sunday 18/11/2012


here is the list of missions and prizes. It's fun and I think it's worth it.

saturday 17/11/2012

friday 16/11/2012

I did many surveys for CrowdFlower and ecGlobal. After I did them, no credits, all time lost. They said my accuracy was low, but for one word they discard you. ANd indeed, we do their job for miserable 5 credits.

By the way, I don't see the Netflix prom anymore. Anyone have an idea of it or if it will return?

thursday 15/11/2012

How about Use 4 Uchtul against 4 Graks? smiley

wednesday 14/11/2012

Carter is obviously not bright enough to be able to find the right uniform. smiley

I dont think gheist could have the g stand for gheist


monday 12/11/2012


If you want a 25* deck, does that mean you want to play survivor ELO or ELO with it? b'cos if its the DTs you want to run, 26* ain't an issue.

I must confess I'm not a big fan of either Sheryl nor Andsom, but if you want it then Andsom for Sheryl can work. I'd prefer if you replaced Beetenka with Oxen though (not sure about double life manipulators in the same deck). Replacing Andsom for Sheryl and the replacin Nellie for Beetenka would make this deck extremely prone to SoAs than it already is.

Offensive deck ... for a splash of defense you can consider Maurice or Ulrich (or even Burt), if that suits your playstyle.

Ps: the next time Bonnie Ld is out for grabs, DROP EVERYTHING IRL (that includes your spouse, children, work, school etc) and do get her! smiley

Well ... now is a good time to try and understand them with all the GHEIST activity that Jaxx Ld has spurred up (Stupid Ambre + Gheist).

Dedicate a portion of your time playing either in the Fight club or DM (as most players undertake missions in the Fight club and DM is a mission prerequisite, you may also come across the occasional DT troll) and I'm pretty sure you will better understand the clan.

Agree with most of the posts here smiley

ps: Gork and Anibal ARE scary

sunday 11/11/2012

An ancient culture clan would be cool. How about an underground warrior tribe that rides giant bugs with simple weapons (and maybe a little magic) that was discovered by the surface by way of some mining operation?

Alternatively, home owner's association. Middle class of Clint City rise up. Viva Suburbia!

I get what your going for Disaster, but with Junkz and Bangers already here, adding another music-based "fight for your right to party" clan seems like a waste of potential clan slot. Also, it would make the rockers that aren't in your clan look misplaced.

Best DM clans for....

•Extended 25:

1) Sakrohm: Can function without Guru Cr, just add in their high damage reduction and you're set smiley

2) Uppers: SOA, Raw Power, and good against DR, Uppers is a really solid clan.

3) Montana: Not a fan of them, not even with Lyse Teria Cr, They have low 2HKO potential.

4) Roots: Under Rated. Can function without Kiki Cr, really good against DRs and they can sometimes beat Uppers smiley

5) Sentinels: Very raw power and many walls. Problem is SOA unless you run a Hawk over a Copper.

Standard DM:

All Stars: Murders some vortex hands, Gheist (rampant this week), and can compete against bangers and Ulu Watu. Good at high pill game.

Vortex: Most overpowered Half or Full clan you can make in my opinion. I always use Vortex half decks here.

Bangers: Beeboy, Fixit, and Bubbles half is OP. I got my 880 Record with this half.

Long list... just a summarization of Standard and Extended 25 Dm

I don't have an android app so i don't know. I just fought it wasn't on it but it seems it is smiley

This thread will help you make clintz.

Im not sure it's that high on Urban Rivals to do list or if they are even looking into it anymore.

Contact support and you will probably get a better answer.

If clint city citizens are invited it could be anything.

This thread should help:

In the first round try and make the opponent suffer with 5 hearts and then the second round attack with the most power you can then take it easy the net to rounds.

This strategy: make the opponent feared from you.

So basically you all pill in first two rounds, yet don't do enough damage to KO, then you do nothing the next two turns and hope they can't catch up? Riiiiiiight......

saturday 10/11/2012

Right now i have Ace Avola Ivy Moses Murphy Orenichi Oscor Paolo Sharon
Who next? smiley

friday 09/11/2012

Seems pretty solid already.

Dr Falkenstein would probably keep on getting banned.
Perhaps Belgosi? Carter/Manfred is also good -> they might even be better than Greem in some cases.

Eloxia might also be changed - Michael comes to mind. Thomas is also good against atk manips. Even Dwan may help with DR since you only have one (unless you change belle to spiaghi or any other 2* DR from other clans).

thursday 08/11/2012

Why call an interesting and relevant contribution to an old thread a necro, why?

wednesday 07/11/2012

Thanks. smiley I say free pill cause that's what the new game version says it is.

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