friday 05/10/2012

I have more GHEIST and Uppers cards than those I listed but I'll try out the half-deck you suggested.

thursday 04/10/2012

I understood when I saw the title. smiley

I too find the added button clicking required to make decks in the in-game collection a tad annoying. I don't like it.

Have you also noticed that when you look at your collection the clans are now sequenced in alphabetical order instead of the number of cards you have of the clan. Makes sense, but it is just another subtle difference I came across. smiley

tuesday 02/10/2012

@ Tansur: yes i think so too.

I cant use iphone i need a credit card apparently

You don't buy titanium for clintz
you buy extended

Charlie Kolos Dhalia Bloodh Hawk Copper Yayoi Ahkhab Cortez Spyke Lizbeth GraksmxxT Uranus Coby

Guess that shows which clans

sunday 30/09/2012

Thats ok, its what im here for. smiley

@OwButtacup LD

When I return it's game over! I'm sitting in a corner crying at the moment over some investments smiley

Yah man guru cr needs to see more use as well! so effin underrated eh?

wow never realized tolliver was THAT good nice analogy smiley

buck was always good its just that ayah is bad lol just STRAIGHT UP bad. ayah is overrated honestly EVEN with ability/bonus 9/7 is still fairly bad for a 5 star, not to mention its conditional.

i think aylen deserves some use honestly. she is overlooked by michael but thats it.

lol i stocked up like 10 sayura 's 1 year ago cuz she was so underrated.

Hmm... I don't see any replies here, except from Battery.

Oh well, I better close it.

saturday 29/09/2012

I see... I'll go read te rules agian xD

thursday 27/09/2012

Look for cards that say "-X Opp Life, Min Y" those are life removing cards. Examples include: Oxen, Kazayan, and the entire Berzerk clan.

wednesday 26/09/2012

Frozn (Kalindra) Sentinel have good uncommons (copper/coby) Pussycats have some expensive cards

tuesday 25/09/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change Samantha to Jose Star.

monday 24/09/2012

Edd cr and tan man are good investments

sunday 23/09/2012

Replace Hugo for Sheryl and Bonnie Ld for Baba and u have a desent ELO budget deck

From what you have atm.
Lois Ld, Muze, Ella and Cherry on one side.
Marty, Neloe/Fhtagn Ld, Lehrg and Sunder on the other.
It's not a sure win deck, but it's better than most of the combinations.

saturday 22/09/2012

Oh, agreed.stand corrected. i think, we are deviating from the topic

There will be rich players who'll buy a bunch of them then their price go skyrocket like craZY.

friday 21/09/2012

I guess anyone can join if they fit some criteria.. Like you're a Frozn if you live in the mountains, Uppers if you're rich, Montana if you're a part of the family, Berzerk if you're Xantiax-infected or a Vortex if you're stuck 10'000 years in the past fighting a pointless battle.

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