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thursday 16/07/2015

2 mil. smileysmiley Kero + Marly is indeed the only way you exceed that.

Essentially this is a "give me any ELO deck" thread. Maybe narrow your interest down just a little bit. smiley

monday 13/07/2015

Riots is better if you intend to blindly attack in hopes of gaining pills.
Boomstock is 8/5 on courage without soa. But you wouldn't be using Bubblgum or Khaali during SOA weeks anyways.

It affects it too if they do it after the midnight deadline just to prevent their score from changing. I don't know why ELO isn't like the tourney in that regards. The last match you get in before the deadline should count towards scores to prevent those last two bull matches I just went through. 15 minutes to do two games. Ridiculous. Hope it's worth it Kev.

saturday 11/07/2015

Well i would assume that if they made a Raptors card with an ability like -10 opp attack min 8, then Petit Coq's base attack wouldn't be affected but the gains would still be stopped from the Raptor's bonus

thursday 09/07/2015

IMO Irene is good Card for beginners..if they cant afford Jakson and TBH she saved me times with -1power ...
so i would recommend Jakson as first preference..

tuesday 07/07/2015

Im thinking on changing Fabio for Don or Magnolia, or just remove the 5* and add another 4*

Akendram is Wort 2000 clintz? I will buy all of your Akendram for3000!

@Fanta Pants:
Loks good. 11*, so you can play...
5/4/3/2 (Freaks half smiley )

Cool idea.

sunday 05/07/2015

Geez ur is not dong-friendly

thursday 02/07/2015

Banned if broken. I think things are currently fine.

sunday 28/06/2015

smiley i know have have tryed barken up that tree so much casue bristone was never super bad card compared to so many othere. but a new one would give them a new go

thursday 25/06/2015

We went off topic xD

wednesday 24/06/2015

They pill3x and they think they are winners like a trollsmiley

tuesday 23/06/2015

Yeah rescue have some awful cards, just that bonus holds them together, although every single time I have played them I've failed miserably xD

monday 22/06/2015

That's because nobody uses their votes really. Participation is basically always below 20%. Most votes are to ban. Let's assume however that it's close say there are 100 votes total cast for that character at the end of the week. Say 60 are ban 40 are keep. Assuming that the character isn't wolly or the other top 2 characters they probably got around 7% of the vote. If we remove 4/10 of the votes it will fall below and the card will not be banned because it's below 5%.

As a general you are better off using your votes to bring other cards into the 5% range so people will then use their votes to maybe keep that card out rather than vote to ban the card you want.

TLDR don't vote to keep if no one votes to keep generally the card should fall bellow the 5% for banning (unless it's stupidly op like wooly or other top 3 cards on the format election)

saturday 20/06/2015

Splash steve, for his artworksmiley

Beck Nena
Chiara Cr
I reached 1303 super easy with this deck smiley

tuesday 16/06/2015

Oh ok. I thought it was the similar rules to Tourney mode where it was a harsh punishment if you timed out and lose less points if you finish the match.


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