friday 13/06/2008

Im in
but shouldnt we only pick numbers from 1-17
or there will be a lot of carsds chosen that no1 has

thursday 12/06/2008

Modz please close this

Yeah, but I doubt that will happen.

Sorry i didnt mention how many tix.but i would need a few more.for this to happen

1 hit ko and 2 hit ko will net you more points a 2 hit nets around 20-22 with no pills left i think it was

wednesday 11/06/2008

Hmm this isn't getting a great responce plz lock this tourney up

Also, it is very hard to find a situation to use him as a 1 HKO anyways... XD

U can get 4 type1 the classic 20* deck rescue: Lea, Steve, Dennise, Slyde, Larry, Bobby, Anita and Elvira or u can use Frida for Anita an include Kerry for Elvira... something like that...

tuesday 10/06/2008

I want a refand.

I think you know how lottery works
you sell me a card for 50 and i will sell it back for 50 + ticket(s) prize

A new case waiting to be solved by detective FORCE MAJEURE (SHELROCK HOLM`S RELATIVE I GUESS)


To all people who posted after my last post..this lottery is closed and still closed until I say it's open..all your number picks are void..

monday 09/06/2008

OK Admins Please close this thread there is obviously not enough interest in winning an Ambre for 500 clintz

Join my guild cheap card auctions once a month any lvl wanted

Bump I set 23 tickets only now.

Results will be posted tomorrow.

There are no pending entries.

I'm going to Cap it at 350 so there isn't a rush at the end. That will allow four single to be sold to round out the total entries.

Random generator will be out of 350. If those tickets are not sold and come up then they will be dead draws like 301 and a 7th prize will be added with the redraw.

Here is the Lucky ticket number results:

DP # Prize Winner
42 Estalt Ouc_chris
69 Kati Lewis100
101 Dr. Saw KG redtom7
222 Kinjo lilbebo89
300 Loma noju tbbyrne
337 Robb gASK

The other thread is hopefully closed: this is the only one I will post the results in.

Winners will receive a congratulatory PM and have till July 10th to claim their prize from the private sales.

sunday 08/06/2008

Sry i hit the enter accidentally smiley
and pls sy close this thread

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