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monday 13/12/2010

My first deck was nightmare and all I played elo.

They are traditionally a very underpowered elo guild without the aid of guhmbo on the rare week he is unbanned.

In your case I would try and pick up kenny with your 10k and replace orlock with him, that should give you more of an edge with his ability.

sunday 12/12/2010

Nice deck but I cant afford it :L

saturday 11/12/2010

Darth(I really like darth 2)
Zero Dead


Got me to 1300 in 46 games! smiley

friday 10/12/2010

Nellie is very effective against non attack manips, but I don't know, maybe I'm too wary of SOAs. I use her in DTs though.

22:01 Elo you beat ShadowsLrd (6-0): 1180 ELO
21:56 Elo you almost won against Blacklist-FkR, Boot Camp (0-2): 1162 ELO
21:50 Elo you narrowly escaped from Ice UR, Club brasil Vip ☆ ☆ ☆ (3-2): 1174 ELO
21:43 Elo you beat Dr_Peleecis, Drunkers (8-1): 1163 ELO
21:38 Elo you beat edkid, Equipe Cão de Urban Rivals (8-4): 1145 ELO
21:32 Elo you beat killerofjava, The Super-Elite Newbie Guild (5-0): 1131 ELO
21:25 Elo you beat Habinio, Gilde der dunklen Machenschaften (8-1): 1118 ELO
21:20 Elo you narrowly escaped from (UF)-Varo, ♦♠ UNIDAD FANTÁSTICA ♥♣ (6-5): 1099 ELO
21:13 Elo you won by timeout against metalgerl (9-smiley: 1081 ELO
21:07 Elo you crushed Panduro, Blanke Hans (12-0): 1061 ELO
21:03 Elo you drew with yousouzon (5-5): 1040 ELO
20:56 Elo you beat kyo_007, Recife PE Guilda (10-3): 1039 ELO
20:50 Elo you almost won against Schmiddi20, The Stars of Germany (7-10): 1021 ELO
20:44 Elo you narrowly escaped from kyo_007, Recife PE Guilda (10-7): 1034 ELO
20:30 Elo you crushed fedefizz (10-0): 1016 ELO

What most surprised me was that most of the rounds were against combat bonus clans like Bangers, Rescue and Montana. I think I hit GHEIST only once or twice. Skeelz are really good at fighting and those 3 extra pills from Corvus give you the edge you need. They are very good at controlling damage. My losses and draws actually came against Junta- that's where I miss SOB instead of Protection. Skeelz are like Piranas but evenbetter fighters.

wednesday 08/12/2010

No, for some reason I remember when I first looked at this game like a year ago that cards didn't level up while playing in ELO.... I could be high, but I swear I remember that. Maybe I got the room wrong or something, but I recall something akin to that.

Continue to find new ideas for under-rate clans.
Focused on selecting and combining the best cards from Ulu Watu for Elo.
High power, high damage with Janice to balance up SOA weakness.


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tuesday 07/12/2010

Thx for sharing all those insights. This is premium info for new players like me! smileysmileysmiley

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The health above 12, KO with pills left thing only works to increase your battle points, not your elo score. Your elo score is determined only by the elo score of your opponent, and not nothing done in-game will affect it besides the win/loss.

The cops are corrupted, they are committing Treason ! it's a crime

Akendram ***
Bogdan ****
Olga ***
Pyro ****
C Wing **
Dagg ****
Deea ***
Neloe **

ELO Freaks and Vortex

monday 06/12/2010

Rate and comment, please (ELO deck week #49)

Tuff Turf

Criticism is welcome on the preset page. Thank you.

Hey 67 great Deck

You're not alone, I always use mono ulu and always get 1300+ smiley

I use Buck, Stanley, Shayna, Nanook, Gabrielle, Gaia, Janice, and lvl 1 Warren.

sunday 05/12/2010


Week of 12/5/2010

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Sak is among my favorite clans too, but I wouldn't use them this week. No DRs, too many SOAs.

What's so special about this? of course everybody loses.

I agree with tc kid

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