saturday 01/09/2012

You can use unleveled cards anywhere outside of Elo/Survivor elo. There just isn't much point in it.

friday 31/08/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Chad Bread Cr to Felicia.

I prefer Wardog. The next 2* i like is Victoria.

deleted might be better as its got more cards which probally won't need to be changed like sargh.

Vortex bonus and atk manip have great synergy with pill manip piranas.

thursday 30/08/2012

You can only access the slot machine by using the new game version on the main website. It can't be accessed from the app e.c.t

Um, chicks with whips. Like Cassandra smiley

wednesday 29/08/2012

I would like that too. Make that UR, please smiley

tuesday 28/08/2012

It depends on what do you want
I believe you can sell beeboy (since his price could go down)

and then use any clans you like (mono or dual)
I would say +/- att manipulation clan is a good option for beginner

monday 27/08/2012

Or put dr. falkenstein in for michael and put greem in for lorna

Thank you. I seldom go for Elite as I sometimes think the narrower selection of clan does not worth for the extra 5 credits. My mind changes a little bit after hearing from your spectacular results. I'll try on my next purchase of credits. But frankly I really don't have luck on drawing cards smiley

sunday 26/08/2012

What you need is DR, lots of it

I just dont know what section to put this but. I think this is also a general strategy that will notify you wheter something important happened in UR world..

My question is.. are you using google chrome? if so have you encountered this?

UR would like to give you desktop notification: allow / deny

I had accepted it and its cool to know that there are popups appearing in the desktop when my sales had been purchased, my tourney standing etc.

But it stops suddenly and i dont know why.. For all.. is there a settings or google chorme plugin for it to deactive and active?

Almost all CR's are good picks, the difference is just how fast that CR will rise relevant to other CR's.

For the simple people who want to do easy buys: Less than 100k, rare or uncommon and good on the playfield = good enough.

You block attacks by winning the round, so you don't take damage

or, are you referring to damage reducers?

I got it and I managed to pull Gil, Rowdy, and Mona from it. Then again, I usually have good luck when it comes to pulling packs. However if you want bang for your bang, buy lots of new blood as soon as the cards are released so you have a greater chance of selling off the new cards at the inflated price.

saturday 25/08/2012

friday 24/08/2012

New Bloods because of the new releases

Its from when Urban Rivals was a small mobile game so more luck made it more enjoyable it quick bursts. They added non-random after more people joined when it became a webased game. Random dosn't remove andything from the game and some people enjoy it so they havent removed it completely.

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