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wednesday 07/10/2015

I meant underpowered lol. but I'm trying to get to 1300 anyways.

monday 05/10/2015

Jiro to tremorth and you have a 1400 deck. glsmiley

wednesday 30/09/2015

@metroman this is it.. 1481 for me Spoilt Riches

spiaghi> saltsberg
gail ld-> Jose star would do.

Harold -> Sean east / crystelle

would be better

sunday 27/09/2015

I wish UR tracked draws in your overall record. But no draws are not losses. they can be wins too smiley All depends on who you draw with.

friday 25/09/2015

Back when facing a lot of wooly.

wednesday 23/09/2015

Been using a half Berzerk deck around 5/6 way there (I stopped at the 1.2k mark for today). Would be done if people actually finished matches instead of wait on timer/leave. smiley

tuesday 22/09/2015

Need cards? Hit me up, I can sell incredibly cheap to you if not free.

monday 21/09/2015

^It comes more than 4 when playing against cards like chel though xd

saturday 19/09/2015

12 messages

Here's one. I just started playing it today and I'm at 1355 or so.

thursday 17/09/2015

Cortez is nice when you have a Wilde splash smiley

sunday 13/09/2015

Ni but it nice to play against people who have 5* and they lose against you while you have a bad deck

You can never go wrong wit Gheist and Dolly Cr smiley

thursday 10/09/2015

Did something similar with Bezerk and Montana.

Konrad, Clive, Melanie, Roger, Angelo, Waller, Jimmy, Spiaghi.

It was unconventional as it used a lot of defeat and damage reduction cards which could be used offensively and defensively and generally gapped or koed the foe. Using Montana more for dr and defeat is pretty unconventional imo.

The Montana bonus helped as I was usually low on pillz after using Konrad.
Roger could also be used in place of Konrad though I have to generally be more careful.

I also did make a deck with nothing but dr and defeat + life cards using Ulu Watu and Fang Pi Clang with better results then I expect. Though it was pretty lackluster imo.

tuesday 08/09/2015

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I'd take Yodd first any day. In my experience his ability is useful almost every time you play him. Unless I'm going full blown huge Frozn half... I always use Yodd and Haaken. If you don't have reliable ways to get around DR then your opponent can pretty much negate your damage bonus whenever he wants.

sunday 06/09/2015

Piranas are pure elo clan (survivor maybe). In dt they damage is too low.

saturday 05/09/2015

Honestly I'd pick Hindelga as a good replacement for Splata Cr(since I don't have Splata, and his price for me currently is out of bounds) but after a few hours of playing I'm at around 1200 ELO with the deck. A lot of mind games can be made since the opponents can't actually decide whether you're mainly focusing on poison or the lifegapping via Jungo. It's a good experiment and I think it will prove its worth near the 1300 ELO barrier.
P.S.: I will test out Barbacoatl next week. Again, thank you for the suggestions! smiley

friday 04/09/2015

Rattle Chopper Annie Ryugin Zaria/Rex

All these are very good cards to make half smiley

thursday 03/09/2015

Not last week

wednesday 02/09/2015

Yeah you're right about the Oshi thing I was just giving random examples. And yes I know it is always dependent on the players... the skill and indeed the luck. But I was just asking if these combined factors (remembering the power creep,) marked a shifting away from attack manipulation clans.

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