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monday 01/11/2010

I love the community of UR
if this is on a different forum many ppl would flame
anyway tinto the topic..
just grind and you will get there
we are just like you starting out so u dont just play immideately and get strong in a snap~!

My bad I meant Steve! or Lobo! Also Anita is a great addition...Rescue 4 stars are pretty weak, I'd load up on 3 stars instead...

Srry can you delete this this subject


sunday 31/10/2010


Anything you'd change in this deck? smiley

The whole purpose of this game is to make you ragequit...

saturday 30/10/2010

Well, I think you will have a difficult time finding out the "best deck possible" as there are a lot of options and combination. Not to it changes every week based on what is banned and what other people are playing.

But here is something that may be decent. I might try it tonight:

Harleen / Esmeralda

I have to say its been a fun deck to use, 1300+ so far and looking to get higher by the end of the week, any suggestions would be appreciated.

E L O Outcasts


Played this week Jungo+Freaks ( Health manipulation ftw! http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=157876smiley
It worked well for me)
Very balanced hands, got 1300 today) i dont want to go further cos it is already a lot for me)

Elo wipeout with only one thing in mind win win win i created this deck too create 2 hit no risk k.o combos playing with this deck is just fun unless your facing the might of c wing dregn in a unstoppable 2 hit k.o http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1569614&list

friday 29/10/2010

Thanks! i hit 1213 with them so far and copy&pasted it to the preset so people can see for themselves. smiley

One thing that I learned from playing w/ the Vortex is this: Get your opponent into a mode where they need to win the rest of their games, and you almost always win. like if the life gap is 6-7 in your favor by round 3 and you still have your vortex, the game should be basically over

Darkeagle good ranking.

if toro/levi aren't banned there is going to be lots of red rolling around.

I'm going to ban:
4* - Toro
3* - Rico/Noodlie/Yookie one of them
2* - Gil

Lol look at it! it seems that all 5* star cards everywhere will be banned and everyone else will be FREEEEEEE!!!! smiley
that means hello oshitsune, hello everyone from gheist, yes you too toro. I think the week 45 bans are more reasonable (advantageous) than the weeks before. This will be fun (:

Willy -> Shogun
Soushee -> Akendram/ baloon guy

Don't go too defensive.

Please give suggestions to make it better.


thursday 28/10/2010

Don't complain it's anti-SoA now smiley rate this green or red and comment at your will

Studying Battle-plans

All stars + Piranas ELO Protect

This deck has a base power of 49 but it also has power manipulation and stop opponent bonus.

Good against those pesky montana's. Also has pillz abilities which allow the use of extra pillz or maybe not (bluff and pretend you are going to use them or don't bluff and use the card to get the damage in.

The lowest damage possible is a whopping 35 of course with out damage reducers coming into play but it has stop opponent ability and a stop bonus which annoys dr abilities and pussy cats.

All in all, when you think about it, many players that achieve over 1300 in ELO every week use a balanced deck, and since so many gheist and roots cards are banned players are looking for an alternative.

Roots were used frequently because of their balance, how many times did you meet three 3* roots and a 5* roots card or even the 2* arno. The reason players used these cards is becuase no matter what random cards the computer chooses for them to battle with they will always stand a good chance of winning.

Thats why I think this deck has an appeal to players and It is working for me.

just one of the presets of the Ravages of Time

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