monday 05/11/2012

Long answer: Theres no way to play them without having to go onto the website version first in which case you might as well do them online smiley

Things haven't changed much im still pulling Ogoun Kyu in packs smiley

One time I saw a thread necrod. The thread had been cr'd ages ago. It was better left cr.

sunday 04/11/2012

Ok thnx smiley I have 1.5k right now

saturday 03/11/2012

We will probably get it sooner or later, maybe they are just testing it.

Back when I played T2, Piranas (Who rule at everything) and Ulu. I wish I wouldve posted this deck, but whatever:

Ambre Dahlia Ackab (Spelling fail) Selma

Tan man, Serena, Wee Lee, and Lulabee (Stanley also works)

wednesday 31/10/2012

Thanks for the unput guys I listened to you hopefully i come back with some added revenue smiley

No my question was do piranas need posion but Thazol answered that so thank you all smiley

tuesday 30/10/2012

Sentinel for coby and copper?

saturday 27/10/2012

For deathmatch just switch angie or lennox for errik. trust me its alot better i used to use that exact deck wit angie, but switching to errik is just so much better.

friday 26/10/2012

Only un-CR'd card that could be considered OP is Grax, but out of all broken cards Grax is least OP so it is borderline case.

From fresh releases only nearly broken character is Beeboy. But that is mostly because of the cards that usually accompany him, not from him being Beeboy as singular card.

thursday 25/10/2012

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This has been answered multiple times, wow, it even tells you you need to but creds to unlock the market, come on now.

Yup, Nothing too special, just a background to indicate the coming of halloween.

wednesday 24/10/2012

Im still waiting for the scott Ld comics in English lol.

Thoazol answered it and its probally not high on there todo list as its not a big deal and changeing it could lead to bugs.

8 is the minimum allowed and most players use 8 but sometimes in DTs 9 card decks are used to get a higher * count whilst only using low * cards (though with the DT changes this isn't done as much).

You should be able to buy credits here: or do free credit surveys (you should find a link on the home page if their available) You only need to do it once to permanantly unlock the market.

There is most likely no plans to go back to 1 card a day.

The only Crs which have non Cr versions are a few really old cards. They havent done it for the last 3-4 years so its no longer a normal thing (i don't even think it was a normal thing when it happened in the past).

tuesday 23/10/2012

There used to be all sorts of bugs with eloxia's poison. You mean it's still going on? smiley

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I feel like it all comes down to good old-fashioned math... Let's imagine that abilities and bonuses (or is it boni?) are interchangeable. For our purposes, I think they are. Now let's go through your example.

The hand you're suggesting is definitely a bit scary under the right conditions. A 3-round win is possible against many hands, and an early Gil win or something like that does set up a 50/50 situation (if you don't block the next pill manip guy, and you're probably going to lose.) But here are some important differences between that hand and the proposed clan:

1) There's a lot more pill manip than 2 per card. Gil has 3 and Nobrodroid has 4.
2) Because of the Junkz bonus, all of these cards have attack manip built in. That is important because it makes 3-rounding with this hand much easier. What are the odds that, when playing mono Theoretical Clan, I will draw a hand full of 8 attack manip on ability?

This is why #2 is really important... Imagine that I attack you with a 2-pilled Gil. Now imagine that because you are pretty sure he's a 1-pill bluff, you just 3-pill a 7 power with, say, a damage bonus. Gil still wins, resulting in a net loss of not 3 but 4 pills. See how the attack manip functions there?

If you can imagine a hand where everybody has +2 pills, and diverse abilities instead of all +8 attack, you will probably find that it is much less likely to create a 50/50 3 round situation.

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