friday 01/10/2010

Thanks guys. smiley

With all the new modes and game systems
ELo has evolved to a system for the game mechanically rich
you don't get to 1300+ like that nowadays

and I like that, I like it that I'm not pwned by a newbie playing power cards
but that it comes down to raw brainmuscle
so no..too bad for Roots,
hurray for UR!!!

I love that deck, so clutch in almost every format.

thursday 30/09/2010

Montanas are not that good, most of there best cards have low damage and they are minimum 8 which is very high.

Montana is not the best 2hit ko deck they are better at beating the opponents cards with low damage good power/ability cards.

Charlie to yayoi.

Kenny to anuther pussycat or c wing.

@ Gardevoir

play ELO this week - you'll see why all these characters should stay permanently banned. i've played around 50 matches and ive seen many many different combinations and clans...pussycats gheist vortex skeelz montana all stars bangers ulu watu sentinel nightmare piranas junkz rescue

extremely fun week, and the only matches i felt id already lost before the game started was one where i drew a 10* hand and my opponent 16*

otherwise no blatantly overpowered decks and elo was fun to play - i see you havent even started...just try it out and youll see smiley

But remember you can always use some sneaky tactics with mawpin on hand(you're not going to use him) 8/4 card who can knock an enemy out is always good so your opp will be scared on mawpin (so use your chance!smiley)

"Louise costs more for a reason"

This isn't always a good indicator.
Xu52 costs 3 times more than Rolph and isn't anywhere near as good a card.
Selma is half the cost of dalhia, but they're pretty much balanced.

I think both louise and ditha are equally great. All depends if you prefer attack power or gap potential.

wednesday 29/09/2010

I guess I can understand, but no way on god's green earth am I ever going to let any of those patchouli-scented jabronies into with my nice shiny GHEIST deck smiley

I understand Sentinel/Junkz now that I make a better survey, but GHEIST dies hardcore without their bonus, from what I can tell...

Anti soa for this weak? with roots gone?

Rescue can be used even with half there cards banned lol.

Lin bee to Gaia.

Aurelia to rick.

tuesday 28/09/2010

I use the same exact deck for the first

Yes, they should. Not everyone can afford them
Having a 7/1 SoA, or an 8/1 Dr for only 1 star is completely broken, even if they are somewhat conditional.

This week, Roots are dead, so I suggest you run STOP:Jungo

I feel your pain, the problem with piranas is they dont have high damage, and low starts. Only Akira fits that bill but his low power and courage hurts him.

"Spycee actually won me two matchess today. how? I used him to overcome Oshitsune both times, preventing seven dammage and keeping me ahead. I agree that this is not a strong argument to keep him, but it proves that he does have uses (he would be equally effective against Caelus, which is a pretty funny thought)."

Yes, there are power manipulators he can handle, but they're too few and far between in comparison to the abundance of 7-8s. Indeed, even 6s.

Spycee remains far too situational in this regard.

Any feedback would be lovely

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