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monday 25/02/2013

For starters, lower stars win ties. While this might not mean much to you, but cards like Sasha, Sandro, Lucy, and Melanie are beasts in the game (or at least in my opinion). That is not to mention that cards like Lothar, Platinum, Fanny, and Mona who are centered around this concept. Second, having a lower star count means you are more likely to go second (which is more helpful than you think... which is why it has its own leader).
Now granted, few two/three star cards are perfect, but many of them counter your 4-5 stared cards, and win ties.

In normal matches (and for the most part standard format), the number of stars don't matter (at least, they don't in my limited experience). But on the upside, there is that great satisfaction of beating a player who plays 'unfair' (esp when their furious Carter is mauled by my 'weak' Lothar or Wesley).


+1 on the atk manip clans suggestion.

furthermore, looking at urdb may help if you wanna make some money out of packs

and @3th: fury by clicking on the fury option when you choose how many pills you want to put into the card you're playing (right side of the pill rows when you choose the card)

First off, try to be a little more clear in what you are saying (writing?). If you are asking if it is possible to predetermine what cards you have in the battle than no. However, the cards in the battle are chosen from the cards in your deck (usually made up of 8 cards). Now, I'm assuming that you know how to build a deck, but to be safe, it is under the tab labeled Collection (On both the website and the app).

Looking back, my post sounds condescending, I didn't mean it this way.

sunday 24/02/2013

Oh cool thanks I don't know which is best
@Richliu ????

saturday 23/02/2013

Try not playing a Rainbow deck.
I suggest Mono-Junkz. Fuzz, Qubik, Gibson, Romana, Tremorh, Dreen, Veenyle, Flanagan is an uber deck for ELO. If you lack moneyz, i guess you could play it like this: Fuzz, Fizzle, Gibson, Otakool, Jiro, Dreen, Sferik, Flanagan. Good, playable mono-Junkz for TD and ELO.

friday 22/02/2013

Buy an NB pack on the day of the release and if you are lucky to receive the card released that same day you can sell it and make huge profit of 20-60k.
I have sold Zornado for 44k Eliska for 28k. And yes, people buy if your card is in the top 3 market offers.

Extended are also good.

thursday 21/02/2013

You need help?Then come here!I will help you with deck building!smiley

My favorite is Blidgey because of her pill manipulating ability.

wednesday 20/02/2013

tuesday 19/02/2013

monday 18/02/2013

Getting more tickets only helps inflation. But getting more credits don't. If anything, ask for more credits. That way everyone is happy.

I personally don't like the slot machine and would advise you not to buy tickets. Per average from 120 tickets you win 1k clintz but in order to buy 120 tickets you have spend 1.5k clintz. So by buying 1 ticket you lose 4.16 clintz. Besides nobody has reported to have won the 250k reward or the 10k reward.

You don't have a guild. Join a guild and you get free tickets daily. You can get a maximum of 3 tickets per day.

sunday 17/02/2013


They are used to level your account up automatically. You need a certain amount of BP to go up a level. Hover over the bar next to your level on the left of the page to see how much you need to level up .

Nice deck. I would personally change Buck to Numar and Stanly to Serena.

Any card whos ability or bonus is -? opp pillz. Because it dosn't state La junta you can use any clan.

Hugo + anything 6-7 power you can afford if not elo mode will be fine
For elo mode, I don't recommend Montana.
Here is my cheaper deck guide

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