wednesday 27/10/2010

I generally use the quick battle mode but since my elo score is so high so early in the week i cant find any opponents. It used to be that if you just sat in the room you would get challenged in a minute or two. Now I'm sitting here waiting and haven't received a single challenge within the last ten minutes. Can anyone shed light on this new development for elo?

I liked MABanator's deck, but does anyone know which others clans would work well with Piranas? smiley

***La Junta***

easy 1200

ELO: 17 wins 1 lose 11 win in a row smiley smiley

tuesday 26/10/2010

My new preset elo wipeout
it doesnt matter what your level is this deck should get you upto 1200. fun deck too play with

Replacements for mona:
if mono - veccio
if mono - oscar
simon even

for 2* replacements - prince jr (this opens up 1 more * to use)

My advice:
GO DUAL clan.
Take a risk, play Freaks / Jungo(with out Askai)
Try out cheap cards and play hard using them.
Don't save up for a Ghumbo or a Mona or a Marina immediately . Play Nistarok, Gianfranco, or Spudd instead and you'll find that they are just as effective if you just play them well.
Just play and have fun.

Noodile's back, just use Roots.

It's because you have 48% chance of a 3/1 draw that you must learn to avoid some cards or even clans in half deck.

monday 25/10/2010

C beast soon to be banned possibly? b/c this just doesn't seem fair.smiley

Plz rate and comment.

Hey Emeth's back

I'm confused too I went to vote and it said it was closed, this was last night just before ELO reset...
and Sledge is banned again, or aleast i think again, I thought he was banned last week?!?!?

Im quite new to UR, but used to play about 2 years ago. I got upto level 33 then quit. Anyways, i want to build a decent All Star and Montana deck, suitable for ELO or Type 1, and maybe with a Leader. My budget (until i buy more credits in about a week or so) is around 8500 clintz. Hope you can help me out smileysmiley

Also Junta due to Emeth's return and Rescue

Oyoh, solid damage solid power, plus easy 2HKO w/ Marinasmiley

I have 5000 and with no more jessie, i need to fill her spot, Please help?
My deck is and i dont no what to do T_T
Needs to be elo smiley

I hafta buy that collecter 2 star just to fill my deck T_T

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