tuesday 14/08/2012

I love promoting UR fan efforts. If we improve the community and let all the hidden talent free we might see some cool fan fictions, such as web comics or even animations!

monday 13/08/2012

You can send a suggestion to support using the contact us catagory under the green ? saying that your flags missing and they might add it. Intill then you can use whichever flag you want as it dosn't affect anything appart from which high scores you are listed in when selecting sort by country.

These really don't work and only exist in a newbie's mind. A good card should be versatile and not limited to any stage of the game.

I remember I chose Control as Starting deck and they gave me Piranas & Nightmare cards.
Eventually I fell in love with the Nightmare and purchased Kolos with credit (clintz exchanging u know)
Then I created the Guild in the love of Satan, come join me if u want, Hell is always open! =]

sunday 12/08/2012

Gertjan can even be used in half deck IMO, he's that good. Just cause they're support cards doesn't mean they can't function at all in a half deck. Just look at Shann, Thormund, Emeth, Troompah (admittedly outclassed by Askai, but still good), that new Skeelz guy, etc.

saturday 11/08/2012

Any chance Karrion will drop in price, I bought him once to try out then sell him when he was 18k, now he's 24k wth?

LB, to be honest, I hate thinking and enjoy winning, that's why I choose SoB Clan in the 1st place. And T1 is tactical but I think it's kinda boring.

I'm considering to replace Nerfeniti with Karrion but Azgroth is too low damage, I love his Power & Ability tho...
Until Urban Rivals release a Better Nightmare card, ELO Ban is fine with me, Tomas should stay.

*I love Permanent ELO-Banned cards, it's fun to use!

I have a decent pretty cheap deck, here's the preset:

Cheap Pussycats-Ulu Deck

Tip: These changes can make this deck more cheaper, but still pretty good:

Muze -> Jayzel (save 2,400+ clintz)
Nanook -> Felicia (save around 1,000 clintz)

Also, Jeyn can be changed to Veronica, for less than 300 clintz more, if you prefer pillz manip more than damage.

Alright, the votes have been counted and the winner is: Tiwi Ld. Tied for second place were Spyke and X-0DUS with Michael and Randal in third. The art for the card will be a joint venture between me and MihoAnsatsu (unless she decides otherwise.)

friday 10/08/2012

...or it means you can old your first two rounds with no fear of getting KO'd smiley

Its bs.. same with korea too....smiley

thursday 09/08/2012

Or use Vortex as all have the defeat: recover 2 out of 3 pilz bonus so u can somewhat easily get pillz for the mission.

Slyde and/or Steve as DR

Lea first choice tool
Elvira second choise tool

Lothar is usable too for star-cramming.

Anita and/or Suzie because gap is great to have.

Theres your basic toolpack for low star settings.

- To get hold of them, you must complete legendary missions. But be warned, these missions have a time limit. You must complete them before the deadline shown.

- If you want a character that is no longer available, you need to wait for a new mission that allows you to win it. The time it takes for a legendary character to reappear can vary, so get them while you can!

To see a list of the current available Legendary characters you can go here http://www.urban-rivals.com/missions/legendary/

wednesday 08/08/2012

I know it was originally used as a way to determine a chess player's skill level. And Elo was the surname of the creator's name, that's all I know smiley

It showed up to me long back i think before 3 months

Extended, Elite and New Blood are your packs of choice when looking to make a profit.

tuesday 07/08/2012

When you Stop a Stop: the Stop: will be Stopped which means that it will not actually be stopped but rather unstopped. If you have Stop Ability and you stop a Stop: ability then your Stop Ability Ability will not stop any ability at all.

The tax is removed after the trade happens which means you don't have to add anything extra then you were asked to pay.

Theres not a best clan as such but i chose Frozn, Berzerk, Vortex and nightmare because they have some of the most expensive cards and a high ammount of good cards.

monday 06/08/2012

I forgot to mention, you will have until midnight at 11th to cast in your votes.

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