tuesday 22/01/2013

The cards/characters of Urban Rivals are seperated into groups called clans. Each clan has a Theme and a bonus (Example, Jungo's theme is humioid animals and their bonus is +2 life).
To activate a card's bonus (say, Scotty), then another character from that clan has to be 'in your hand'(aka one of the four cards while playing). That means if you have Scotty and Rodney (another Jungo card) in your hand, both of their bonuses are activated/
To help stop any confusion, I classified the bonuses to see if they visibly effect your card, your opponent's card, or neither.
Effect You: Bangers, Fang Pi Clang, Frozn, Jungo, Junkz, La Junta, Rescue, Sentinel, and Ulu Watu.
Effect Your Opponent: All Stars, GHEIST, Montana, Nightmare, Piranas, Pussycats, Sakrohm, Uppers
Neither: Berserk: If activated, your opponent's life points get reduced by 2, with a min of 2.
Freaks: If activated, your opponent is now poisoned (loses 2 life points EVERY TURN with a min of 3)
Leader: If activated, YOUR Leaders' abilities are deactivated (NEVER have 2 leaders in your hand).
Skeelz: If activated, Skeelz's abilities cannot be stopped by Stop opponent Ability (GHEIST and Roots bonus).
Vortex: If activated, when a Vortex card loses the round, you get 2 out of 3 pillz back (with a min of 1).

Note: If a bonus affects attack (Junkz, Montana, Rescue, Sakrohm, Sentniel, Uppers), it gets added after the attack is multiplied: (pillz x power)+/- bonus

monday 21/01/2013

friday 18/01/2013

Uhm, new blood and extended are the most rewarding packs
new blood pack value depends on the current new blood cards.
you can save your credits and buy many new blood packs when a expensive card is released (every 2 weeks on friday new cards are released) or you can just take the clans urdb says to take and buy extended packs

if you want specific clans and cards not to sell but to keep, you can try elite

thursday 17/01/2013

I bet they are going to give every clan a week for the Pack and when all of them are done, a new clan will appear, which would be the last week of June

tuesday 15/01/2013

And tourney CR lottery

Can u pls make some avatar for me ??? or can u tell me who does that smiley

I just think extended mode, but i will later on be playing elo. So if one deck has better elo cards i might be choosing for that one.

monday 14/01/2013

These cards have been cheaper in the past, so they are now selling for that amount - they probably paid like 1/3rd of the price earlier.

That is part of the play that revolves around the market, you take risks by investing amounts of money to market and if you succeed you get more money. Then each time you repeat this successfully you get XX% more profit. As you get bigger profits and bigger collections also the chance to hit collector while having big pile of that card adds up, making rich have extra "lottery ticket" for super-richness.

I have ran some evaluations how the money accumulates, by having roughly 80 cycles each adding 5-30% more value each cycle you end up having roughly 50-100 million clintz even if you started from the 10000. On the other hand only handful of people have persistence and skills to pick up the trades for 80 times in a row in sensible time - so there are only like less than a fraction of percent of these multi-millinaires in the game - but enough to see them selling unimaginable amounts of cards on open market.

But ultimately, anyone willing to sacrifice time and effort - and learn by trying and mistaking - can do it. Most people look for easy way and they wont find one. Thats because there is no easy way, there is only the hard way.

"This is rock-scissors-paper-shotgun game and shotgun is pretty much winning hand."
This comment reminded me of a wow video dealing with the unbalances in the classes;
rogues are scissors
warriors are rock
Hunters, paladins,druids,mages,shammans, priests are paper
warlocks are mushrooms

Paper beats rock, scissors beats paper, scissors also happens to beat rock, until rock hits 60 inwhich rock becomes an unstoppable killing machine that also beats paper, and would beat scissors, but it can't find scissors because scissors
are invisable. So scissors beats paper, and avoid rock, and that is called balanced.

Basically Uppers were the rogues of Urban-rivals.

sunday 13/01/2013

*There not Their (God I feel stupid).smiley

Woah dude Titanium isnt always good lol
this is a video of my pulls from a titanium pack
as you can see, its not always a good idea
just get New Blood or Elite smiley

saturday 12/01/2013

Personally, I would keep Luba. She has been more useful than useless in my playing.

Ash used to have his ability at 4*.

His race horse (Betty Sue) called! smiley

friday 11/01/2013

I never used ambre in dm and would do well.. So that card isn't the reason for dm

Cards with the letter S on the bottom right of the pic r standard smiley

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