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sunday 24/10/2010

Seems similar but don't you think:

Radek -> Wendy
Scopica -> Niva

is a better trade?

Yes they are crippling the roots beyond usability, possibly because of the cheapness of a solid elo deck....im not sure

ELO is 24/7
Starts on monday ends on sunday. Then at midnight the reset.
Im timezone amsterdam and it for me it has no timedifference


advices are welcome about cards and how to use the deck

Ah thanks alot for the help

saturday 23/10/2010

I just started playing yesterday and built this deck bc when I bought my first booster which had Willy in it so I ended up making this deck. I can bluff with 2 people, Willy and Shann and other guys support pretty well. Tell me what you guys think and how I can improve.

From what i have seen, whoever gets to that point first gets the higher spot


PLs comment/rate/suggest

PS: i like Nimestiec, so he isnt goin to Wakai..he forces the opp to pill makin it easier for my otha cards to beast through

I enjoy half deck piranas too. A little bit more stars with Raeth however.
I'm currently using this one along with All Stars, using attack reduction and stop bonus to great effect so far in this montana-happy week.


Any changes Please rate and comment!

~ Use Robb over Davina when he gets Unbanned
~ Use Marina over Loma Noju if you can afford her

friday 22/10/2010

Right now im goin with pussycats with brittany ella muze and noemi

if u think anything is better then im open for ideas

Hit 1300 with this NM/Jungo deck.



Hit 1309 this morning.
finished the run from 1150-1300 going 16-5-0.

http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1558822 (someone made it public before i could by 2 hrs)
half nightmare, half jungo.



assuming a hand with one of the 5* hitters and Phyllis... lead off with phyllis w/ 1+ 4-5pills. I didn't keep stats, but I'ld say this won at least 80% of the time and in the process took down one of the opponents' key cards. Finish with a furried 5* hitter, or setup wins with pan/nyema lifegains.

if you got a hand with both 5*s, you almost always went first, and depending on the opponent draw, you could 2pill a 5*, relying on your other cards if the first one gets beat.

even if you got a hand with neither askai or ghumbo, you'ld still have a good shot to win with the 3* lifegappers.

Phyllis was definiately the MVP in the deck.
Most underused was Scopica... probably only won with her 4 times during the whole run. Maybe switch her for Radek?

Your problem is that you're not really going to get anywhere unless you draw Askai or XU52. You need some heavier hitters, especially if you come up against Montanas or Uppers - Overpilling with any of your four two-stars is going to get you nowhere, fast, to say nothing of SOB and SOA clans.

@Fanta + the name of the thread
You're thinking GHEIST , GHEIST is the clan that is currently being picked on. The have 5 banned cards atm and that has only been increasing the past several weeks; XU52 will be player-banned next week, + 5 staff banned cards, and on top of that Z3r0 D34d Will be banned the week after.

Not to mention that Roots IS getting unbanned to an extent that, frankly sickens me. Only Arno and Riko will be banned next week; not to mention that they just got the 4* that they always wanted.

Just from the newsletter you can tell what they are trying to do; their comment "These bugs are resilient." is all too revealing.

What do you think of this preset.

Has got me passed the 1200 in a couple of hours, i always get over 1300 but haven't had much time this week.


Yeah I use a 13-14 star nightmare half deck a lot of the time.

I like to use them with Junkz and GHEIST but recently the good cards seem to of been banned from those clans for ELO so Junta also works quite nicely.

I would go for a 12* half like Jane Ramba, Byran, War dog/Dean and Trish

Drop Veronica to Meg (I guess) and up Jeyn or Elly mae to Ditha.

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