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tuesday 02/11/2010

21:55 Elo you lost against 0 mars, Boot Camp (1-7): 1128 ELO
21:55 Elo you lost against 0 mars, Boot Camp (1-7): 1139 ELO
:/ please fix.

Im making a Vortex Pirahnas deck and can't decide on a 5 star pirahna to use

Any suggestions

Nakata is there cause i really expect to see roots shine this week and so far ive been seeing more SoB than anything

monday 01/11/2010

I love the community of UR
if this is on a different forum many ppl would flame
anyway tinto the topic..
just grind and you will get there
we are just like you starting out so u dont just play immideately and get strong in a snap~!

My bad I meant Steve! or Lobo! Also Anita is a great addition...Rescue 4 stars are pretty weak, I'd load up on 3 stars instead...

Srry can you delete this this subject


sunday 31/10/2010


Anything you'd change in this deck? smiley

The whole purpose of this game is to make you ragequit...

saturday 30/10/2010

Well, I think you will have a difficult time finding out the "best deck possible" as there are a lot of options and combination. Not to it changes every week based on what is banned and what other people are playing.

But here is something that may be decent. I might try it tonight:

Harleen / Esmeralda

I have to say its been a fun deck to use, 1300+ so far and looking to get higher by the end of the week, any suggestions would be appreciated.

E L O Outcasts


Played this week Jungo+Freaks ( Health manipulation ftw! " target="_blank">http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=157876smiley
It worked well for me)
Very balanced hands, got 1300 today) i dont want to go further cos it is already a lot for me)

Elo wipeout with only one thing in mind win win win i created this deck too create 2 hit no risk k.o combos playing with this deck is just fun unless your facing the might of c wing dregn in a unstoppable 2 hit k.o http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1569614&list

friday 29/10/2010

Thanks! i hit 1213 with them so far and copy&pasted it to the preset so people can see for themselves. smiley

One thing that I learned from playing w/ the Vortex is this: Get your opponent into a mode where they need to win the rest of their games, and you almost always win. like if the life gap is 6-7 in your favor by round 3 and you still have your vortex, the game should be basically over

Darkeagle good ranking.

if toro/levi aren't banned there is going to be lots of red rolling around.

I'm going to ban:
4* - Toro
3* - Rico/Noodlie/Yookie one of them
2* - Gil

Lol look at it! it seems that all 5* star cards everywhere will be banned and everyone else will be FREEEEEEE!!!! smiley
that means hello oshitsune, hello everyone from gheist, yes you too toro. I think the week 45 bans are more reasonable (advantageous) than the weeks before. This will be fun (:

Willy -> Shogun
Soushee -> Akendram/ baloon guy

Don't go too defensive.

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