sunday 23/09/2012

From what you have atm.
Lois Ld, Muze, Ella and Cherry on one side.
Marty, Neloe/Fhtagn Ld, Lehrg and Sunder on the other.
It's not a sure win deck, but it's better than most of the combinations.

saturday 22/09/2012

Oh, agreed.stand corrected. i think, we are deviating from the topic

There will be rich players who'll buy a bunch of them then their price go skyrocket like craZY.

friday 21/09/2012

I guess anyone can join if they fit some criteria.. Like you're a Frozn if you live in the mountains, Uppers if you're rich, Montana if you're a part of the family, Berzerk if you're Xantiax-infected or a Vortex if you're stuck 10'000 years in the past fighting a pointless battle.

You also need to use her in a deck, and engage in a fight to unlock it.

Sakrohm would be an ideal match if they had a viable SOA

thursday 20/09/2012

And dont get me started on

' i sold to kate rate green if im an idiot'

Gimme a break, man. I just finished restoring this guy.
Okay, Subclav, u r restored as well, since you are my friend.
Merlin's magic, you know smiley

Don't worry. I magically restored you. smiley
Now you are back at 29. smiley

For some reason, i payed about 3 games of elo and dropped from level 41 to level 9 !!
Please give me back my level UR!

Also this happened to one of my guildmates who dropped to level 23!

Can anybody help me?
I was playing UR in my iPod and was doing the legendary missions.
When I lost, I won -72434 pts. Yay.. - .-
Now, from lvl 41, I'm now at lvl 17.
Is this a bug?

I was level 50 until...11:08 Tourney lost against tonychai, HK's fox on typewriters (0-6) – your wins: -32768 points and 2 Clintz . -32768 points ? For losing a battle ? smiley What kind of sorcery is this ?! I want my level back smiley

16:09 Tourney crushed TpR_Elo, ThE NeXt GeNeRaTiOn .[TpU Rookz] (12-0) – your wins: -8190 points and 9 Clintz
16:07 Tourney beat Grauwolf64, hitmanxxx Guild (8-0) – your wins: -32768 points and 7 Clintz
16:03 Tourney beat zombiecat, URBAN MADNESS (7-0) – your wins: 25 points and 7 Clintz

-32768 points ?
-8190 points ?
and i got delvl from 55 to 11lv

wednesday 19/09/2012

Yep. I was looking forward to it as well.

tuesday 18/09/2012

"Instead of hearing critism of cards like miss jesse you just see wow shes hot rate up if you agree its annoying i wanna know what her stats are before i buy her not if your a freak who thinks cartoon characters are hot"

Hey Mr. Freak, you don't have to share with the whole world that you typed 'Wanda naked' in the search bar.

This is truly amazing. I chose that number because of the year that Columbus sailed 'the ocean blue'...

I do wish you the best in the army and believe that what you and your mates do is fantastic.


Saki got banned after one weekend, which I think is faster than Clover smiley

One time, on an old vortex thread, people kept making good guesses. I guess a character named marty based off of back to the future correctly. Another time, someone else guessed Gordon.

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