wednesday 08/08/2012

It showed up to me long back i think before 3 months

Extended, Elite and New Blood are your packs of choice when looking to make a profit.

tuesday 07/08/2012

When you Stop a Stop: the Stop: will be Stopped which means that it will not actually be stopped but rather unstopped. If you have Stop Ability and you stop a Stop: ability then your Stop Ability Ability will not stop any ability at all.

The tax is removed after the trade happens which means you don't have to add anything extra then you were asked to pay.

Theres not a best clan as such but i chose Frozn, Berzerk, Vortex and nightmare because they have some of the most expensive cards and a high ammount of good cards.

monday 06/08/2012

I forgot to mention, you will have until midnight at 11th to cast in your votes.

Room 13 is where the last 3 Frozn releases are being held captive.

It may not be entirely accurate to say that something "suddenly" vanished after two years of absence. smiley

I would go for ulu watu sakrohm + ambre..

if you want to go with mainstream, just bring kolos + ambre

sunday 05/08/2012

Good Cheap ones, eh?
Go to the lost warehouse, where you have 60 life points to drain. Have fun!

Some good & effective -Life cards I can name off my head:

Ector, Logan, Owen, Ngrath, Zeke, Ojibway's the best, and a group of Berzerk.

saturday 04/08/2012

Thanks a lot man, now I won't have to concentrate too much on Weekly Legendary Missions.
20 weeks of waiting... Mmm... Must wait for it~!! =]

Play a lot of DM with one hand and level up a lot of Prefuls with the other.

Clintz? it's the ingame money in UR.

Why they named it Clintz? Dunno.

friday 03/08/2012

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Ok thanks Frowns

Im guessing yea because if the Ld missions are done but u started 1 mission u can complete it still but thats it u gotta wait till it comes back

@Wahzoo thanks for the tip, will give it a try. Im just used to putting him in my DM decks smiley smiley

If you just started and wants a lot of variety, I would suggest either classic or elite
you can get many cards out of them (and complete your collection)

I ues my all credit 1st 3 gold pack was so good but after that ................

Lol I played the java version once in a while since I thought the old Kate was pretty cool.

thursday 02/08/2012

Sometimes??? it almost seems standard
every DT I actually play the same player twice, and that happens 2 or 3 times during DT
really irritating. it's happening a lot!! heard it
I'd almost call it fixing the game, as I'm obligated to play someone who played me before, versus someone meeting a new person, but I won't since it's prolly a glitch..

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