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tuesday 26/07/2011

Ok deck. But i would personally change Dean to Ray, Thormund to Naginata and Chiro to ambre.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the preset=1958835 and change the = to :

saturday 23/07/2011

Ok, I'll do that and thanks for the tip

friday 22/07/2011

Nice deck. If possible i would change Asporov to Marina, for a bit of damage reduction, and Loma Noju to Essie.

Personally i would change Kolos to Avola.

wednesday 20/07/2011

tuesday 19/07/2011


This deck will have trouble in T2 because most people will use mostly 5*'s. Your best bet would be to make it T1.
To do this remove Arawaka and change Azel to Mawpin, Dieter to Phyllis and Edwin to Eadh.

P.s to make a link to your preset like i did above you copy the preset=1949309 from the page adress on the preset page and change the = to :

monday 18/07/2011

*Facepalm* I was reading the preset and it talked about tournaments and then i posted here forgeting this is deathmatch.

The deck is fine for deathmatch, only do the changes i mentioned if your going to use it in tournaments.

Who you drop is really up to you it dosen't make too much difference both Wee Lee and stanly are good but not as good as the other cards which you would like to draw more often.

Interesting deck. Personally i would change Isatis to Emeth and Trish to No Nam to make it a bit more stable against stop opp: ability.

P.s to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=1947724" and change the = to :

Personally i would change Ahkab to Taham. I know you lose 3 damage (which dosn't really matter because it still gives you a lot of 2 hit ko possibilitys), But you gain 2 power which is more helpfull because a 6 powered card without a bonus or ability to increase its attack/power (not counting ambre) will usaly lose in T2.

saturday 16/07/2011

Personally i would change Larry to Steve and Cliff to Pastor ( you might have to make a few more clintz to do this).

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name, like this: deleted, you only copy the "preset=1945557" and change the = to :

friday 15/07/2011

Then don't intill you can afford her smiley

thursday 14/07/2011

Personally i would change Eyrik to ambre if you have her (if you can't beat her join her). Also if you have her you could try Miss Twice Cr instead of Toro.

wednesday 13/07/2011

I would also agree with above posts for it's style fits survivor more. However, being 25stars you'd have to either level Gina Glitt or change a card for S:T2 or change the enitre deck (5 cards) for S:ELO.

Anyhow, good deck.

I would love to see you make one for T2 with Eyriksmiley

tuesday 12/07/2011

Nice deck. You could think about changing Trish to Laura because in T2 you will probally come across some high damage cards.

I would use Toro over Lin Xia, other than that looks good

monday 11/07/2011

I don't like decks that are made to annoy people. (it would work well in survivor though).

Nice deck. You have allready talked about the changes i would say.

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