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friday 08/10/2010

What deck are splashing into?

Lehane >>>>>>>>> imo for what you're trying to do. The 8-power is the main thing you want and even then, one 8/2 or 8/3 isn't going to be totally game-breaking. Gheist mono packs so much damage with a good hand you will still have to play smart. I lucked out earlier today with a Dolly, Methane, Wardom, Draheera hand against the two 3* STOPS from La Junta and Ulu Watu and edged out the win with a 2hko that he thought I was bluffing.

thursday 07/10/2010

So far it's living up to my expectations but i stiil prefer my mono junkz deck.

After playing with the sent / upper deck for a while, it feels a little weak. Maybe b/c I'm new at playing uppers, or maybe it's too unbalanced. I keep getting draws with < 10 stars.

wednesday 06/10/2010

Lol, I realized that after I was typing. I switched in Kristin right after I finished up. I think I'm actually liking her better than I would Raeth, as I don't have Leviatonn. She's won me three matches in a row today. Her ability to sneak in a KO with either Methane or Selma is amplified by her higher power when compared to the Gheist all-stop. Let's see Raeth deal with Sentinels the same way she can smiley

@ UM_AaaBattery, don't agree you.

1300: deck and persistence

1400: deck, persistence, skills and luck.

You don't need to be a good player or having luck to get 1300, you just need to play for a particular amount of time. With skills and luck you can reduce the number of battles. Without skills and luck you have nothing to do about getting 1400.

Both have been deleted so im sorry to say they were probally not that good.

Interesting deck might have difficaulty against GHEIST and Roots.

I ment to put mawpin to phillis.

Good cheap deck.

Nice deck (High power and damage).

It sometimes happen just waite a bit and refesh the page and it should stop. (Or you have sold the card and forgotten.

1212 atmsmiley
please tell me how to make it better

tuesday 05/10/2010

So does this worth a shot?

Here is version 1.3 http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1533045&list
Thx mods

monday 04/10/2010

Gonna try this deck with Wardog, Bryan, Kuei.

Aw I thought Spiaghi was banned this week >.<
I don't understand that ban list then..
It was a mono Gheist, and I would have had Bristone as a DR, but she's banned this week, I thought Spiaghi was too, but I guess I'll use him.
Its the same as this now, any suggestions on how to improve it?

It's an anti-SOA deck for whenever you're getting owned by GHEIST or Roots.

SOA? Yeah, i have 1.

Do you guys like it?

sunday 03/10/2010

Not Enough Damage! >=(
GHEIST are a pain to beat though.

You might need to do one more match.

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