tuesday 08/01/2013

Sorry Selina.

Lets say that you are 990/1000 points until your next level up. You then win your next match, in which you'd usually get 30 points give or take. Instead it only gives you 10 battle points you need to level up, and starts your new level with an empty bar. It's happened to me mid-tourney a couple times, and is annoying when up there with the leaders.

Winning three of the four rounds, assuming no penalty cards, should get more than 30 points at least. How much higher depends on the exact circumstances, of course. Never should it give 24 points, even in the new scoring system. Not in my experience, anyway.

sunday 06/01/2013

Yarr, Anita is definitely a good option
Nevertheless, i proposed the others so that the deck may also be used in standard. Anita is also a tad pricier, although she is worth the price imho.

saturday 05/01/2013

Actually i dont think its op, because you can react to it (with dr, soa). in fact i think confidence or revenge is op
i had to fight jayzel and jiro, and i got beaten

thursday 03/01/2013

Yep. Also search by decks containing specific cards would be very useful - and also the "search only decks I can build with my current collection" if that is not too hard on database (probably is since its intersection of two big groups).

wednesday 02/01/2013

I don't know why I am getting attacked for not giving any reason as to why you should use low star cards. I said that banned cards are useful in Deathmatch, Fight Club and Survivor Type 2 and even used a 2 star as an example.

'I wouldn't put Gil in a T2 deck. Same thing with Arkn and Arno'

Precisely, that's why I said Deathmatch (You do realise there's two formats right?) Rather than assume I go around in Deathmatch Type 2 with Arno, Arkn, Gil and Ulrich you could think a little and realise that that the points apply to both formats not just Type 2. Fight Club (You can use any card there, it doesn't just have to be a 40 star deck) and Survivor Type 2 which is exactly the point, I said Type 2 not 25 star decks with Arno, Type 2 is a high star deck and anyone can figure that out.

Hell I even stated Gil as an example for what to use in missions. Where can you use Gil? In Deathmatch, Fight Club and DT. To add to that I said I would only use the -2 cards. Which has Ulrich and Zatman in there, your other examples of Arno and Arkn are irrelevent because they are both able to be used in DT without penalty.

Might want to read more into it before you come to the conclusion that everything I said was only relevent for 40 star decks with the Big 5.

I wouldn't use Orenichi. Instead maybe try this PurpleKnife You can swap Fabio in for Avola since she is banned this week, or just for something a little cheaper.

monday 31/12/2012

Yeah that's what i have also seen here. For example although some cards have ridiculously high prices on the market,players(especially experienced ones) believe that they cost much less and I am more open to their opinions than some trolling done to keep cards high priced.

One example was one guy selling DJ Korr CR where someone else came and said that he probably costs like 100 000 clintz(don;t remember the price).

So with this in mind,it seems that really expensive cards on the market,will be better for trades with other cards smiley

Survivor Elo
Pegh, Jean, Radek, Ongh
Karion, Artus, Pan, Edwin or C Wing, Deea, Dagg, X-0DUS

Survivor Type 2
Ongh, Askai, Zornado
Karrion, Kolos, Ghumbo, Oshitsune, Amber (Morphan, Eklore, Eyrik or Hugo if you can't afford)

Ongh/Troompah, Niva, Rodney, Radek, Nyema, Bhooma, Jean, Pegh
Niva, Nyema, Radek, Jean, Dregn, Deea, Qorah, C Wing
Dregn, Dagg, Cyb Lhia, C Wing, Karrion, Edwin, Pan, Arus

Those are my choices, you can decide based on preference.

saturday 29/12/2012

Just buy the cheaper cards such as ashley, spudd, lance, loretta.

it will take some time, but it's quite doable imho. Just do 1 match per tourney every 2 hours - that's 50 clintz each.
It will pay off, trust me.

friday 28/12/2012

You place high in either ELO or in DTs. For DTs (Daily Tournements), there are two lottos everyday for everyone that placed in the top 150 at least once that day. One for standard, one for extended. 5 Crs each.

How dare you! they are delicious

thursday 27/12/2012

Threads are like current events i suppose.

if interesting enough good threads will stay active. very important ones might get stickied. raising the dead isnt seen as good forum behavior.... who knows why.

on that note. ill close this.

happy new year all

That also happened to me and like _wise_ i was over-thinking so i took a break for about 3 months or more then i decided to just trust my instincts and ever since most of the times i get to top 150 in tourney. Remember just trust your skills

Idk new bloods really are gr8t cause of friday releases smiley but I always seem to get great pulls from classic. I got a zatman and Kenny out of one pack once and ive also got other great cards as well such as hawk and charlie out of some packs. It really depends on what you want but I normally tend to go with classic cause they are awesome for getting those cards that tend to go Cr.


tuesday 25/12/2012

Thanks. smiley

1. Dagg (that +12 is just great and has pretty solid stats to boot)
2. T Gaank (Just love how solid he is)
3. X-0DUS (Strong but not as solid and that could cost you matches)
4. Lehrg
5. Heegrn Cr
6. Krung
7. Lovhak
8. Kronnen

monday 24/12/2012

Shes now available. smiley

sunday 23/12/2012

Shoulder block, reach 100 in deathmatch, worth 10 ponts, reward 200 battle points.
First complete the initail mission, Running Leg Drop. Go into deathmatch mode. Any of them will work. Play for one full deathmatch, that's 20 minutes. Regardless of your win/loss record you will get more than a 100 points overall. Then just wait for Kate to calculate the results and the mission will be completed once she posts the final ranking.

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