wednesday 22/09/2010

Tell me what you think!

I haven't seen Rowdy banned for a couple of weeks now, and that was part of the staple clan bans.

Ulu Watu + Vortex

Got a shiny new Dagg smiley

Trying this deck out right now. Been going well, I suppose. I never liked ELO on weekdays, and I'm still getting used to Ulu Watu.

tuesday 21/09/2010


Rate and comment. smiley

DJ shax, that's not really what the OP asked for. smiley

I see nothing wrong with that deck, Razvan. I'd go with Stanly or Hikiyousan before Lulabee, but that's just preference. smiley

Well, they took both of them from the election now.

Hmm Ulu and Uppers.

I'd say Gaia lvl 1 and then Wendel to Oxen.

I honestly dislike wendel as for some reason when ever you need that SoA it is never your turn to play.

monday 20/09/2010

Jeena to Narendra? D:

Glorg Ditha Brittany?

Tessa Cr is good against both SoA and SoB, but Copper's spectacular 8 damage makes him worth the risk of SoA because he 2HKO's with a lot of very good choices.

Owen is also a good choice if your aim is to 2hko and can't afford Copper or Tessa Cr.

Hi all,

Need your comment for improvement!


sunday 19/09/2010

You think FPC and Junta don't have bonus's that help them win battles? FPC and Junta can be put together to where 2 hits = KO every time as long as the bonus is up.

Maybe it's old fashion to actually combat to win battles if you don't think a +2 damage bonus isn't helpful. smiley

Ello is a shorten version of Hello, which could be shorten to Hi and Hia.

Just a heads up, all usable decks should be able to hit 1300 in ELO.

saturday 18/09/2010

You can be sure if it wins fights smiley

...........Bump smiley cmon' peepz! Need advice! smiley


i could use a little help anyone?!

They could always play the Pussycats in DM? smiley

friday 17/09/2010

Take out phyllis, put in eadh, problem solved..I like Eadh more than phyllis

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