monday 03/12/2012

LOL. omg. just my luck with picking the one that doesn't go CR. I literally can't belive this happened D:


4.5k deck u can put alexi for harrow ld or get him as he is currently avilabel

"3 415 706 clintz as of December 2, 2012 at 16:23 GMT."

Dang... I could be a Legend if I sold my CRs then.

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sunday 02/12/2012

Thanks a lot pal . smiley

Newblood or extended

... Sorry, I meant chill

saturday 01/12/2012

Starting from your preset

First, get Ralph from FPC instead of Yusuke, he's around 750 clintz.
Then, replace Marty with Deea from Vortex, she's around 1 700 clintz.

once you get more money, you should buy C Beast (5 700 clintz) to replace Lehrg and Chan (4 500 clintz) to replace Yu Mei.
This way you get a good 25* deck that can even do good in elo, and is good for playing deathmatch, so you can get more money faster.
FPC and Vortex work really well together, an interesting strategy is to hit with a high damager first and then go for a k.o. with a vortex. If you win, good for you, If you lose, you get the pillz back. (Just watch out for Stop opp. bonus and damage reducing characters and clans). However, best cards in Vortex clan are REALLY expensive so it is hard to make a very competitive deck with them without funding (buying credits).

Play lots of DTs and ELO and patience is a virtue.
the link aaabattery posted is very detailed if you havn't looked yet smiley

He is.

Brute Force :

Ice Jim


Yu Mei


Lin Bee




Slow Death :









Control :

Frankie Hi








friday 30/11/2012

I absolutely agree to what Ghnami_LOA said. He sums up the entire argument perfectly. A game focused around playing/countering 1 card isn't fun. I didn't even play elo on spyke weeks, for example -- it was un-fun.

See any major strategy game -- characters/cards/abilities/etc that define a meta are always banned, because they ruin the variety and fun of the game

See: UR - spyke
MTG - Jayce, arcbound ravager
League - champion nerfs

It applies around the board


Select i would like to make a suggestion.

thursday 29/11/2012

Always buy elite and pick the 4 most expensive clans.

tuesday 27/11/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Methane to Gork and Hriger to Leviatonn

monday 26/11/2012

Nice deck personally id say karen is more of a solid card you have the damage you need already but by the way this thread goes here:

I've added reviews of Quinn and Cortez. Also added an ask box and allow replies.

saturday 24/11/2012

You need to of brought at least 1 lot of credits to be able to trade cards.

When the cards done she will be released, don't worry you will get her in the end smiley

Lil Jey, Graff, B Ball, Raquel
Veenyle Cr, Gil, Dreen, Flanagan

friday 23/11/2012

Thanks for all your help. smiley

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