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sunday 17/10/2010

Could it be that Chiara's coming back? smiley

This deck has brought me multiple times to 1300, BUT Sigma will be banned in a week. What do I do then? Like I said, I was considering Cyb Lhia, but I'm not sure if her poison of 2 will be enough to win with a low hand... Should I then give it a try or think of a completely new strategy?? And if I decide for Vortex, should I still use Hattori/Neloe or go with Dregn/Yumi? I'd miss damage reduction, but it would add some safety and more ko opportunities... What should I do?

I need help on this deck, deleted. Thanks.


use this one smiley

saturday 16/10/2010


I'm using Uppers. I like them more than Montana, and Sakhrom have a worse bonus.

friday 15/10/2010

If you are heading for top ten or better, ELO is a no go, simply because people take their time in elo, which is a serious obstacle to a DT player. If you can´t play twenty matches in an hour you will not get top ten. If you can play more you have a bigger chance of reaching high.

Hi Guys,

This is my 2nd Elo preset.
Objective is 2 hit pressure and frequent SOA.

Pls rate up if you like it!


Here is the deck deleted
Tell me what you think and no i don't own a jay

thursday 14/10/2010

Please rate and comments for improvements.


Currently using it for this week elo, highest point is 1220

wednesday 13/10/2010

Break You

I think it's worth noting that somebody scored over 1400 ELO with this. I didn't myself because I haven't been playing much but hey, I'm still proud of the preset.

Only 1 thing with this deck is it lacks a bit of balance, i would recommend adding dagg in there

Because people banned them? Kinda obvious.

Hi smiley

This is my ELO deck:


Please rate and comment

Dolly's not bad. No one wants to waste pills on GHEIST's 3* flunkies, and she gives you a 2nd guy to toss in 1st in case you don't draw Draheera.

Orlok opens a OHKO for ray.. ANyway, Thankes sir..

How could i improve this preset
i know the damage is kkinda low though

tuesday 12/10/2010

Because of bans mono gheist isn't excellent chose but still playable. wardom in this deck is ok, but if you get wardom and anibal in one hand it will be not great, and ludmilla for platinum imo

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