wednesday 12/01/2011

Do u think this deck is good

!!Pills Eating Pirates!!

if not any advice on making it better? thanks smiley

Really cool i'm gonna try that when i get marlysa

tuesday 11/01/2011

Sorry this is the correct link


Krakatau Club you can find allstars up there

monday 10/01/2011


There obvious ones but state all that you see. I would like to know I should do to change it up a bit. Thanks.

Usually on Sunday in between two weeks there is a brief time where the battles don't count for points. I think this is while the severs process who go what rewards and give them the messages and stuff.

I find that fuzz gibson taham peeler rowdy are good cards depends what type of deck your making mate.

I would definitely use the 2nd one. The first one doesn't seem all that powerful to me.

What do you think of this Elo deck combining the Piranas and Skeelz
Stealing School Treasure

Yesterday I got to 1201 ELO

13:56 Elo you beat 0 x0rtz, night (4-0): 1201 ELO

but today it lowered my ELO score to 1199:
Eogran is now 4537th/26019 51 of the ELO Ranking (1201 → 1199 elo)

I haven't played any more ELO matches and I was wondering what could have caused this.. I thought it took a day of inactivity to lower a ranking.

sunday 09/01/2011

Gheist have a large # of cards with virtual nine power (rolph, toro, draheera) or some other form of manip and have sold damage making them hard to compete with.

Roots have a ridiculous number of DR and a pair of good allstops making them the strongest defensive clan in the game. Try fighting your way out of sigma, uranus, jeena, arno,

Yes, you've heard me right.

Before you start raging look at the deck: Reliving the past.

Love pulling off a Sandr/Chiara 2HKO xD

saturday 08/01/2011

Well.. currently I'm using a Montana combo..

Prince Jr, Don, Edd, Ottavia, Oscar, Sharon, Spiaghi and Gianfranco.

I lose 1-1, so winning 50% of the time, really is just going to keep me at the same level, I have some clintz to work with, so if you even made me something, I could work with it!

friday 07/01/2011

Over 1300 90% of the decks ive seen included gheist and/or piranhas

Exit game : )

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