tuesday 07/08/2012

The tax is removed after the trade happens which means you don't have to add anything extra then you were asked to pay.

Theres not a best clan as such but i chose Frozn, Berzerk, Vortex and nightmare because they have some of the most expensive cards and a high ammount of good cards.

monday 06/08/2012

I forgot to mention, you will have until midnight at 11th to cast in your votes.

Room 13 is where the last 3 Frozn releases are being held captive.

It may not be entirely accurate to say that something "suddenly" vanished after two years of absence. smiley

I would go for ulu watu sakrohm + ambre..

if you want to go with mainstream, just bring kolos + ambre

sunday 05/08/2012

Good Cheap ones, eh?
Go to the lost warehouse, where you have 60 life points to drain. Have fun!

Some good & effective -Life cards I can name off my head:

Ector, Logan, Owen, Ngrath, Zeke, Ojibway's the best, and a group of Berzerk.

saturday 04/08/2012

Thanks a lot man, now I won't have to concentrate too much on Weekly Legendary Missions.
20 weeks of waiting... Mmm... Must wait for it~!! =]

Play a lot of DM with one hand and level up a lot of Prefuls with the other.

Clintz? it's the ingame money in UR.

Why they named it Clintz? Dunno.

friday 03/08/2012

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Ok thanks Frowns

Im guessing yea because if the Ld missions are done but u started 1 mission u can complete it still but thats it u gotta wait till it comes back

@Wahzoo thanks for the tip, will give it a try. Im just used to putting him in my DM decks smiley smiley

If you just started and wants a lot of variety, I would suggest either classic or elite
you can get many cards out of them (and complete your collection)

I ues my all credit 1st 3 gold pack was so good but after that ................

Lol I played the java version once in a while since I thought the old Kate was pretty cool.

thursday 02/08/2012

Sometimes??? it almost seems standard
every DT I actually play the same player twice, and that happens 2 or 3 times during DT
really irritating. it's happening a lot!! heard it
I'd almost call it fixing the game, as I'm obligated to play someone who played me before, versus someone meeting a new person, but I won't since it's prolly a glitch..

In regards to the original topic, Kinjo isn't terrible. Provided that there isn't a card like Shann or Mona in play, you can push him through a damage reducer and still get 5 or 6 damage in for few pillz. Or freak out your opponent and get a pill advantage.

In regards to the necro, What the hay are you trying to say?

One turn undead against the Necromancer, please...

wednesday 01/08/2012

@DeepEnd: Making them Cr would probally not effect these events as the bad cards would still be quite cheap and most people probally have some.

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