sunday 23/12/2012

You can also try a rainbow deck, if you don't fear other clans.

saturday 22/12/2012

That link is awesome, but it misses one: Griffonmor

The God in which Kenny was a disciple of.

That would be an awesome card smiley


Wondering if anyone knew a decent Elo Berzerker/fang pi
and a deck of La Junta with Isatis in it

thursday 20/12/2012

Rescue card prices reflect quite well their real usability after 1000 clintz mark. Only things that catched my eye was Glosh - I consider it overpriced now - and Nancy is underpriced.

Imho your v2 is very good.

you can change chan for ralph, but only if you change wanda to cherry.
Furthermore, imho changing wanda to cherry and going for 26* is also OK so you can play in standard as well.

tuesday 18/12/2012

Not just investments. By having basic skills to pick good time to buy just one copy can make big difference on how much you have to "work" for your cards overall. If total value of all non-CR cards is roughly 3M and the half-yearly variance is +-20% in each card that means by hunting the cheaps is worth 600000 clintz and if you buy regardless of price you could potentially need to spend (=earn) 1.2M more clintz to get the cards when compared to cheapest (but more work-intensive) option.

The difficulty here is that some cards are stable, some cards are overpriced and some cards are underpriced. You'd need to skip the overpriced, get immediately the underpriced and hunt for the occasional good deals on stable cards. Underpriced cards will go up, overpriced come down by the time. Spotting these things are beneficial to everybody, not just investors.

Taxt1271 "Use zero to four pills. That way it's impossible to over pill too bad"
I've won plenty of matches because the person used 0-4 pillz on first round, only because they lacked the pillz (or abilities) to prevent a 2HKO on the 2nd round. Sure, he/she won't overpill, but may underpill

Shanks Guru
"Every game is different, try not to play your best card first turn but if you decide to bluffing can really mess with your opponent however if your worried about it id suggest always adding at least 1 pill (1-2 depending on attack manip and such) that way you dont lose to the olders but you can mess with the over pill-ers."

^ This. smiley

sunday 16/12/2012

If you want your brought cards to go to your deck, tick the box next to "Automatically add the cards I purchase in the Market to my deck." (Its located under "The Market allows players to buy and sell characters between them. To sell your characters, use the link available below each of your characters in My Collection. To improve your collection with additional packs of characters, just go to The Shop."smiley

Anyway if you want to add cards to your deck Click on this link

Remember to click on "set as deck" smiley

saturday 15/12/2012

Missiosn 1,4,5 can be done with nearly any all stars you have as you only need to win rounds and inflict damage.

Missions 2 and 3 don't even need all stars to complete you can use any clan.


friday 14/12/2012

Comparitively, each Miss card is weaker than her normal version. There are also the Cr rumors boosting the price of the normal ones. (Despite the fact that currently no Miss Clint City winner has gone Cr.)

I'l help! But first what's your budget and which cards do you have?

The easiest way is to use the Junkz clan.. they are the no.2 when it comes in pill manipulating..
Gil, Tremorh and Niel. + other staple on Junkz, you will have a chance to win on survivor when your running them..

BUT! when you have a poor budget, might as well use all cheap Pill manips card.
when i,m trying to finish this, i run a mono piranas (w/o Dalhia Cr) together with Andsom and Sheryl..
and.. it took days..

For me, the difference of those clans i think is their mind set in battle

Sentinel - will K.O. you
Junkz - will get your pillz and force a 4 round battle

G.E.I.S.T. - will K.O you
Roots - will gain life in front of you

Bangers - will K.O. you
Ulu Watu - will gain life in front of you and K.O you eventually

La Junta - will deceive you and when they have a chance, they will K.O. you
Fang Pi Clang - will threaten you and gain life but will K.O. you anyways
(btw, the Berzerk clan can be also similar in FPC and juntas, they have +2 dmg, but the berzerk remove it and has limit
for the sake of being similar here's their mind set
Berzerk - will K.O. you at later rounds)

Piranas - will take your pillz and K.O you.
Nightmare - will scare you to death and suck life which will lead into a K.O.

Uppers - will K.O you while laughing their ass off because you can't reach them
Montana - will K.O you
Sakrom - will heal in front of you and will laugh at your 1 dmg..

Hey guys I just made this preset what everyone think about it? I will like to hear different opinions and if you gonna rate...

Thanks smiley

thursday 13/12/2012

It's the way the posting system works, Shanks. If I had know two other people had posted the same thing, I wouldn't have bothered, but I'm glad I'm not alone in this idea.

What would it's missions be? Life gain, DR, Sakrohm and (two other clan) wins like with Uchtul?

wednesday 12/12/2012

I love them all!
I'd say obviously type 2: Michael>Jay>Praxie
In elo: Michael>Praxie>Jay

A lot of people say that La Junta is not really that playable in mono. In my opinion, it is mainly because they don't have a lot of 8 powered cards, they are often ability-reliant and that there is hardly any attack manipulation.
Whereas for FPC, the damage of those staple cards are often lower than those in La Junta. But to me, they looks good enough, just that they also lack attack manipulation.

Of course, the matter on mono or half deck depends on what mode you're referring to. For Elo, I'll suggest a half deck. I usually use half decks for Elo because it is hard to fit in all 8 (or 7 if you are using a splash) cards from the same clan without fitting in some not so desirable cards.
As for Tourney, you might want to use a mono as the stars doesn't really matter. But it is quite hard because their bonuses don't provide the leverage against clans like the Uppers, All Stars, and Junkz, which are all frequent clans in Tourney. But of course, you still can attempt it.

Personally, I like both clans quite a lot. However, my opinion might be flawed as I don't use FPC since at least a year ago. Also, I haven't use La Junta for quite a while now.

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