monday 08/11/2010


Please comment on everything and if you like this please rate green and if you rate red comment anyway (expecting stupid comments from players like Vinyl-Scratch , swagmaster420 and so on)

Have fun.....

sunday 07/11/2010

I never managed to break 1300 until I picked up Vortex.

Hehe this is my very first created ELO deck (not sure if there's anyone who have the same ELO deck as mine)

saturday 06/11/2010

Gheist when they don't have every good card banned.


I'd suggest Vortex/Roots to go with Piranas.

Lothar is not nearly useless even though he gets cancelled out by the SOA's because of his clan bonus. based on my experience, opposing players tend to over pill just to beat Lothar because of the high damage

I generally don't like decks that have to fight only with printed powers, you have good damage, and nice abilities, but not much help on the power side, also quite unbalanced (good with 1/2 of hands that have above average number of stars, bad with the other half)

In ELO, quitting has no effect over your points, or how many points you lose, the only reason people quit is cause they want quicker matches.

The reason you got 9 pts for a win 18 for that loss, is more in relation to your opponents ELO score. As your opponent had a much lower score than you, so you get less poionts for a win, and same with that other guy, his points would have been quite a bit lower than yours for you to lose that much


50% of a 2hit hand.
High power, high dmg and reasonably strong DR.

Pls rate up if you like it!

friday 05/11/2010

Half deck its the only way to go

wednesday 03/11/2010

Yeah , No 5 stars cards next week smiley.

No 5 Stars Cards xD

plz rate if you like it and tell me if it has any change

thanks mod

tuesday 02/11/2010

Here's what I have so far: deleted

Pussy Cat for Elo


Forming as many under-rated clan Elo deck as possible!

Pls rate if you like smiley

21:55 Elo you lost against 0 mars, Boot Camp (1-7): 1128 ELO
21:55 Elo you lost against 0 mars, Boot Camp (1-7): 1139 ELO
:/ please fix.

Im making a Vortex Pirahnas deck and can't decide on a 5 star pirahna to use

Any suggestions

Nakata is there cause i really expect to see roots shine this week and so far ive been seeing more SoB than anything

monday 01/11/2010

I love the community of UR
if this is on a different forum many ppl would flame
anyway tinto the topic..
just grind and you will get there
we are just like you starting out so u dont just play immideately and get strong in a snap~!

My bad I meant Steve! or Lobo! Also Anita is a great addition...Rescue 4 stars are pretty weak, I'd load up on 3 stars instead...

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