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tuesday 12/10/2010

Because of bans mono gheist isn't excellent chose but still playable. wardom in this deck is ok, but if you get wardom and anibal in one hand it will be not great, and ludmilla for platinum imo

Hey, that's pretty much all I'm fighting against, this week so far. Everyone has the same deck (almost).

I mean yes, you've managed to build an amazingly powerful monster of a deck, but so did 90% of the players I've been facing in the past two days...

Think I'll wait til next week to make an ELO run.

/crying Sakrohm mode ON smiley


They are the best robbery team. Ocean's 11 (or 12) are kids compared to themsmiley

I love the poison spirit. I'm trying to experiment a deck. And the core of it is : URANUS & GRAKSMXXT, I mainly use them as for defence. Of course, they have the huge bluff effects.
Then I add up SYLTH which is the main part of my deck, and ORLOCK.
Spice it up with some NIGHTMARES with the remaining room/stars you got.

I'm having fun with it... Well for me, building a deck that "represent" you well is a great part of the fun. With any deck u will win and lose anyways. Except for UPPERS, which isn't fun, and win all the time. Where's the thrill? Right?

monday 11/10/2010

Well this week they nerfed both my half decks by banning Nanook, Stanly, and Lehane. So this is what I came up with on a budget. id_deleted. The idea is high power and 2HKO possibilities. What do you think?

This is the preset I am working with. Looking for any suggestions for switches. Fun deck to play with atm

Tenho o deck quase feito:
Jessie, Randy, Spudd, Stacey, Bodenpower , Shogunn
Falta-me uma 2* e uma 3*
Qual devo escolher?
B Ball ou Graff?? Locio ou Juicy Lord??


This is my try for this week since last weeks with ulu/vortex got my precious nanook banned.


I'd say that it depends on how you were used to playing before. Compared to a lot of GHEIST builds I've seen (and have myself used), you lack stopping power. You have a single character with damage higher than 4, and that's only if he's not SoA'ed.

I mean, just think about what happens when you get a Nightmare 3/1 split; Sure, you'll be able to shut down most of your opponents attacks, but there's a good chance that the game could be tied if he gets you even once with a power hitter. Chances are you're not going to be willing to throw 5 pillz behind Eadh or Dieter, not when it's so important to win nearly every battle. Your opponent will know this.

Most of your deck is made up of function cards.

Most of my cards became unusable this week so trying out a heavy attack/power manipulation deck below

What do you guys think?


Nice deck showing that All Stars are still playable even without there main 2 cards.

The deck is fine even the worst hand is playable.

This glitch must have been corrected already. smiley

Good deck high power and high damage.

If you go to your accounts options you can select it so that all you fights are ether random or non-random.

I have manAged to get hikiyousan now j should be a bit bettersmiley

sunday 10/10/2010

"Cliff and Arno and even Pegh are all elo banned."
Cliff is scary. Pegh is a good sign-people are finally using Jungo.

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