saturday 23/06/2018

I agree Roderick and Shinobi should be higher, but i reckon its probably cause those 4 are more than likely to go collector or there is more copies of Roderick and Shinobi, and the others are harder to get ahold of in packs. Zaveli is another example at 270k (roughly), she a has a ability to recover pills if she wins and does poison, which can be annoying. Same could be said Impera Sloane and Scarlacc.

I reckon same will happen with Sobek, due to flash missions and being the newest in new blood, he's really expensive, but he will also go down to (200k-250k, or lower) in 2-3 months.

My arcade mono-Raptors deck was:
Annie, Chopper Ld, Faiza, Gray, Impera Sloane, Rattle, Rocket, St4rve Ld/ Hector

I also really liked this deck:
Arcade stock mono huracan (S5 HQ
Flip Quetzal Cr with El Matador, Buga Baga Ld with Derby Queen, and Magistrado Ld with #Wonder Lana/Noctezupapa if you don't have them.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr saturday 23/06/2018, 16:55

thursday 21/06/2018

Leader definitely the leader clan because I am more of a lone wolf and I really want to bring change to the world and I am not one to back down from a fight so yeah that is the clan I would choose. smiley

wednesday 20/06/2018

Just poking fun smiley

Quel clan choisirez vous et pourquoi?
Et qu'est-ce que vous ferez la-vas (Barman, Pompier, Policier ) ? smiley

tuesday 19/06/2018

Secure Trades no longer exists. You can do Private Sales and sell a card to another player for 50 Clintz and they would sell you the other card for 50 Clintz based on trust.

A guideline to trust is to never purchase any card from your private sales without placing the agreed cards for trade in their Private Sales.
Likewise, if you place a card in a players private sale, send them a PM to confirm the cards are there and ask them to place the cards in your PM.

If it goes bad, report the player and mention the PMs and Sales Thread involved for them to investigate the case.

Regarding the rules of assistance, a Moderator can be used as a Middleman in certain cases if players have an issue with trading with certain players.

Here is how it works:
1. Both players must to agree on the Moderator in question to act as a middleman. If one cannot agree, then a different Moderator can be asked.

2. Both players must send a PM that matches and confirms they are trading with the other player to the Moderator in question. The Moderator can ask to clarify if there are are differences between the two PMs or any queries. Once things are settled, then the cards can be bought.

3. The Moderator does not buy the cards until they receive it from both sides to conduct the exchange.
-After receiving the cards, the Moderator will sell back the cards to the other player based on the trade agreement.

4. The Moderator then sells the cards back to other players based on their agreement on which cards to sell and which ones to receive.

sunday 17/06/2018

I think, insane, how it works with heal & life per damage (or poison, dope etc) is like this:
abilities like kenny's +life activate when the card wins its round. heals, poisons etc take effect at the end of the round, *after* the effects of the cards played *during* the round.
IIRC Bridget is the exception to this, as she heals at the *start* of each round after the first, meaning "between rounds" all heals / poisons get a chance to get to their max/min before she adds her 1 life.

saturday 16/06/2018

I remember the days when you got a new card's for clans once a month. the market was just crazy an so much cheating in dt's cause back then you could pick your opponents during it.
so much cheating was rampant it was so bad back then before they made you have to fight players randomly not.
thought i do miss haven a elo dt that would happen when a dt started. so you could do a dt while playing elo.
aww the good old day's.
man i feel so old

Lol just figured it's already above.. Sorry for the spam.. smiley

Yurieu I agree, at least in regards to Riots and GHEIST ...

thursday 14/06/2018

It works fine on the desktop version

Thanks guys,
I found Thoazol recommended page earlier today smiley

wednesday 13/06/2018

Yu-hi-ho/ magic for mats this feels a lot like
type 1 is a elo/efc with is like stander ed for
type 2 is a lot like modern no limitations on any thing more play to have fun
type 3 feels like their going for EDH setting.

well that's what i think any way.
or do you think it is something else?

tuesday 12/06/2018

Any time a card god cr they all ways go up in price no matter what. cause not there collectors an the less there are of said card the higher the price gose up.
i also agree seems all leaders eventually go cr.
Drag i figured get killed even in his future he was going to die cant out run your own death it will come for you no matter what you do.
an the person who told them his future were his empire fell might not of told him the hole truth on every thing.
don't time travail makes things worse.

monday 11/06/2018

logo UR 0 messages

I'm looking for someone who creates avatarssmiley

I ahte ko missions so much

What people said, pro collection

sunday 10/06/2018

Yea ok, if u can, i will pm you. Thanks.

Is there really still no way to change language on steam version? like WTF me and other people was complaining about it since steam version release.
What's even worse language is mixed. Some text is in english and some text is in polish language. what is this nonsense?
I was trying to set language in properties -> set launch options but even there you can't change it lmao.

It's referring to the Obtain X% from the total collection missions, but it's not working exactly as intended and only showing the 5% one.

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