sunday 19/08/2012

@Deep: what makes you say that it takes 30+ hours for 1500, and *who are these people that can afford to play UR for over 30 hours a week?!* I'm just curious... I see a lot of people in the "pro" guilds getting great ratings every week, and I just have trouble imagining that these people spend so much of their time playing UR.

@subclavian: Oh yeah, grinding is definitely possible, but I think it's not always necessary.

For me, a typical UR week goes like this (I am lucky enough to work from home, by the waysmiley

Sunday Night-Monday Night: New ELO week, yaaaay! I am going to experiment with all kinds of silly decks. I usually play inconsistently during this period of time since I'm trying out new ideas. I may end up at 1100-1300, depending on how much I feel like playing, and whether I settle on a deck.

Tuesday-Thursday: A few ELO matches here and there when work wears me out. This is usually 2-10 games per day. Unless I'm really busy I make a point of hitting 13 by Thursday.

If, and that's a big if, I have time on Friday/Saturday, I sink a few solid hours into the game going for 1400. I end up spending 4-5 hours over those two days. Because of my play habits, there are two possible outcomes: 1) I hit 1400 or somewhere thereabouts 2) People's decks evolved a lot while I was slacking off during the middle of the week, so I need to change decks to proceed. In that case, I usually settle for 13+.

Bottom line is, I do okay with less than 10 hours a week to spend on ELO.

Thing is, that deck is pretty good as it is. Depending on your likes you might prefer Michael over Logan, or Dr Falkenstein over Manfred or Praxie for Lorna or Danae.

Now it's more about learning to use it smiley

saturday 18/08/2012

Ok so what would you think of a game mode where its just like deathmatch or i dont really know or care (but deathmatch is fun smiley) and you both have to start at the same time, meaning courage doesnt work but is replaced with the same one non courage( like courage power +1 become power +1) ,r WHATEVER I DONT REALLY KNOW

but than you both have to turn at the same time, meaning you cant bluff or use obvious cards, you both have to choose your card at the same time and you dont see which card the other one picked before you both have chosen one

Note: there's a glitch where it shows the wrong amount of Clintz until you play a game.
When this glitch is active, I get that message on all cards in market when I attempt to purchase.

My mono skeelz deck

It was just for fun. People have wondered about what a Mr. Clint City before and I set up one. Though someone did one before, but once. For fun, I did a Mr. Desmond:

friday 17/08/2012

Here's a mono-Roots deck designed for ELO, with a Mawpin splash.


OMG Imma gonna get 1,000 Nanooks right now!

As alot of users have already explained, they both are very good when used correctly and in the right format.
Nightmare has and will always be my personal favorite, but I'm currently playing Piranas to change it up.
The best choice is irrelevant, just make two good decks with both clans.
Hope that helped smiley

Another uppers or +/- att clan (not montana or rescue) would work well against uppers and montana
or go for SOB clan such as piranas and nightmare

thursday 16/08/2012

My respect to you, Thoazol, you always save the day.
Let's Friends Forever?
Thanks again, cheers!

hot 76 messages

Have you ever had a hard choosing between Attack Manipulator or Poison the Enemy on 1st Round?
Using AM u can use low pill and hope for a win, using Poison u can maximize the damage from the Poison.

It hurts a lot to lose the 1st round by 1 less Attack such as 20 vs 21 for example.
It's annoying when enemy use Pills Manipulator cuz u don't know if how many pill they'd use.
If u lose they get more pills or u have less pills, if u win u may Over Pill which is sad... Of cuz u want to win by 1 Attack higher than enemy. Or Win with similar Pills spent. But this is what keeps this Guessing Game going. smiley

If Enemies' Bonus bothers you, kill it with Nightmare or Piranas.
Nightmare for quick win, playing with life points.
Piranas for pain in the back, playing with pills.

tuesday 14/08/2012

My favorite card is Tsubame.

She has solid power, high damage, and can live without her bonus or abilities.smiley

They merged with Sanity + another guild to make Trinity

I love promoting UR fan efforts. If we improve the community and let all the hidden talent free we might see some cool fan fictions, such as web comics or even animations!

monday 13/08/2012

You can send a suggestion to support using the contact us catagory under the green ? saying that your flags missing and they might add it. Intill then you can use whichever flag you want as it dosn't affect anything appart from which high scores you are listed in when selecting sort by country.

These really don't work and only exist in a newbie's mind. A good card should be versatile and not limited to any stage of the game.

I remember I chose Control as Starting deck and they gave me Piranas & Nightmare cards.
Eventually I fell in love with the Nightmare and purchased Kolos with credit (clintz exchanging u know)
Then I created the Guild in the love of Satan, come join me if u want, Hell is always open! =]

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