monday 25/10/2010

I hafta buy that collecter 2 star just to fill my deck T_T

Nah I think they intentionally let ghumbo free from staff bans becasue they thought that ghumbo will just get banned by the players. I didn't expect that he'd be unbanned cos he was well over 10% last week.

So I played ELO for the first time yesterday and my score fluctuated between 941 and 1091 and i ended the night at 1062. the next day, today, i did a daily tournament in elo but my score didn't change at all which i thought was weird but i ignored it. After the tournament i played a few more games to try and move my score but it stayed at 1062. I lost 4 battles and won 2 but there was no score change at all. and even at the end of a game is showed no addition or subtraction. could someone please explain. I don't know if my game is messed up or this is something that has to do with taking in the scores, or maybe my game is being laggy. please helpsmiley

sunday 24/10/2010

Kitsune speaks truth, i (a montana player) die a little inside every time i go up against uppers
i went with a piranas half though lately and it's done wonders

Hi, I'm quite new and I was wondering, what time GMT does the elo tourney end on monday? Thanks.

Seems similar but don't you think:

Radek -> Wendy
Scopica -> Niva

is a better trade?

Yes they are crippling the roots beyond usability, possibly because of the cheapness of a solid elo not sure

ELO is 24/7
Starts on monday ends on sunday. Then at midnight the reset.
Im timezone amsterdam and it for me it has no timedifference


advices are welcome about cards and how to use the deck

Ah thanks alot for the help

If that didnt work

Please help.

saturday 23/10/2010

I just started playing yesterday and built this deck bc when I bought my first booster which had Willy in it so I ended up making this deck. I can bluff with 2 people, Willy and Shann and other guys support pretty well. Tell me what you guys think and how I can improve.


Pls rate up if you like it!.


From what i have seen, whoever gets to that point first gets the higher spot


PLs comment/rate/suggest

PS: i like Nimestiec, so he isnt goin to Wakai..he forces the opp to pill makin it easier for my otha cards to beast through

I enjoy half deck piranas too. A little bit more stars with Raeth however.
I'm currently using this one along with All Stars, using attack reduction and stop bonus to great effect so far in this montana-happy week.


Any changes Please rate and comment!

~ Use Robb over Davina when he gets Unbanned
~ Use Marina over Loma Noju if you can afford her

friday 22/10/2010

Right now im goin with pussycats with brittany ella muze and noemi

if u think anything is better then im open for ideas

Hit 1300 with this NM/Jungo deck.



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