thursday 24/05/2012


Eddie is an amazing card for ulu watu, i think it would be a shame not to play him smiley

ulu watu is a good clan to play, they can overpower almost every other clan in the game. you could easily acquire cards like felicia, george, taigo, zack, douglas, ice jim, janice, reef and warren, and have lots of options for a half-deck... the problem with most of these cards is low damage though, so you'd need high-damage cards in your other half. or maybe use timber while saving up for stanly. it's all up to you!

anyway, good luck and enjoy the game! smiley

wednesday 23/05/2012

now you can unlock it using your moblie phone credit (pulsa hape lo)
it cost you Rp 5000 for 5 credits
it will unlock your selling option

go to this page:

click on "mobile allopass" and follow the isntruction

I like the direction this is going. smiley

Ambre is also DT penalized. If we're talking about DTs, she will cost you somewhere around 20 or 30 points to use. Not necessarily a bad deal, but it's definitely something to keep in mind.

Yeah, fang pi are tough to play alone... you might want to get your hands on better cards like zhu tang and zinfrid! i used to play them with piranas, although those were pretty much the only 2 playable half-decks i had back then, not really my choice lol!

FPC's problem is that their bonus does not help them win battles, and they are vulnerable to enemy bonuses. so you may want to consider playing them with a clan that has good attack/power manipulation, such as montana, uppers, sentinel, junkz or ulu watu. piranas and nightmare are not bad, but not awesome either; they even the odds, but don't give you that edge you need. finally, you can combine them with pussycats or vortex, or the new frozn clan, to take advantage of their defeat-based bonus.

personally though, i prefer la junta, they are much more playable in a mono-clan than FPC (unless you want to ruin yourself buying the better fang pi cards!) smiley

well, good luck! smiley

tuesday 22/05/2012

The system is good in theory, but I've played a lot of high tier decks with my 25*. They need to bring back star count tourneys. Only then will the system be flawless. Removing stars was stupid. What is the point of levels of cards then?

I agree with you ghelas, but they still need to do something about them. Either CR them OR update them. It would be "new content" still.

VERY good. And lucky.

monday 21/05/2012

Wow that is insulting, should l BL you? Is it because l didn't use full sentences or because of my preference to use dot points?

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The points are kept in a little golden box after you leave a guild,which is then put in a storage next to others
And when you return,the guild leader takes the box and brings it back to you

Playbox 3000

alwready has UR

Hello all,

First thing: we won’t discuss about XC members’ problems in public. MeRLiN, you (you and your guild mates) can contact me ingame or contact the customer support service if you have questions about sanctions.

If you have a problem with the English speaking moderation team, no need to contact Fraggle, he’s not in charge of this team. I am.
Urban Rivals is not a nation or a country, it’s a game and a company. That’s why there no election organized to choose moderation. Behind this game there is a team with developers, graphic designers, artists, marketing officers, game designers, game masters and community managers. We all have different tasks and one of mine is to manage the English speaking moderation team. If you want to complain about the moderation team, you can contact me directly. My mailbox is open and I’ll gladly answer to your questions and/or suggestions.

Have fun!

sunday 20/05/2012

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And the FAQ are worth reading
if that isnt enough you can always use common sence, a 7/1 poison 4 min 3 2* would never get made, its basicly a sigma...

Ctrl + F and typing "delete" may help you find it if you're still having trouble. That trick doesn't work on Waldo though, he's elusive.

Welcome to UR.
The abilities as stated are Clan Bonus abilities.
They are only active if there are more than 1 other card of same clan in play at any time.

This is why it is best to stick to 1 or 2 clans when starting out.

saturday 19/05/2012

I find that they work extremely well in the company of Uppers, here is an example of a match I played today.

Opponent plays Rowdy at 2 pills, I played Ghumbo with 4 pills

I then Furied Zatman and used the remaining pills
The opponent didn't expect this and played Fuzz with 3 pills

Victory to me! smiley. I find that as you guys said, there are a lot of mind games involved. I am slowly improving, however I won't even consider them for Mono ; they are just too difficult for me as a newbie. But Uppers/Nightmare are a force to be reckoned with. I would like to eventually try Gheist/Nightmare in the ultimate troll team smiley

friday 18/05/2012

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You =/= anyone else

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