thursday 28/06/2018

It's almost equivalent to collector items that hasn't been taken out of their original packaging in real life.

@Hyneken: Actually I like this idea, but it would make it even harder for new/low level players to beat the older ones :/

wednesday 27/06/2018

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So the crux of your argument is pessimism at your perceived lack of luck? Don't know what you were expecting tbh, when the complaint boils down to "my deck & strategy can't cope with certain other decks & strategies therefore I want to get rid of them"

Tobbie, Mandy, Harvey, Carmen, Martha, Poe, Coby, Lara Hate. About half of the 300k budget, nothing too special as far as the cards themselves go, should be easy enough to start with.


tuesday 26/06/2018

I think the new C-Dregn be like close to this

star: 4 or 5
power: 9
damage: 2
ability: growth - 2 life min 0
or brawl: - 2 life min 0


Thanks i didnt see that part of it how i missed that i read it an how the . huh ok thanks

So what exactly happens when you go on the site?

Actually as identified, we never had Clintz to Credits.
Credits is the Premium Currency of Urban Rivals and its conversion to Clintz is one-way.

Credits to Clintz however still exists in the site.
Go to shop - Select Clintz and you can use Credits to purchase Clintz.


The last 5 I've made ^

monday 25/06/2018

I already did but I realized I should traded him instead

See this similar post, where all of the replies actually contribute some form of information, then come back here and look at what you wrote.

I did not know number 3.
But I do now know where that mysterious St4rve Ld came from!

Staff are literally telling which cards will go mythic.

Some confidentiality would be so great.

Timber and any FPC/La Junta with 7 damage + bonus for 1hko

sunday 24/06/2018

Thank you sooooo much, Insaaaaaane!!! You RAWK!!!!!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

saturday 23/06/2018

I agree Roderick and Shinobi should be higher, but i reckon its probably cause those 4 are more than likely to go collector or there is more copies of Roderick and Shinobi, and the others are harder to get ahold of in packs. Zaveli is another example at 270k (roughly), she a has a ability to recover pills if she wins and does poison, which can be annoying. Same could be said #Impera Sloane and Scarlacc.

I reckon same will happen with Sobek, due to flash missions and being the newest in new blood, he's really expensive, but he will also go down to (200k-250k, or lower) in 2-3 months.

My arcade mono-Raptors deck was:
Annie, Chopper Ld, Faiza, Gray, #Impera Sloane, Rattle, Rocket, St4rve Ld/ Hector

I also really liked this deck:
Arcade stock mono huracan (S5 HQ
Flip Quetzal Cr with El Matador, Buga Baga Ld with Derby Queen, and Magistrado Ld with #Wonder Lana/Noctezupapa if you don't have them.

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thursday 21/06/2018

Leader definitely the leader clan because I am more of a lone wolf and I really want to bring change to the world and I am not one to back down from a fight so yeah that is the clan I would choose. smiley

wednesday 20/06/2018

Just poking fun smiley

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