thursday 30/12/2010

The problem with Sakrohm is that they are hard to use in ELO regions over 1300 because of GHEIST being everywhere. There are no real staff and/or player bans that keep GHEIST out of ELO because they have replacements for everything. If you draw a hand of Sigma, Murray, Jautya and some other random card, you most likely lose because you have virtually no damage.

Other than that, Sakrohm is always good enough to provide an easy time to get up to 1300 ELO.

The ideal partner for me would probably be All Stars. Something like this:

Jautya/Petra (depending on personal preference, I like Jautya)


Sans blague

Could also exchange Sigma for Petra/Jautya and then use Stacey for Randy.

Attempt #3 in fusion

wednesday 29/12/2010



tuesday 28/12/2010

Micheal Jackson was a black guy.
Noodile Cr is a white woman.


Both opposites.

Meh whatever you was obviously joking anyway because your a mammoth. smiley

Kang or Robb? which one is better.

monday 27/12/2010

UR's new sherlock holmes: TheUnholyOrc

sunday 26/12/2010

Well, birdget is banned week 52 smiley

Rolph and Leviatonn unbanned, Oshitsune unbanned, Copper, Rowdy and Gil unbanned. I have a crazy theory that I will be seeing alot of GHEIST and Junkz. Anyone help me make my own? smiley

Awesome Trippie smiley I found one, close.

Gheist does okay with their depth - they have good cards even though their top ones are banned (Rolph, Toro, etc.), but yeah, they're not as dominant as they used to be.

Nightmare is good, but Ghumbo and Oshitsune are constantly banned.
Personal preference is Piranas, so if you like SoB go with them, their price is kinda high right now though

Otherwise depends on your playstyle

My best. I stopped 'cause it's a good number lol


saturday 25/12/2010

I've never really tried playing elo before but i've started to get into it lately so i need help with my first ever deck.
This is my uppers and Pussycats deck is that a bad combination to use?
and can anyone help me improve it thankyou

Agreed slyth permbanned sucks thats why i sold my full collection of jungo but now im starting it back up cause i just cant stay away lol

Posted on the preset

Any suggestions to make it 1400? smiley

20:49 Elo you crushed chabone, The Super-Elite Newbie Guild (12-0): 1310 ELO
20:46 Elo you beat alb1975_DL, Dragonlance (8-0): 1294 ELO
20:41 Elo you narrowly escaped from BstialDemonIB, IMPERIAL BLOOD (4-3): 1277 ELO
20:36 Elo you won by forfeit against dozeyd123, Revival (8-7): 1263 ELO

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