wednesday 19/09/2012

tuesday 18/09/2012

"Instead of hearing critism of cards like miss jesse you just see wow shes hot rate up if you agree its annoying i wanna know what her stats are before i buy her not if your a freak who thinks cartoon characters are hot"

Hey Mr. Freak, you don't have to share with the whole world that you typed 'Wanda naked' in the search bar.

This is truly amazing. I chose that number because of the year that Columbus sailed 'the ocean blue'...

I do wish you the best in the army and believe that what you and your mates do is fantastic.


Saki got banned after one weekend, which I think is faster than Clover smiley

One time, on an old vortex thread, people kept making good guesses. I guess a character named marty based off of back to the future correctly. Another time, someone else guessed Gordon.

monday 17/09/2012

I am definitely all for some Guild bonus leaders, especially if they were ELO playable. One way that might be achieved is through marginal Leader abilities but nice base stats. Example: 8/7 Team bonus: Confidence: +3 attack

sunday 16/09/2012

Newbloods; there is 2x 70k+ cards currently and good number of medium priced - nowhere else you have same chance of pulling jackpot since classic/extented has way more clutter per good one. This is not permanent status quo: as soon as Kalindra leaves NB this thing cools down.


friday 14/09/2012

Ic. But i think its much more better that the system loops on all the cards in the bulk and prompt if there are cards sold in lower prices.

BTW Thanks for the info sir Carnage and Blue

thursday 13/09/2012

And just to annoy people, it's not on the iPhone version, but it is on the Android.

Im trying to find out the actual requirements, if any, i will report back when I do.

Nice deck. I would personally change Isatis to Arnie, Nahomi to Jane Ramba Cr if possible.

I see your point, but the slot machine is a tiny trickle of income compared to the videos -- which still (IMO of course) don't yield enough clintz to really help new players.

I myself am a relatively new player. I was lucky enough to join at a time when you could make a decent amount of credits through free iPhone offers, and later, through video ads. This enabled me to create a collection large enough to experiment and succeed in ELO. What's more, it enabled me to create that collection through the very enjoyable act of popping open many packs of cards, as opposed to buying individual cards from the store. Now, I purchase credits regularly, as much to support UR as to expand my collection.

UR is a CCG. As CCG players, most of us enjoy some element of chance in the way we acquire cards. A player that's getting to open a pack or check to see if he won a great CR is, quite simply, having more fun than a player spinning the reels for what's likely to be a measly 30 clintz, or watching videos for hours just to make a dent in the price of a good card. Maybe as a seasoned player, it's a little harder to appreciate a 1/10,000 chance of getting a card that can buy you a good 75% of the collection, because you already have it... But thinking back to when I was a newbie, the tombola was a welcome sight for that reason, even though I was well aware that the odds were not in my favor. smiley

wednesday 12/09/2012

For the artwork, soleil prod. is my favourite... miss twice cr is my woman on UR!
recently i loved some quirkilicious graphics. like douglas...
in game i love play "copy: bonus opp." cards. i think @ new entry saki, futoshi ld, klawtz, anakrohm, beeboy, annuqa.

See Bloodh and Dalhia 's new prices

Do a survey

they give you free credits, and unlocks the market smiley

tuesday 11/09/2012

To get maximum XP you need to win with the card, with vansarr (fully leveled) in your hand and then you have to win the match which gives you an extra 100 card xp.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Soushee to Wonald.

monday 10/09/2012

Its a good deck, using 2 very strong type 2 clans. though using life givers in extended is something i wouldn't recommend, heres why:
firstly i hope we are talking about deathmatch (sorry if im wrong)
deathmatch has a time limit where to place first, you must achieve the most amount of points (usually through winning most of your games). ie your wanting to use a deck that can take out opponents quickly smiley, thus giving you quicker matches, and quicker matches means you can play more matches in the set timescale.

so the first change to your deck is to 100% put a kolos in there, kolos IMO is the best dt (affordable) card. so switching Kolos with kenny is a very good move.

also poison cards in t2 are the same, you want games to end quickly, yes i know karrions poison is amazing and has probably won you games but Ghumbo in my opinion is a far better opener and wall.

so so far we have got Ambre Ghumbo Kolos and Nistarok( DRs are very useful in Deathmatch decks as they stop 1HKOs and 2HKOs.

now for sakrohm grax is great we love him, stella and miss stella are both good cards so we will keep them smiley,
however i would change jauta as he is a life giver and not so useful in T2,

so there you have it i hope you read this as i ment to be doing my course work! therefore i cant be bothered to read over my horrific spelling smiley

Beans onToast x

So what i should remove from deck then if im placing Tyd, Raeth? and what about Scubb?

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