sunday 16/10/2016

Looking for subs for the battle phase. If you are interested in joining, let me know smiley

~PHASE 2: Battle Royal~
1st: Kinichaw Cr
2nd: Shaakarti Cr
3rd: Bogdan
4th: Chiara Cr

saturday 15/10/2016

Wait what? July has now has been completed?
2,501-3,500th: Jackie Cr + 2 Other Collectors to win ! [ No specification allowed ]
What about the other 2 collectors to win?

friday 14/10/2016

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Very useful message, thanks.

tuesday 04/10/2016

- The common Hive card has been distributed to the players.


I'll be closing this subject, all prizes distributed!

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to Private Message me.

Thank you for your participation!

Upping yet again. Only 19 people as of now. smiley First question will be posted in 4 hours!

monday 03/10/2016

The problem is with the event management, not translation
for now it's me (Eng-Ita) and Mac(Fr), we will see in the future how to extend.
But I repeat, everyone can participate now smiley

tuesday 27/09/2016

I seems like a nice event. but yea where is it smiley

monday 26/09/2016

Hi, I think its fair to say that the Daily Reward wins.

I will close this page.

sunday 25/09/2016

Ok good luck with that

friday 23/09/2016

[Lotto] Legen--wait for it--dary

A lotto in honor of a retired friend. Prizes will increase based on my performance in elo as well as how many people come to honor the player, even if you don't know him.

thursday 22/09/2016

Hello everyone!

Today, I will announce a few winners!

Also, most importantly, the Hurricane X PIT Points will be updated and something special later and in the evening.

I want to make a deck for Coliseum using nightmare and riots
Anybody have good idea?

monday 19/09/2016

Hello UR,

As you have noticed, rewards have become more priority in the game so now I will do the same and reward you more too!

As from November this month: I would like to introduce something awesome!

And hopefully, I can get some kind feedback too.

November count up will be changed:

Every 100th post: 1 Guaranteed Common Card.

Then posts within a certain number eg. From 1-150, 2 Cards can be won!

Here is a big change: All cards that can be won will be over 10k Clintz. Max. 20k.

Chances of winning from the 10k = 80%
Chance of winning from 11k-20k = 20%

Have a good day!

friday 16/09/2016

Hello, this seems pretty "naff".

I've decided to close down this event, stay tuned, new one will open in which will be more appealing.

thursday 15/09/2016

Seems interesting smiley

thursday 08/09/2016

Thanks NayrSlayer smiley

monday 05/09/2016

Hello , the event ends Friday. Today , you can come to participate in mini-game Polish part, there will be several cards to win! Feel free also to make donations : [Loterie]Les Dùralassiens fêtent leur arrivée

PS: if we reach 200 members before 09 September a new big card happens! : *: ( Minimum 10,000 clintz )

Come quickly !

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