monday 22/10/2012

If I were you extended or elite are perfect tbh. Those can expand your collection and you can find some great pulls from there.

Strictly speaking, I've bought titanium. Got about 60k worth of stuff. Good for getting rares that I specifically might need.
I also bought 8 packs of Elite and got 110k worth of stuff.
And then recently did 16 packs of a thorpah and that was about it, totally about 36k total in clintz.. (On friday) Pretty much one of the worse things ever. People who say newblood, well don't do it tbh. Not cause of what happened to me, but there really isn't many cards in there that are decent compared to the older cards. Also, you will make more clintz per creditz if you do Elite/Extended.

After that, I bought 4 packs of extended and got 40k worth of stuff haha.

Soon after I was mad I bought another 10 packs of extended and got 100k worth of stuff again.

Tbh, if you really look at all the cards that are available in UR, you'll notice that NB has like a small amount of cards worth over 15k. You have a better chance of not getting the same crappy card over and over again with such a small selection if you do Elite/extended.


Elite/Extended for clitnz and increasing your collection. Titanium for getting select clan rares you want for your collection. New blood if you want troll yourself getting the same pulls over and over again.

thursday 18/10/2012

Both go to a room, like Fight Club, and if the friend is on your 'Friend List', then they should be at the top.

Wow, that deck's actually pretty good for such a budget imho. Good all-round base stats, good utility mix.

Nevertheless, imho it lacks the punch (for 2HKOs) or the attack value superiority.
Naturally those cards that have that 2HKO potential as well as attack manip in La Junta is quite expensive. Same goes to nightmare, but mawpin and sargh is pretty useful against those attack manip clans.

However, if you know how to play it properly, i'm sure that deck can get you a long way. smiley

Come on, how often did you match up with a mono Gheist? I always played half deck with leviatonn, let's say, if drawing near stars, 50% to win.

wednesday 17/10/2012

Having multiple DRs and an SOA handy always helps against most OHKOs - refer to the stickied thread

DRs and SOA used to be more scarce 1-2 years ago, but nowadays they're pretty affordable.

tuesday 16/10/2012

How about a Jouster?

Don't forget Radek Niva Troompah (mono only) and (mono only) Boomhma as all potential cards to make a Jungo deck
really good and if u replace Edd Cr w/ Donnie it is not too expensive

monday 15/10/2012


this is my powaah deck! rate green guys and girls smiley


sunday 14/10/2012

Not including CRs, Vortex, by far.

AND... I really see no chance to abuse the secure trades atleast regarding the market.

Most "devious" thing that it can accomplish is to spread big lots of cards to multiple sellers, for example in sales-team - so the owner of the cards is not revealed. But this is negative profit thing - since the transactions still costs 2clintz per card and the market benefit is questionable and customers see the prices.

If there are individuals who over-use the tool, then instead of crippling the tool with artificial limitation - how about making the cost of transactions cumulative - or basing on the cards market value as % fraction? Secure trades are really great and useful tool and that 2cz per card cost is actually laughably small in contrast to the service it provides.

If problem is the too big updates to database (technical issue) there are methods to do this thing gracefully instead of jamming the database with huge instant transaction. I have personally solved performance issues of big database updates, so I know this can be done and it is actually very easy to do. These large transactions needs not to happen in 20 milliseconds, they can happen in half an hour if neccesary for the performance.

My orders are: REWORK IT.

You need to buy credits or do one of the free credit offeres (some unlock the market and some don't but theres no way of telling which sorry).

They only did the 1 a week for a short period of time and then changed it back to no sales.

saturday 13/10/2012

There is no way to stop the Leaders bonus if you have more then 1 leader in your hand. its to stop players using leader only decks or decks with ambre and morphun e.c.t which could be really annoying to play against.

Not all of the cards in the DT penalty list are in fact ELO banned. smiley

The -10, -5 and -2 points corresponding with each group represent a penalty that the characters in those groups incur in the DT.

This penalty is incurred when you win a match with a penalty character in your hand, even if you didn't use it. For example, you win a match in which you would usually get 25 points. However if you had Hugo in your hand, you would only receive 15. As I mentioned, this only happens when you win.

I wouldn't recommend using penalty characters in daily tournaments, they generally aren't worth it. You can consider using a -2 character if you have to, but -5 and -10 should be avoided at all costs. They will significantly detriment your scoring, no matter how much they help you win.

Hope this helped. smiley

When will UR get around to updating their iPhone app so players can filter/search for Standard characters only.
As it currently is, it's near impossible to use the app to make decks for Standard tourneys.

Or, you could conduct your own experiments using 51.4% as the null hypothesis and see if your p-value is less than the 0.05 significance level smiley

friday 12/10/2012

Yeah,some lds do suck,admittedly; i don't think i have any use for a bella ld or fhtagn ld or kreenk ld to be honest. Their stories are just ho-hum average-joe stories that nobody would pay attention to if they were just regular new blood filler pieces,but as these card were released in the really early stages of the ld releases,i think the devs noticed that these cards really do suck in every aspect of being a card,and that's visably noticeable when you see the order of cards and as it goes down,the newer ones at least are interesting if not useful.But,i dont think they should be remade. They are what they are,and they probably wouldn't be much better off for it aside from being the flavor of the month and being dropped down to fifth best in their respective clan star position depth chart.It's a reason why im not exactly in favor of changing diego or pulsar or ogoun kyu to updated stats or at least an ability because they lose that reputation(some will say notoriety) of being that terrible card and just be another mediocre card with 10 comments on it.Besides,whether you like it or not,you'll have to use them anyway as they all get missions now smiley

On a related note though,Bikini joe ld is pretty useless,but his story is actually pretty entertaining,so i would say the jury it out on him as an overall card.

But hey,since new clans come out every year and consequently so does a new ld,might as well save the debate for then,righsmileyt?

Typical maintenance works i would assume.

Happens with every major gaming website i've been on.

thursday 11/10/2012

Case closed smiley

wednesday 10/10/2012

Try clearing your cache and cookies or (if you have chrome ) go on incognite mode or equalavent on your browser.
Then try.
If its still doesn't work Send a report on : They will help you out.

One of things that could be the reason ( Very unlikely ) could be because you are banned from Dts

tuesday 09/10/2012

I am closing this thread since I found an artist.Thank you,mods and operators! smiley

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