sunday 12/10/2008

I was one of those defeatedsmileysmileysmiley

I have yet to win. I'm hoping for some help with decks, but I don't know if this will still be going on by the time I get back. I have band competitions for 2 weeks and out of town with family week after that.

So can it still be going on November 8th?

saturday 11/10/2008

I lost again this week! I suck at this tourny!

friday 10/10/2008

Mods please close this thanks a lot
and mods can u msg me with hard questions and if this keeps going well i thinkit will last a long time .

plz close thanks againg

Look ive already sed im closing the subject but what is the point in doing a tourney where you dont make a profit. otherwise it just turns out to be a load of hard work for nothin. sure you will get more people signed up but you could end up making i loss. i challenge you to make a tourney capn because its a lot harder than you think and now your just wrecking everyones tournements

thursday 09/10/2008

That's all i did unless you wanted me to lower my star count? cuz i have all kinds of strong cards but i wouldnt ever combine em because pretty much it would be stupid cuz they all in different clans

and if i wanted to destroy you i would make star counts 100 and use my bangers/all stars/ La Junta deck but i polly wouldnt win due to the fact that 21 cards can be chosen and only 4 go into one game so yeah

wednesday 08/10/2008

Close this

monday 06/10/2008

Thanks for the tourney. Sorry about the Damage Reducer.smiley

sunday 05/10/2008

hot 64 messages

Lol the tourney ended guy close this

saturday 04/10/2008

friday 03/10/2008

Why is this in tourney and events?

thursday 02/10/2008

I cancelled it didnt go as planned so going to give everyone their money back so RoneckFk and UC_Rosa
and evildiva sell me a crd for 550 and ill sell it back for 50
mods please close

tuesday 30/09/2008

I just want to say I'm extremely sorry for discussing your deck last week. I didn't read the rules carefully enough, and I be is ashamed.

monday 29/09/2008

Lolz ask storm it bug


"Please, don't change the founder of your guild. This tournament is for THE REAL founder only.
(Don't forget I'll know it if you change the founder with cosmic mighty powers of admin )"

Thanks for the info all, it was helpful/appreciated!

Thanks to everyone that participated, I'm glad to see we had a couple of winners at the end of the week. Please Close smiley

sunday 28/09/2008

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