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saturday 06/04/2013

New Releases are obtained from buying NB packs (New Blood pack). This week the new releases were plunk Raven Luke and Moegura. There is no preference in obtaining these cards, e.g a 5 level Novice has the same chance of getting a Raven in the NB pack as a 100 level Legend. smiley

Its players deck is too weak(or strong)

thursday 04/04/2013

wednesday 03/04/2013

It will probablly be one of these things which split the community.

This also happend to me and its due to the 25% extra clintz on easter smiley

tuesday 02/04/2013

Nice. Would be fun to have these as alternative art.

Since I got the answer, I am closing this thread.

Thanks again all!

Now i understand what you mean if i want to get better at elo and tournaments i need to keep playing there smiley
I agree elo and tournies are the most rewarding

monday 01/04/2013

Happy easter.

It still work that way.

Its really only a little fun. Though my Chad Bread Cr Level 3 - sold to Kate - 2 060 Clintz. was a Cr when i sold it but I was new and fought it was a good deal lol.

I got 10000 the first time it came out and that was the last time i ever got it .smiley

I would suggest UR make a system that matches the player's stars in a deck and hand for testing purposes, or you could simply test a deck by putting it into action.

sunday 31/03/2013

I definitely agree you find soooo many people trolling!

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No one plays half rescue

saturday 30/03/2013

ONly just discovered this and helps loads!

Ector, Kristin, Pesth, Sheryl. Those are my current piranas

friday 29/03/2013

Poison still works, so you can make a draw if your poison minimum is 0. : )

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