wednesday 06/08/2008

I really want to ... but I don't play very often anymore, sent a PM to soliuz and waiting for him to set up a time and date.


Of course my guilt is going to do their best which is upper class what are the rules by the way

Took Cypher's avatar as the winner. You can close this.

1) you can charge a fee
2) you pick the rules
3)pick the star count
4)pick the banned cards if any
5) pick a room
5a)you can open up the chat bubble in a room and type /hlp or /help and your get your answer on how to fight.
5b) both people post the results.

monday 04/08/2008

Sry all, but as i said, this is takig way to long...close this please mods

saturday 02/08/2008

Thrs already a thread about parodies

wednesday 30/07/2008

I'm in if there is still room. Only level 10 but...well I wil destroy you all, sorry. smiley

monday 28/07/2008

You where in LW and some of your cards leveled up.
You start with *amount of points I forget use the search feature*
Your cards stars are then deducted from that. You have 4 5* cards your already down 20points.
Each pill after a KO grants you 1 or 2extra points **I forget use search**
Also if I am not mistaken, your get a few more points if a level 1 beats a level 5 **Maybe I'm wrong or thinking of LW, I'm really tired at the moment if that is a excuse.smiley**

saturday 26/07/2008

For an Elo type deck

friday 25/07/2008

First subscribe of this way

I will join
1.-Type 1
2.-Type 1
3.-Type 2
4.-ELO not Random
*The order of the type as you choose

if there are enough people in the tournament begins
and Sell me a card for 50 clintz and I will sell it back for 550 clintz

thursday 24/07/2008

They are personalized icons for your urban rivals account

wednesday 23/07/2008

@ Congreebo..

attempting to scam people is not allowed here..
using two accounts to scam is a no no either because multis are not allowed here..

tuesday 22/07/2008

monday 21/07/2008

I'm sorry is not **Survivor Type SoCC (beta)** is **Summer of Clint City**

saturday 19/07/2008

Mods may close this now

I am offering to make you an icon for about 300 clintz (Clintz will be taken after you recieve/and are satisfied with your icon)

If you are interested post and pm me what you want done and if you don't like the icon I can redo it until I get it right.

friday 18/07/2008

SO since Lime days late in starting the tounrey I'm assuming thos eof us who gave entry fees in already just got robbed.

I'm closing this

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