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sunday 10/07/2011

@UM_AaaBattery Ahhh but see to counter i use their abilities. And based on the percentages i will always have 2 of at least one clan who's bonus and/or ability can help me overcome even the greatest players IF i play my cards right. So you see even with the opponent's abilities/bonuses i can still give them a hard time beating this deck.
While at the same time dealing damage little by little to bring my opponent down to size. smiley

I would be terified if i met this deck in T1.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1937152" and change the = to :

friday 08/07/2011

@ KRKN if the only way you can win is by losing then thats very sad. Don't use a pure loss deck it will lower your win rate and you will get less clints.

tuesday 05/07/2011


thanks Battery ill try smiley

monday 04/07/2011

Oh, haha, i guess this is pretty unoriginal then. My bad.

saturday 02/07/2011

Nice deck a lot of high damage cards.

wednesday 29/06/2011

All i would do is change Sliman to Bloodh.

tuesday 28/06/2011

Well done and nice deck. smiley

You could try changing Na Boh to Wakai but this is a personall choice.

friday 24/06/2011

It should be removed smiley
i had to work for my level and now all these people get to do it so easily

thursday 23/06/2011

My highest was 545 and i got second lol
but dang i didnt think getting to the 1000s waspossible.thats realy wild

wednesday 22/06/2011

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/player/?id_player=4439607 got 720

tuesday 21/06/2011

Beating the (insert random word) out of those ambre/hax noobs with my jackie dorian zatman hugo combos!

sunday 19/06/2011

Interesting deck personally i would change Manfred to Caelus Cr and Hugo to ambre.

wednesday 15/06/2011

This will help you earn clintz: http://urban-rivals.answers.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_earn_more_clintz

tuesday 14/06/2011

Off the top of my head i don't think its a problem with urban rivals but a problem with your internet conection. Try again later on if this dosn't work contact support (use the ? button in the top right corner of the page).

monday 13/06/2011

Yea Survivor smiley, that's cool, it will help a lot those extra clintz.. thanks

sunday 12/06/2011

Nice deck personally i would change Edwin to Sargh but thats up to you.

Scary deck but tino is a very odd choice it might be better using Kinjo instead due to his 1 hit KO.

saturday 11/06/2011

Oops i pressed send befor i was finished.

B Ball
Vermyn N

thursday 09/06/2011

Add in Ambre? For DM she helps a ton.

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