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friday 29/10/2010

Please give suggestions to make it better.


thursday 28/10/2010

Don't complain it's anti-SoA now smiley rate this green or red and comment at your will

Studying Battle-plans

All stars + Piranas ELO Protect

This deck has a base power of 49 but it also has power manipulation and stop opponent bonus.

Good against those pesky montana's. Also has pillz abilities which allow the use of extra pillz or maybe not (bluff and pretend you are going to use them or don't bluff and use the card to get the damage in.

The lowest damage possible is a whopping 35 of course with out damage reducers coming into play but it has stop opponent ability and a stop bonus which annoys dr abilities and pussy cats.

All in all, when you think about it, many players that achieve over 1300 in ELO every week use a balanced deck, and since so many gheist and roots cards are banned players are looking for an alternative.

Roots were used frequently because of their balance, how many times did you meet three 3* roots and a 5* roots card or even the 2* arno. The reason players used these cards is becuase no matter what random cards the computer chooses for them to battle with they will always stand a good chance of winning.

Thats why I think this deck has an appeal to players and It is working for me.

just one of the presets of the Ravages of Time

1312 points on a Saturdaysmiley


I've been doing pretty good with this deck deleted
I don't play junkz or sakrohm too much so if you have a better idea for cards please feel free to comment.
Currently at 1243 Elo, i am hovering around this number and can't seem to beat that hump.

wednesday 27/10/2010

I got to 1277 without using Chiara and the overated Praxie. I think the preset got deleted. but It had Thomas, Jay, Cley Sandro,Liam, Sasha, Greem and Redra

Nooooooooooooo!Iwant my Hawk back!


looking for comment to improve this deck.
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@toxica whoops, I didn't notice that I'll close the thread now


ALmost all the top cards of GHEIST gets banned (Toro, Rolph, Leviatonn, Bristone, Methane) and as of late they included XU52. I won't be surprise if Anibal and Wardom gets the ban treatment soon.

I generally use the quick battle mode but since my elo score is so high so early in the week i cant find any opponents. It used to be that if you just sat in the room you would get challenged in a minute or two. Now I'm sitting here waiting and haven't received a single challenge within the last ten minutes. Can anyone shed light on this new development for elo?

I liked MABanator's deck, but does anyone know which others clans would work well with Piranas? smiley

***La Junta***

easy 1200

ELO: 17 wins 1 lose 11 win in a row smiley smiley

tuesday 26/10/2010

My new preset elo wipeout http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1569614&list
it doesnt matter what your level is this deck should get you upto 1200. fun deck too play with

Replacements for mona:
if mono - veccio
if mono - oscar
simon even

for 2* replacements - prince jr (this opens up 1 more * to use)

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