thursday 05/06/2008


wednesday 04/06/2008

Sorry X 13AMPAGE this is not the right place to put it. This is for Tournaments and Events. Try posting this in the other section.

Mod please close due to no interest

Sorry Sven I would have entered but I can't cuz of my work smiley

It still is fun way to up the community because some lucky person will win a good prize and the profit i make was going to go towards a free tourney but i'm not rich enough to hold a good free tourney so this lottery would have helped but as i see people are taking no interest in this lottery

Mods please close

Close pls.

Um ok then, i will lower the price of each ticket to 400 clintz smiley

hope that this is a better deal

tuesday 03/06/2008

Kevin: Flame on......OH MY GOD IT BURNS, IT BURNS

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The lottery is closed...

Please close we hawe a winner

monday 02/06/2008

Close i have better idea. This lottery is canceled.

You don1t need to fight now, I just want to get ower it no, so give me a pm for the price.

sunday 01/06/2008

Closed this plz

saturday 31/05/2008

This is for people with a US flag only. Also this is for levels 30+. I will be accepting the first 10 applicants. (I always check my PM's first). There will not be a prize this is just for fun. Please post here or PM me if you want to join.
Thanks, Ashigaru1

This tournament is supported by the Tournaments Guild.

The Tournaments Guild package is accepted for this tournament. (Package includes: Free admission into guild created tournaments, Details of all players within the tournament, and scores/place of all players within the tournament.) Questions or Comments? Please contact Ashigaru1.

If i'm the only 1 do u automatically win?


How About Support + 1 damage??

Close plz

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