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saturday 13/04/2013

Lol, Aktara07 might want to reread the original post....

friday 12/04/2013

2) I agree on the card filters, but the other two could be left off. Personally I don't see any reason at all as to why the mobile app should have absolutely everything on it.
4) Quite clearly an iDevice-only complaint as this exists on Android.
5) See above.

Personally the biggest complaint is that there's no way of turning off the free pill on mobile. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but it does mess up my math often enough.

Though I really really hate hate HATE this idea, if you guys are going to make a new ad, here's one thing that will give you lots of fame.... Or infamy. Make it really strange, unique, or funny that it goes viral that everyone in the Internet talks about it.

....Uhm, remember how "that video" went DISGUSTINGLY and unbelievably popular?
Yeah, you can make a tv ad featuring a dancing Kolos who ends the ad with a catchy tagline, for example.

I can't see LARPers being their own clan, but I can see one or two joining a medieval clan that was somehow transported here from the past.

thursday 11/04/2013

You need to complete an offer that gives you 5 credits at once.
Anything under 5 doesn't give you access.

wednesday 10/04/2013

I know

Please give me 10,000,000 clintz

Does anyone here experience the trial pay survey intro error? I cant even start a survey to get a free credit. And i think its only available on a certain country.

Didn't stop squirtroll though!

I was going to say Frozn - Vortex, but Hula_Daisy beat me to it. On the other hand, I think Pussycats could also work well with Frozn, reducing damage while they lose so Frozn's clan bonus can activate.

Cheers thanks man lol I can close this one up

Taljion for Goldie (Taljion has a 2 pt penalty which is very unfair, can be overlooked)
Ulrich for Wheeler (Ulrich is Elo banned but does not have a DT penalty)
Sheryl for Cyan. smiley

sunday 07/04/2013

There is a server delay sometimes, your clintz will arrive shortly

That just shows you what cards have the most votes that week, but not necessarily if they're getting banned next week or staying. People usually vote ban though, so it's safe to assume about 80% of anything with over 5% of votes is getting temp banned next week xD.
There's a certain time when it told you "x is staying, for now", "x is threatened, but under 5%" and "x is going, for now", rather than "x's trend is hidden this week". I think it's right after the elo week is over and a few votes have been cast that it's like that, and after that, they all go hidden

It will fix the problem.

I currently use half decks of GHIEST and NIGHTMARE.
GHIEST are my Bluffs and poisons, which inflict partial damage and stop abilities.
NIGHTMARE are my main attacks, damages, and healers. They stop bonuses, which work nicely with GHIEST.

Is this a good half deck? If not, are there are good ones?

saturday 06/04/2013

New Releases are obtained from buying NB packs (New Blood pack). This week the new releases were plunk Raven Luke and Moegura. There is no preference in obtaining these cards, e.g a 5 level Novice has the same chance of getting a Raven in the NB pack as a 100 level Legend. smiley

Its players deck is too weak(or strong)

thursday 04/04/2013

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