friday 08/02/2008

Soryy its to late i fort no-one would join so i sold kiki

Blue Ink perd
Honorius-EVO gagne
DA-ShamachEVO gagne
LSE christ29 perd
Agito_Akito gagne
DA-YYZ-evo gagne
OUC_MerMaiD gagne
Vennominaga gagne
Eye-daviuss perd
EA-Oranos gagne
CabalTherapy perd
Bboy you perd
Clownys perd
Az-gelucatil gagne

thursday 07/02/2008

Great work evry1, admins pkease close this thread it is done

I can't find any game i can play... Why?smiley

wednesday 06/02/2008

What tournament? For daily tournament just play in the proper rooms with the proper cards and deck. And read the game rules to get a better grasp of the game.

tuesday 05/02/2008

HOw do I use only 4 cards, i join

I am O_CaULIFLOWER, and I am group G, so PM me if you are ready.

monday 04/02/2008

Correction #2 Daddy Strauss Was NOT DQed. It was my mistake. LargeMargeLOA you are still fighting him.


saturday 02/02/2008

Not really, it's their choise using rescue right?
"if you can beat them, join them."
that means they cannot beat rescue, so they using rescue.

I put some space between their numbers, 211 910 is 211910 and 1 179 803 is 1179803
sorry smiley my mistake

thursday 31/01/2008

@Nude: You're right about this being a complaining session, but at the same time, complaining IS the event. Where else would this thread be more appropriatly placed? Surely not in the Strategy and Tactics heading.

wednesday 30/01/2008

Note, kooler43 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I think u've been playin in lost warehousesmiley

Wow text basing this game is kinda pointless and tedious. I wouldn't plan on prizes through a text based tourny. Also, how do you know that people are not lying about the cards they have lol

tuesday 29/01/2008

Well you need to have the elo format

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