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friday 12/10/2012

Yeah,some lds do suck,admittedly; i don't think i have any use for a bella ld or fhtagn ld or kreenk ld to be honest. Their stories are just ho-hum average-joe stories that nobody would pay attention to if they were just regular new blood filler pieces,but as these card were released in the really early stages of the ld releases,i think the devs noticed that these cards really do suck in every aspect of being a card,and that's visably noticeable when you see the order of cards and as it goes down,the newer ones at least are interesting if not useful.But,i dont think they should be remade. They are what they are,and they probably wouldn't be much better off for it aside from being the flavor of the month and being dropped down to fifth best in their respective clan star position depth chart.It's a reason why im not exactly in favor of changing diego or pulsar or ogoun kyu to updated stats or at least an ability because they lose that reputation(some will say notoriety) of being that terrible card and just be another mediocre card with 10 comments on it.Besides,whether you like it or not,you'll have to use them anyway as they all get missions now smiley

On a related note though,Bikini joe ld is pretty useless,but his story is actually pretty entertaining,so i would say the jury it out on him as an overall card.

But hey,since new clans come out every year and consequently so does a new ld,might as well save the debate for then,righsmileyt?

Typical maintenance works i would assume.

Happens with every major gaming website i've been on.

thursday 11/10/2012

Case closed smiley

wednesday 10/10/2012

Try clearing your cache and cookies or (if you have chrome ) go on incognite mode or equalavent on your browser.
Then try.
If its still doesn't work Send a report on : http://urban-rivals.com/staff/contactus.php They will help you out.

One of things that could be the reason ( Very unlikely ) could be because you are banned from Dts

tuesday 09/10/2012

I am closing this thread since I found an artist.Thank you,mods and operators! smiley

You need to keep 8 cards in your deck all the time you can't sell a card in your deck if it bring the amount of cards lower then that. You also can't sell Ld cards to Kate (or anyone else).

If your saying you can't bring yourself around to click accept because you won't get much then don't lol. Waite intill you can buy credits (you only need to do it once to unlock the market).

If its that the game says you can't then it might be a Ld card which can't be sold to kate (or anyone).

I threw this together this for ya: deleted

Not sure how many clintz you have available.

monday 08/10/2012

All Stars and Uppers because they tend to play the most mind games on the opponent.

Also all the characters they have at every rank are viable for ELO.

sunday 07/10/2012

Ok! got it! thank for the info! smiley

I still don't have many cards but I have defeated better opponents than me with careful planning. That's not the point.

First, let's compare SOB to SOA

SOA is good in the fact that some opp. abilities are painful. Except it is unreliable. SOA might be able to stop an ability but is it the ability you want?

In a mono-clan deck, SOB can be a real pain to the opponent DEPENDING on the type of bonus they have. SOB is good against attack manipulation clans to protect your attack....

You know what? I'm prob. confusing you. I'll just say that I would choose Thomy over Luis.

Then again, I do use mono GHEIST and mono Uppers so take thatwith a grain of... salt... or whatever.

Extended ELO Lmao how would you do that, elo is a format itself and its 25 stars...

friday 05/10/2012

Ironically I was thinking about purchasing an android tablet since I already have an android phone and iPads are hella expensive. I think I'll stick to my phone or try out the game via PC, because I have never played the game on a computer lol. Either from my old iPhone and iPod or my android.

Praaaaay~ smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Hello, I've been playing Urban Rivals since almost 3 years and I stopped for a few months. I used to buy credits often via SMS, but I now realize that this option doesn't exist anymore in Canad. I would like to know why and how can I buy credits using SMS, because it's the only way I can do it properly.

Thank you

I say vortex uppers and two other clans bangers junkz maybe

I have more GHEIST and Uppers cards than those I listed but I'll try out the half-deck you suggested.

thursday 04/10/2012

I understood when I saw the title. smiley

I too find the added button clicking required to make decks in the in-game collection a tad annoying. I don't like it.

Have you also noticed that when you look at your collection the clans are now sequenced in alphabetical order instead of the number of cards you have of the clan. Makes sense, but it is just another subtle difference I came across. smiley

tuesday 02/10/2012

@ Tansur: yes i think so too.

I cant use iphone i need a credit card apparently

You don't buy titanium for clintz
you buy extended

Charlie Kolos Dhalia Bloodh Hawk Copper Yayoi Ahkhab Cortez Spyke Lizbeth GraksmxxT Uranus Coby

Guess that shows which clans

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