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friday 14/12/2012

For me, the difference of those clans i think is their mind set in battle

Sentinel - will K.O. you
Junkz - will get your pillz and force a 4 round battle

G.E.I.S.T. - will K.O you
Roots - will gain life in front of you

Bangers - will K.O. you
Ulu Watu - will gain life in front of you and K.O you eventually

La Junta - will deceive you and when they have a chance, they will K.O. you
Fang Pi Clang - will threaten you and gain life but will K.O. you anyways
(btw, the Berzerk clan can be also similar in FPC and juntas, they have +2 dmg, but the berzerk remove it and has limit
for the sake of being similar here's their mind set
Berzerk - will K.O. you at later rounds)

Piranas - will take your pillz and K.O you.
Nightmare - will scare you to death and suck life which will lead into a K.O.

Uppers - will K.O you while laughing their ass off because you can't reach them
Montana - will K.O you
Sakrom - will heal in front of you and will laugh at your 1 dmg..

Hey guys I just made this preset http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2491256&list what everyone think about it? I will like to hear different opinions and if you gonna rate...

Thanks smiley

thursday 13/12/2012

It's the way the posting system works, Shanks. If I had know two other people had posted the same thing, I wouldn't have bothered, but I'm glad I'm not alone in this idea.

What would it's missions be? Life gain, DR, Sakrohm and (two other clan) wins like with Uchtul?

wednesday 12/12/2012

I love them all!
I'd say obviously type 2: Michael>Jay>Praxie
In elo: Michael>Praxie>Jay

A lot of people say that La Junta is not really that playable in mono. In my opinion, it is mainly because they don't have a lot of 8 powered cards, they are often ability-reliant and that there is hardly any attack manipulation.
Whereas for FPC, the damage of those staple cards are often lower than those in La Junta. But to me, they looks good enough, just that they also lack attack manipulation.

Of course, the matter on mono or half deck depends on what mode you're referring to. For Elo, I'll suggest a half deck. I usually use half decks for Elo because it is hard to fit in all 8 (or 7 if you are using a splash) cards from the same clan without fitting in some not so desirable cards.
As for Tourney, you might want to use a mono as the stars doesn't really matter. But it is quite hard because their bonuses don't provide the leverage against clans like the Uppers, All Stars, and Junkz, which are all frequent clans in Tourney. But of course, you still can attempt it.

Personally, I like both clans quite a lot. However, my opinion might be flawed as I don't use FPC since at least a year ago. Also, I haven't use La Junta for quite a while now.

Don't worry Urban Rivals has a lot of ways to check and make sure its deffenatly a multi account instead of friends. If you doing everything legaly e.g your friends gives you some cards (and you don't acces their account for them) then you should be fine and even if something goes wrong Urban Rivals give players time to contact support and talk about bans and if they were wrong or not.

Alright, I'll tell you how it goes, thank you.

monday 10/12/2012

Drat foiled again.

The "Help on central station " thread confused me.

This is from 6 months ago and his profile states for a small fee. he also says the deal is only through june, nice thought but my guess is no replies cause everyone sent a PM in hopes to have theirs be one of the first

saturday 08/12/2012

I believe you will find the answer to be 'Clintards'.

friday 07/12/2012

Ok, thanks for all your help. smiley

thursday 06/12/2012

Next you probably want the moon from the sky.
Hugo (0), Travis Ld (0), Sengotan (190), Dreen (520), Tamy (550), Archie (550), Otakool (630), Lolly (655).
If you don't have Travis Ld, Flyer is the next best thing for your budget.
If you don't have Hugo, Timber will do.

wednesday 05/12/2012

Not as such. Though it dosn't make you many friends when its not an important post smiley

Spamming is though.

TheDoomBug said everything you need to know smiley

@-Infinit- Yeah, and it wasn't from winning it in ELO or DT either. He worked his way up to that smiley

tuesday 04/12/2012

This is same as with cars... the faster you try to do it the more likely you are to end up in flaming wreck.

From the less risky but slow to more risky but (potentially) fast:

- Just play the game and keep the match pays and wins. Slow but steady, 100% secure.
- Play the market slowly - Pretty secure and OK income for your investment over the time.
- Make risky investments in hope of fast money. (Very risky. You probably lose your money and/or effort unless youre highly skilled and have long market experience to tell good trade.)
- Play lottery with all your money. (If you score multiple three oscars this is the fastest.) (Extreme risk, your chance to succeed is less than 0,001%)

We have KIND OF T1 in this game, its just implemented in numerous ways.

In DT we have matchmaker and scoring rules that do about the same thing, except you can position yourself to have advantage with better cards, but you have to win more streaks to make up for the point loss. If you want to play T1 deck here it actually has no drawback in doing so, and the lowest bracket average is set to 25*; you will meet higher star decks but you will get more points playing against them....

Deathmatch has 25* formats making it same as original T1

Survivor has ELO format is 25* format.

ELO was originally out of T1/T2 boundary and still is.

Fight club was always derp so T1/T2 was and still is irrelevant.

Better it was originally? - Nope. Worser than it was? - Nope. More complex and unintuitive? - Yes.

Also I will redesign whole thing to work, but it will cost UR 300€ and they must ask on their knees smiley

monday 03/12/2012

LOL. omg. just my luck with picking the one that doesn't go CR. I literally can't belive this happened D:


4.5k deck u can put alexi for harrow ld or get him as he is currently avilabel

"3 415 706 clintz as of December 2, 2012 at 16:23 GMT."

Dang... I could be a Legend if I sold my CRs then.

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