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sunday 19/05/2013

What mode are you talking about?

If it's just normal extended, then
Ielena -> Karrion or Ozzie, Pan -> Ambre or Morphun, Estalt -> Oshitsune (you don't have any 4 damage characters that would make Estalt's 8 damage better for 2hko than Oshitsune's 7).

saturday 18/05/2013

I blacklist people all the time. On rare occasion, it is for sending obscene messages after winning/losing. Most of the time it is people who, when you are going to clearly win a match, decide to let it time out. My time is valuable. If you want to be a special little snowflake who can't stand seeing your life hit zero, then surrender. Don't waste my time with your hissy fit. Of course, I do realize that sometimes people have a shitty connection or RL interferes, so I check out the profile first. I never blacklist people with 0-1% dropout and always blacklist someone with a 5% or higher rate. Anything in between, it usually depends on what mood I am.

Also, about a year ago, I think I blacklisted a few people who tried to get me to sell them cards I had on the market for a much lower price than I had (I try to undercut the lowest price as it is already). It simply got annoying especially when they messaged me repeatedly after being told no.

So Redra didn't change then like I fought.

This still leaves Magenta as the only card, i think, Who has had a bio changed which wasn't due to the bio being bugged or incorrect.

"When she was first released her bio included " Magenta is certainly Clint City’s most attractive resuscitated corpse. But she is also its most dangerous and, dead or alive, she certainly doesn't consider herself a sex object!" But it was changed to "Magenta is certainly Clint City's most attractive resuscitated corpse. But she is also its most dangerous and, dead or alive, she is nobody's slave!" Also, in most other languages, the bio isn't adapted to the new translation (they stil use the "sex object" part)"

Thanks...Always been wondering.xD

I really ain't seeing this 'Totally overpowered' to be honest. Nor I'm I seeing this 'need to win 1st round'.

They get +12/14 Attack, if they remain at that life. Defeat -life/poison already exist making the 'need' to win that 1st round less vital and to be quiet honest, +12/14 attack isn't the end of the world, they don't automatically win the game because they still get full use of there bonus 2nd round.

There is so many cards, to many to name that put a huge dint into your life and easily, the irony is the less life they have the less chance they have to win. They have a very situation bonus. Sure if you keep letting them win with +life cards then yes, they will constantly get stronger and harder to win against.

All in all there 1st round bluff is strong, not now because there cards aren't amazing but in time, I feel there 1st round bluff potential is strong but other then that, there just 'Ok'

friday 17/05/2013

New clan Huracan! smiley

Except when an admin edits a post, when it does show up as, for example "Posted at 16:39" (My time) and "Edited by someguy at 15:40" (Their time)

Nvm, close this. I got my clintz. Sorry for any trouble.

The number of loses will decrease.

tuesday 14/05/2013

Offensive bluff yes, but it is in actuality a defensive play, by not committing any pillz to the round, you're saving your offensive plays for rounds 3 and 4.

sunday 12/05/2013

I see.. thanks

saturday 11/05/2013

These days, most of us make events. That's obviously slightly problematic for a level two novice.
Fight club can also be used to challenge others.
Of course, if you're asking for the reason I'd guess, having a fight history where you only win against one specific other person is slightly suspicious. Try fighting in the level 1-5 room randomly. It's actually much easier to win once you get the hang of how the game flows, and doubles are not allowed and are a bannable offense smiley

Would be a cool idea, if big5 were forbidden
otherways it would be almost impossible to get t100 without big 5

friday 10/05/2013

It just seems like the nationality of the founder because founders set it to the same country as them usally.

But as i founder I know that we can select the country of our guilds and change them when we like using a drop down menu in the options smiley

Yes, defeat: +x life happens before -x opp.life, that's why Eugene's ability kicked in first, before Cornelia's. And poison happens last.

If you deem yourself very very lucky, 2x 20 credit packs might be better. A pack has no doubles, meaning you could receive 2 Ravens by purchasing 2x 20 cred NB packs. But you can get only 1 Raven from opening the 40 cred NB pack.

But like Battery and Bliss have pointed out 40 cred pack is a safer/better choice.

If you can wait, buy the 40 cred NB on next Friday after the new cards (possibly new clan also) are released.

If you can't wait, buy the Elite 40 cred pack.

thursday 09/05/2013

Have the prizes for this been given out?

I just want to ask if the UR staff if they can add the android app to add the feature to disable/enable the free pills...... its the only one that's missing in the android app... thanks..

wednesday 08/05/2013

Well i think Solo and Duel don't need them very much.

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