friday 05/09/2008

Sos close mod

No tricks or Cr cards

just a bunch of 2 and 3 star cards that can take down 5* cards in T2

that's basically the secret... and of course fast play and fast playing opponents

that's all there is to winning a DT

tuesday 02/09/2008

Okay thanks guys please close thanks again for all the help

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I love stewie.. but I think he's gay, hehe! smiley

monday 01/09/2008

Hello all

I know that some of you have problem to get in touch with their opponents.

If you need a translation :
- in french --> ask me (I could also help you a bit with italian)
- in spanish --> ask Garg

If you opponents
- never answer to your messages,
- refuse to fight,
- is not in the opponent guild anymore
- is definitely ban
- or anything than makes the battle impossible
explain it here :

Thank you


What happens if our last member doesn't battle ?
we have 36 life gap do we lose ?
(EX-ZOTIC EVO isn't that active anymore because of school)

sunday 31/08/2008


Just close this please merm no one wants to participate smiley

saturday 30/08/2008

Close this kelly cov with draw and won 2nd place 3rd place lawless i'll give his prize now

friday 29/08/2008

Okay dude I can train my own cards, real easy. I just have to go in the TRaining ROom with Vansaar....and boom! Free training, not to mention safe training. smiley

thursday 28/08/2008

Found out the problem

In the second and third one make sure to erase the Uncommen sign or the rare sign

@XxBeZeRKerxX- I wouldn't say yours are better, even though they are more technical they lack good composition and artistic merit. You should really stick to your own thread and let R3CAP_UD do his own thing.

Close this

wednesday 27/08/2008

Congratz winners!!! smileysmileysmiley
And yeah, a really cool lottery it was!!!smiley

monday 25/08/2008

Close this this is old topic from June and the creator of the thread probably doesn't remember he has this.

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Bryan Lvl 3
Toro Lvl 3
Bloodh Lvl 5
Others:Silverheist at the Bottom.


The list of duels for the Battle Royale will be published today at 18:00.
The tournament will begin then, just when you'll know who are your opponents.

You could see the rules here :

Good game !

“I love Willy (R)’s sunglasses and I’m in”

How do we know when to fight???, casue i cant be on 24/7

sunday 24/08/2008

@Welcometohell and hbh-broly, wow! you organize this?

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