wednesday 06/10/2010

Both have been deleted so im sorry to say they were probally not that good.

Interesting deck might have difficaulty against GHEIST and Roots.

I ment to put mawpin to phillis.

Good cheap deck.

Nice deck (High power and damage).

It sometimes happen just waite a bit and refesh the page and it should stop. (Or you have sold the card and forgotten.

1212 atmsmiley
please tell me how to make it better

tuesday 05/10/2010

So does this worth a shot?

Here is version 1.3
Thx mods

monday 04/10/2010

Gonna try this deck with Wardog, Bryan, Kuei.

Aw I thought Spiaghi was banned this week >.<
I don't understand that ban list then..
It was a mono Gheist, and I would have had Bristone as a DR, but she's banned this week, I thought Spiaghi was too, but I guess I'll use him.
Its the same as this now, any suggestions on how to improve it?

It's an anti-SOA deck for whenever you're getting owned by GHEIST or Roots.

SOA? Yeah, i have 1.

Do you guys like it?

sunday 03/10/2010

Not Enough Damage! >=(
GHEIST are a pain to beat though.

You might need to do one more match.

Platinum >>>>>>>>>>> Copper

This deck is really fun to play (half Uppers/Gheist)

I defenitly keep seeing la junta above 1300 thou i wouldnt use them... but thats more because i don't like the military theme... to get high elo scores u need to play a lo most of all i think and some luck...

Olga may be the best 3 star card =P trouble is freaks bonus is troublesome in a mono deck =P heres my freaks/pussycats deck of this week:

saturday 02/10/2010

If you want Kenny and a damage reducer swap:

Azgroth for kenny
Dieter For Phyllis
Olga For Wolfgang

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